Acquiring Healthy Taste

I often compare trying new foods to drinking alcohol. It’s very rare that someone starts sipping whisky straight and actually enjoys it. Most of the time this is an acquired taste and done to reach its intended purpose… “the buzz.”

Earth is full of REAL foods that smell and taste great. If you take the time to appreciate and acquire the taste for these foods most people will begin to notice they taste better than fake processed foods and you will feel significantly better as well. Acquiring for the taste of health.


I encourage parents to attempt introducing REAL foods to their children at least 13 times. Supposedly the average times to acquire the true taste of a food is 10 times… I’ve used this rule of thumb myself and usually by the 4th or 5th time I really start to enjoy the food. When I say REAL I mean don’t hand your child a Dorito and expect them 10 times to acquire the taste. These processed foods are CHEMICALLY enhanced by scientists to trick our brains into thinking they are real and healthy. I’m talking about fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and nutrient dense protein sources.

The most recent one for me to acquire the taste for is papaya. The only reason I gave this fruit a try was because it showed the lowest mediator response of any fruit for me… so I figured I would give it a try.

I have never bought a papaya because it’s large, strange looking, and Its intimidating purchasing something I don’t know what to do with… I had to YouTube what to do with papaya and the lady recommended squeezing lime on top so I grabbed some lime.

I opened the papaya and the smell reminded me of a vomit scent (not that aggressive but a light hint). I didn’t hate the taste but it was definitely strange. This was 2 weeks ago… I’ve had it 3 times now and now I’m obsessed. Thinking of the taste now is making my mouth water… maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten in 2 days but I really love papaya now.

Greens are typically more bitter than fruits, so I don’t typically expect to like them the first few tries.

Rainbow chard took me at least 10 times but now I can eat it like a piece of pizza.

A list of foods I hated before this year:

Broccoli, kale, celery, cilantro, parsley, oregano, beets, rosemary, and basil are the few that come to mind but part of my new year resolution was to try a new “superfood” every week and in that process I’ve pretty much ACQUIRED THE TASTE OF HEALTH.

Sure, I sometimes crave the super salty, fatty, sugary, artificially enhanced foods I used to have for cheat meals but by not allowing those in my life all the time I’ve had the opportunity to figure out WHY I’m craving what I’m craving and WHAT I can eat or supplement in my diet to FIX these cravings.

This has found me obsessed with MINERALS and nutrient density. I had an organic Armenian cucumber from a friends backyard and I felt a burst of energy that is incomparable to a cucumber that’s a few weeks old sitting in the grocery store. Sure, these veggies still have many nutrients and are night and day better for us than processed foods but I want OPTIMAL HEALTH and well being so now I only want fresh farm grown foods, because they are optimal and I can taste and feel the difference.

Back to the alcohol comparison: it’s why whiskey and wine experts will pay hundreds of dollars for the BEST of the best (the bees knees). I will always pay top dollar for the best of the best to enter my body.

I hope this encourages you to give your children healthy foods even with they do not like them right away. This has been a challenge for me because I know there will usually be a mini fit involved every time I make my daughter each her veggies first. She even tried some fresh rosemary a few times last week. Although it’s still difficult, the process has gotten easier and now she is more open to new foods.

Try again and try again. If you did not like a vegetable or herb you tried one time as an 18 year old try them again, and again, and again until you develop the taste. Sometimes we just don’t appreciate foods because we don’t know how to cook or what to pair them with. Regularly look up new recipes and learn food combinations that work for you!

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