48 hour fast & feast ; some rambling throughout…

In 2016 Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy.

That’s what INITIALLY inspired me to try some fasting. It started small but led to this 48 HR Fast.

Day 1

11:00AM : I feel a knot like feeling in my stomach so I’m drinking 16oz mineral water with additional real salt added.

Reading about seasonal variation of foods. Our microbiome shifts seasonally based on things like the sun, weather, and different environmental factors. This is something to consider and even greater reason to EAT LOCAL AND SEASONAL.

Keto, fasting, paleo, should not be year round activities ??? Hmmmmm you have to FORCE ADAPTATIONS.

^Microbiome & hormones.

4:45 feel shaky and slightly off so I’m drinking 32oz water with 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt and 1/4 tsp magnesium glycinate. Hoping this keeps me good for a full 24 hour dry fast with no water or electrolytes tomorrow.

5:00PM : going for 30 minute bike ride with a :15 sprint every other minute.

545: felt fine riding bike even with sprints… sweating a lot for some reason… listened to Dr. Pompas podcast about fasting to further enhance my motivation.


Most common question has been WHY?? So there are 7 key reasons above. I’m constantly seeking ways to feel better and show greater indicators of true health through inflammatory markers and overall sense of well being. Although I’ve been active my entire life and doing what I THOUGHT was healthy based on GREAT MARKETING rather than paying attention to how I truly felt, I am finally beginning to understand what true health is about. I’m not worried about losing some muscle definition or CrossFit performance because I’m not worried about competing anymore. It’s just a shift I’m excited about and enjoying fitness from a different perspective is something I am beginning to appreciate more and more as well.

I love crossfit as a sport (the sport of fitness) and the work it requires to compete. But I also want to be able to do crossfit when I’m 90. And I’m not “just kidding” either.


I have almost too much energy… on the 24 hour fasts I was severely craving the most random things at this point but I’m almost 24 hues in and I’m not even hungry. I think it’s more mental because the fact that I know I’m going 48 hours. If I still feel this good tomorrow evening I might try to go 72 hours.


I cooked dinner and made juices but didn’t have an urge to eat until I saw someone’s Pizza Hut box in the fridge, my mouth started watering. It was pathetic. But I’m over it now. And I am no longer full of energy and worried about sleep because I feel exhausted.

Right now I’m at 25.5 hours fasted and the rest will be “dry” no water allowed. I’m going to do a morning workout and attempt to go full intensity just out of curiosity. Most people recommend light cardio or walking etc. I feel like if I was starving in the wild and saw something I could eat I would hunt it down with high intensity so you know…


Day 2

I woke up… WOKEN UP

We have some serious issues here…


The amount of refined sugar in the modern diet has ballooned, with the average American now getting about 350 calories a day (equivalent to about 22 teaspoons of sugar and 25 percent of their daily calories) from added sugars.

Among American adults, the mean percentage of daily calories from added sugar was 14.9 percent in 2005-2010

Why is this a problem?

Well those who consume 21 percent or more of their daily calories in the form of sugar are TWICE as likely to die from heart disease compared to those who get seven percent or less or their daily calories from added sugar.


The ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is 1:1, but the typical ‘Merican diet is between 1:20 and 1:50. Eating too much damaged omega-6 fat and too little omega-3 sets the stage for the very health problems you seek to avoid, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, just to name a few. To correct this imbalance, you typically need to do two things: cut out refined oils & fats. Increase the healthy fats like coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds, and if you eat meat make sure it’s high quality (grass fed or wild caught fish). If you are eating high quality meats then go for the full fat version.



Reason #1 I wanted to do a 48 hour fast and continue to do at least one 24 hr fast per week (to “kill off bad cells”) for awhile and replenish with great foods to improve my “healthy cells”…




I learned about the hormonal benefits of 3&4 day fasts. Growth hormone increases as well as the bodies ability to utilize other hormones as well… this further motivates me on this fast.


Did the crossfit class and felt surprisingly decent.

For time

1,500 meter row

100 hand release push ups

50 DB snatches

High intensity training could be “dangerous” while fasting… I feel a lot better working out fasted than I do after eating bread or cheap meat covered in refined sodium… so that’s just something to think about.

They say…”if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

I say… “if you don’t have anything quality to eat then don’t eat anything at all.”


I feel amazing. I am thinking beyond extra clearly, I’ve gotten a lot of work done on top of finishing my workout of the day, and doing a few personal training sessions. I am really enjoying this!

I’ve been brainstorming how I’m going to “break the fast”. If I feel this good tonight I will not eat at 48 hours I’ll keep going.

If I’m hungry I’ll break the fast with 20grams of high quality L-glutamine for assisted gut healing. Then wait another hour or so to eat. The worst thing imaginable would be to reap all the benefits of the fast then destroy my cells with toxic food. So I’ll be eating a large amount of organic vegetables, avocado, plenty of real salt, and most likely hemp seeds with quinoa. To celebrate with a cheat meal would be like making it to the super bowl and losing 70-0. Sure, it’s cool you made it but you’re still a loser. I want to win the super bowl then celebrate when we get back home.


I’m not thirsty but I have been releasing some phlegm from my throat which is not normal for me (anymore- this used to be very normal for me, like my entire life until a few years ago, I’m thinking this is part of some mucus detox occurring but I’m going to do some research and figure it out).


After going to Target and Sprouts I began to crave all kinds of food and drinks. My stomach started feeling for the first time and I’m 45 hours into the fast.

We picked up some hydrogen water from Waterwell & I love that place. I just ended the dry portion of this fast with 32oz of hydrogen water. It’s been 15 minutes and my cravings are gone and my stomach feels fine. My mental clarity is still extremely strong.

I’ve had very in depth ideas on recipes to break the fast almost like vivid day dreams where I could taste the whole salad I plan to put together. That’s all.


I just randomly went into deep thought on macros and meal plans and I’m cracking myself up because…

There are benefits to low/no carbs before bed.

There also benefits to high carb (healthy) meals before bed.

Breakfast has been labeled “ the most important meal of the day.”

Science is starting to show breakfast could be the most important meal to SKIP in the day.

Other studies show that massive breakfasts can be beneficial.

Keto can be very beneficial.

Too much keto can be very harmful.

Yo-yo eating can mess up your metabolism.

Irregular eating patterns can also be beneficial (if you eat the right foods)

What’s my point? There are pros and cons to every method under the sun. HOWEVER, there are no pros to sucking down highly processed sugars, poorly packaged processed foods, refined oils, preservatives, and supplements…



I promise you if I followed a macro diet precisely with lower quality foods than I eat now I would increase my inflammation, decrease cellular health, weaken my immune system, and feel sluggish all day.

I promise if I eat HIGH QUALITY foods all day, whenever I want, at the highest amounts I can stuff in my mouth that I will feel better, perform better, and look better than the previous mentioned protocol.

If you follow keto but eat garbage fats, you aren’t going to heal. BUT if you adapt to keto properly your body will love you. Just do it RIGHT and not all the time.

If you follow intermittent fasting protocols and exercise but eat trash and drink tap water, good luck. But if you follow IF and eat quality foods you’re going to reap amazing benefits, no doubt.

That’s all.


FEEEEASTED on the biggest salad I could ever imagine… there were a lot of things involved. It was delicious but I added too much dill this time.

fresh dill and basilonion, squash, zucchini,cucumber cucumber & NON magical shrooms. full cup of hemp seeds for the protein and healthy fats!Organic grapes: seeded are better but hard to find now days kale and lettuce both always organic apples , sauerkraut, & I cant remember pineapple, mango, and sesame seed oil with pink salt for dressing. With some hummus on top. avocado added for the the final touch

The real deal popsicles to end the feast.

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