4th of July- 48hr fast

Going into my 1st 48 hour #dryfast with a BANG 💥 This is our “Billion Dollar Health Pizza.” Thanks to a really wonderful lady who gave us a Kroger gift card dreams could come true 🤗 I feel like FASTING has been talked about more and more as of late. With so much great information out there about different intermittent fasts, dry fasts, juice fasts, bone broth fasts, (the list goes on du be on….) how would I not want to give fasting a try? I’ve now done a 3 day bone broth fast, 2 different 24 hour fasts (one was dry- meaning not even water is allowed), dabbled with intermittent fasting protocols (ranging from 14-22 hours each up to weeks in a row but usually only 2-3x per week over the last year and a half). I was referred a YOUTUBE video The Science of Fasting and learned how amazing fasting can be for all types of diseases and cognitive performance as well as KILLING OFF BAD MUSCLE… yeah that’s right, all muscle is not good (there are a lot of 🥩 🙃’s out there who could benefit from this) but most are too afraid to “lose their gains.” Anyways… here’s a spelt crust pizza made with spelt, sesame seed oil, fresh spring water from Hot Springs Arkansas National Park with sauce made from avocado, tomatillos, Himalayan salt, fresh Basil, fresh rosemary, thyme, purple onion, farm fresh zucchini squash and yellow squash (we picked up on the roadtrip from Arkansas to Texas from random farmers), mushrooms, and then a “cheese” Made from Brazil nuts, onion powder, cayenne, almond milk, himalayan salt, and grape seed oil. The grapeseed is not the quality I would prefer but that’s what I had on me and it’s the 4th of July so get over it. Random note: The hot dog eating contest gets me everytime. It’s honestly astonishing. At Kroger we saw massive wieners. I’m not going to pretend like I don’t love the way a hot dog tastes (James Coney Island used to be my favorite cheat meal) but I mean I’ll talk more about that in my “meats” post coming soon.

Cheers to the next 48 hours and the freedom we have to make our own choices 🙂

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