Baaack to baaaack

Rarely do I come up with enough to share back to back days… wow. Amazing…

Over exposure to the sun, cigarette smoke, pollution, toxic chemicals, such as chemical weed killers, shampoo, soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies, and unhealthy foods can all release NASTY free radical activity in the body, however they also can be produced by factors like stress which in turns damages healthy tissue. Antioxidants in the foods you eat reverse that process, helping to combat disease by zapping harmful free radicals.i mean maybe clinically speaking “zapping” may not be the politically correct word to use.. so I mean if that offends you then be gone..?

If there’s anything you need to know to not “waste your valuable time” it’s this… minimize you’re exposure to toxic chemicals, foods, sugar, starch (which is a chemical)… and MAXIMIZE your exposure and body to positive “things” such as (but not limited to) exer-see-see-oh (exercise), veg-eh-tation (the colored stuff), froot (real sugar..) and uhhh well REAL stuff rather than “easy food stuff.” Yeah well. Peace.

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