I took lennon to the store and let her pick out anything she wanted ( the genre) but I picked her healthiest option available. In my head I was like please lord do not point at the juice… she did not point at the juice it was a successful trip. The only aisle I went down besides the outside perimeter of fruits, veggies, herbs, meats, eggs, dairy, was the very start of the “gluten free” aisle and we turned around right after that to avoid any disasters (cause I mean if she chose something from the chip or cookie section I basically have failed my entire mission). Don’t worry… I didn’t “abuse her” I got her the healthiest chip and cookie option available at that given moment from the gluten free aisle (don’t get it twisted the gluten free aisle is the furthest thing from what a true health aisle would look like, but fortunately there are some ACCEPTABLE options hidden amongst the trash). I tread extra lightly here… I realize exactly how precise and direct I know I must be to explain to people the pros and cons of every single product, ingredient, and aisle in commercial grocery stores.

Because unless you live under a rock, or in some extremely badass place where every store around you is on the same wave length of true health and longevity then EVENTUALLY one day you will be in a position where you are effing hangry, your kids are begging for cookies, work is stressing you out and you’re in a lunch conference surrounded by Ass holes who make fun of you for eating healthy or treat you like a peasant because you give two poops about your health, and when that day comes I want you to be prepared for ANY battle you may face and make the most realistic and health conscience decision possible because I do care that my friends have to be surrounded by temptation and peer pressure at work, school, home, and anywhere else. I do care that SOME people feed their children garbage that we KNOW without a reasonable doubt cause harm to their bodies, I do care that SOME companies mislead and SOME lie so everyone is so lost and confused nobody knows what to eat and MOST people will not stand up for what they know is right because we get shamed every time we stand up for anything anymore.

I lost my initial train of thought so I’m out.

I chose the healthiest option for any food she requested. She did not get the frozen string cheese, she got grass fed cheese blocks. This is not perfect but it’s in my unprofessional al opinion that it’s the best cheese option. She did not pick out the olives, I did. And they have no added oils like canola or vegetable oil added to them.

I’m just relieved she had no peeling, I know now that her cells have adapted quicker than I ever expected. And I’m thankful my prayers were answered about no blisters or peeling.

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