This is a protocol that I use for 21 days every 6 months and 2-3 times weekly as “maintenance” throughout the year. It has been highly effective for several of our athlete’s for fat loss, stomach ulcers, and even hormonal issues somehow?


“Gut Recharge” 

First thing in the morning or right before bed!

Everyday for 21 days!

Please remember I am not a doctor, therefore I am not allowed to recommend how much of these products you should take… I’m just letting you all know how much of each I take…

1.)    Collagen Protein Peptides  (10g per 100lbs of bodyweight) I weigh close to 200lbs so I take 20grams daily.

2.)    L-Glutamine Powder (10grams per 100lbs of bodyweight)  I take 20grams per day.

3.)    Colostrum powder (3grams per 100lbs of bodyweight) I take 6 grams per day. This is the most costly part to purchase. BUT do not skip it! It’s vital to the process.

4.)    Liquid Bone Broth (6-8ounces) (Sprouts has the best price that I’ve found) Kettle & fire is my favorite brand but I’m too poor for that… I’m in the process of learning to create a magical bone broth.  Make sure you get BONE broth not stock. Chicken, beef, & fish are all good to go.

5.)    Garden of Life- Fitbiotics (1 packet) Amazon has good price. We are only allowed to order 3 at a time for the store? So we sell out instantly… I recommend looking elsewhere for now…

6.)    1 shot of apple cider vinegar (prebiotic) – I separate my ACV shot from the mix because I would rather take it by itself then  have to guzzle 9oz of ACV tasting products.  Mix with Ceylon cinnamon and manuka honey to make this a super health bomb.

          I’ve been taking ACV on and off for years, it never gets better to me.. the way I preach it is like this… if you can take a shot of whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila… you can take shots of this. Take it for the desired effects=health & longevity. Learn to appreciate and acquire the taste for new healthy “things.”

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