5 day Bone Broth “semi” Fast

5 day bone broth “semi” fast with additional support.

Weigh in : 4/21/2018

191.5 lbs

8:00PM I broke a 22 hour bulletproof fast. I had planned on going 24 and then right into the broth fast but I wasn’t ready. So I had dinner and tomorrow at this time will be 24 hours.

9:00PM Sunday April 22

Started 5 day bone broth fast.

Here are two of the articles that influenced me…

1st resource I used

2nd Resource- Digestive Reset

I do not currently have any noticeable digestive issues or problems going on but I do not like to recommend or give my opinion on a subject I’m ignorant about so I am experimenting with different fasting protocols, semi-fasts, intermittent fasts, and “keto style” nutrients.

8:45AM Monday

I was feeling slightly hungry so just finished 2 cups of bone broth- kettle & Fire grass fed beef bones. It actually satisfied me much more than expected! I plan to drink 4-8 cups per day, only when I feel I really need the boost. I want to try a few different brands this week to see if I feel any noticeable differences.

A lot of people recommend not exercising while fasting but I still plan to do crossfit, including lifting at a lighter than normal % and a lot of yoga. I predict lowering my bodies inflammation from the fast with the repairing effects of the bone broth will allow for some deep stretching compared to normal! We will see… if I feel awful, then I’ll stick to light cardio and long duration stretching until I eat bulk foods again.

9AM: caved in and consumed 16oz plain organic black coffee ☕️. Feel amazing.


Drinking Kona nitro brew coffee out in the sun to get vitamin d with my afternoon caffeine surge.

3:00 consumed 16oz bone broth

4:00 yoga- felt fine but I got dizzy standing up so I knew I was missing electrolytes.

4:30 – consumed BCAAS with electrolytes so I could do the crossfit workout of the day.

⁃ felt surprisingly strong and did just fine in the high intensity workout. I did not recover as quickly as normal post workout, I felt sluggish but caught a second wind about an hour later.

8:30pm- consumed 16oz kettle and fire bone broth.

10:00pm – I feel exhausted.

Day 2

6:00AM going to wait until I’m “starving” to consume any bone broth today.

11:00AM felt low blood sugar and “hangry” so I chugged a full bottle of Epic Bone Broth turkey cranberry. It was tasty and very satisfying. I no longer feel angry. Just a caffeine headache. So I’m going to get cold brew.


Chugged crazy water number 4 for the high mineral content. Best water in the world that I’ve found other than straight from the river in Oregon (raw and unfiltered). I do not like that it’s in a plastic bottle, however I didn’t let it bake in the sun and the water didn’t have any “plastic taste” so I let it slide.

3:30 PM

16 oz Scotty’s Stout bone broth with 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt added to the pot. Never microwave your bone broth. Don’t do it, drink it cold if you must. Warmed up tastes much better to me but microwaving can destroy beneficial nutrients. Scotty’s is awesome!

I found Scotty’s in Katy!


Based on how I felt day 1… I decided to add 5g creatine monohydrate to my BCAA powder with electrolytes. I prefer EAA (the essentials) but I ran out so the BCAA will have to do.

The “expert” recommend not participating in high intensity exercise (some say NO exercise at all while fasting… but that might be with TRUE fasting…) I’m going to complete my crossfit workouts rain or shine so supplementing my bone broth fast is important for performance and recovery. Plus I don’t want to feel like I’m about to pass out.


I had an awesome workout and felt energy the entire time.

4 rounds

20 Cal Row

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

3:00 rest after each round


This is the most “hangry” I’ve felt so far. I’m craving food. I had 2 cups of bone broth and I’m still not satisfied like usual, so I’m making 2 more cups and I’m adding a tablespoon of Vital Farms Grass fed butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt in the pot this time. This totals around 450 calories with virtually zero carbohydrates.


I feel much better and relaxed going into bed time.


I woke up ready to work today! No grogginess, zero felt allergies or sinus issues, I instantly snapped to it!


Drinking cold brew coffee as I coach. Coffee is not allowed on several of the “fasting protocols” I’ve seen.. but this is my adventure and I can do it however I want. Coffee hits me 10x harder (that’s a bro-science number, I do not have clinical data backing up my claim that it’s actually 10x harder) I just feel the coffee way more than usual.


I am starting to get hungry, I’m trying to avoid bone broth until 16 hours after my dinner bone broth (throwing in some intermittent fasting to the bone broth semi fast) which is not until after NOON so I’m going to drink aminos with BCAAS, beta alanine, taurine, and green tea extract.


The aminos surprisingly have satisfied my urge to eat or drink bone broth. I feel great cognitive function and I feel like I could workout right now…. I’m going to test my 1 rep deadlift ( a heavy single, not a 1 rep max test) to see how close to my normal deadlift I get. This will test my nervous system exhaustion without any fancy devices. Just the old school way…

NOON- 16 oz kettle and fire bone broth with 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt. I’ll be adding that to all my drinks now that I’ve discovered how much better I feel when adding the additional high quality sodium.


Just spent 2 hours making Marisa her waffles and sharing every minute detail about them to the world… nothing like being on day 3 of bone broth fast and making someone high carb waffles. Wow, much discipline. Wow.


I feel emotional- is my testosterone dropping ? Do I need carbs to be a man again? Hmmmmmm

4:30 PM

Finally talked myself into the 1 rep max deadlift … I took BCAAS along with creatine monohydrate again.. then was informed by a friend the following information…”While fasting, don’t take BCAA’s – it’s counterproductive because one of the reasons your benefiting from fasting is because your body has no glycogen or protein so it rapidly accelerates cell autophagy (breakdown of cells).” So I may have ruined a large amount of the cellular benefits of “fasting”. But in all actuality I don’t really care, I wasn’t doing a “true fast”. It was all self experimental exploration and I’m going to use my data as well as the tips from other individuals to continue my quest to reach my peak!

Oh… I deadlifted 455… my lifetime PR is 505 and I weighed 200 at that time. I just weighed in at 184.5 a 7 lb drop from Saturday. I’m assuming most of this is “water weight.”

For this reason I have decided to abort the mission of the 5 day bone broth “semi-fast”… I have several new strategies to implement and play around with in my daily “diet.” I honestly feel fine, my brain feels sharp and I feel strong and full of energy with no feelings of inflammation whatsoever. I didn’t have to warm up for the deadlift like I usually do because my body was all-ready… I just need to figure out how to maintain my bodyweight while retaining this cognitive feeling and keeping inflammation down.

I have some reading to do….

I’m going to break my fast with a copious amount of macadamia nuts, pistachios, and pecans.


I lied. 100%. I couldn’t resist the urge to try a beer from No Label (my favorite beer company) locates in the heart of my hometown under the influence of my semi-fast. I’ll tell you what… best beer buzz I’ve ever had in my life. No joke. I’m not exaggerating either. It hit me like a freightrain.


Off to play our softball game!

Double chin even after the fast!


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