5G – What is Enough?



Narcos on Netflix: Why couldn’t they realize enough was more than enough ?

Back in Jr. High I had the 28.8 dial up with AOL and Napster. At this time, I would start a song download in the AM and when I got home from school sometimes (if I was lucky) the song would be fully downloaded.

56 dial up came out soon after… I could then start the download, go eat dinner with the family, and before I went to bed I could enjoy the song while sending instant messages on “AIM.” There was basically no need to call anyone at this point- I could “talk” to 10 people at the same time. This is one of the leading reasons I’m still working on “phone communication” to this day. I grew up avoiding them.

Things progressed in this fashion until now… where you can stream anything basically on the spot and even talk to people on video “FaceTime” or whatever… we can even have annoying streamed meetings on google hangouts blah blah… I get that this has changed the shape of all communication.

What is the end goal here?

What more do we “NEED” or want?

Looking at the big picture from a health standpoint I wish and pray we would consider taking a step back from MORE MORE MORE and focus on CLEANER, SAFER, SMARTER technology.

The 5G coming soon (or now)… more cell phone towers, more blue tooth, higher EMF in newer vehicles, more pixels on our TVs and screens is all fancy and attractive I GET IT.

BUT EACH STEP FORWARD HERE IS A STEP BACK FOR OUR HEALTH. This is not pseudoscience. This is reality.

We are so impatient and full of desires that we are going to find ourselves in a SERIOUS EMF health crisis in the future. This is not a conspiracy theory… when we open our eyes it’s an obvious growing issue. My “guess” based on what I’ve read is another 15-20 years until it’s blatantly obvious and once my child has had a child (and I’m papa Kyle) i’m assuming I’ll be 50-60 years old THEN THE “SCIENCE” will be clear enough that “OH WOW, ALL THIS EMF STUFF REALLY ISNT HEALTHY” and we will THEN be figuring out ways to improve the SAFETY of these awesome technologies rather than taking the more obvious approach and accepting what we currently have IS GOOD ENOUGH & fixing the issues NOW in 2019 rather than 2050 or whenever the “science” proves without a doubt that this needs to be done.

Many will still automatically see this as “conspiracy theory” or pseudoscience… but whatever. It’s mind blowing how many will not believe something until “science” or “clinical studies” have proved it to be fact rather than examining the however many billion people on earth and all the different cultures or “zones.” It’s not rocket science- look at each culture, their lifestyle habits, and their health issues/lifespan/quality of life then find the most common denominators… then you can see real life mixed with some modern science.

I’m not happy about 5G. I’ll never use Bluetooth in my car, I’ll always be “plugged in” to the auxiliary cord, and Ethernet cords to my computer rather than WiFi, and I’m finding other practical ways to improve my EMF exposure in a realistic and low stress fashion. (One step at a time). I’m not “freakin out man.” Just doing the best I can & hoping our government will help out with these issues. The communications companies will not stop because they have to compete with each other $$$ neither will tech companies because they are in the same boat. If I was getting paid to make something faster or “better” then sure I would do my job but if the job included following laws in place that assist in public health then that would be GREAT.

It’s on our leaders to put laws in place that protect us and we are behind the curve. BIG TIME. It’s in us to do our homework, share with others, and voice our opinions so that these safety standards INCREASE (we are way outdated).


WiFi should not be in schools- especially pre K and elementary …. Ethernet only. That’s at least a small scale step in the right direction. Israel 🇮🇱 made the move. Let’s go U.S.

Kids- especially babies should have limited time on cell phones & iPads etc connected to WiFi or Bluetooth. There is enough “science” out there to prove this. Their skulls bone density is not as “thick” and their brains are still developing at such a fast rate it’s not a good thing. But whatever right? It’s not THAT bad all the kids are playing with them…

Phone should be on airplane mode if you have in your pocket or next to your bed. Not “do not disturb” the actual airplane mode.

Phone and laptop should not be held on your lap. Unless you like decreased testosterone and EMF to your reproductive organs… in that case then sit on the couch, watch tv, and play on the computer…. might as well have your phone right next to you… I call this the triple threat. It’s the modern day sex, drugs , and rock & roll.

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