I’m going to say it… I BELIEVE (you don’t have to) that our leading brands of baby formula sold today are one of the first steps in our chronic disease growth. No, that’s not a proven fact. There is not clinical data to support my statement. And I am just an ignorant idiot most of the time, but it seems pretty dang crystal clear to my eyes that force feeding new borns toxins, inorganic metals, highly processed & refined vegetable oils, corn syrup, and radiating all of these chemicals in a plastic bottle with heat in a microwave MIGHT POSSIBLY be an issue. But I have no proof of this… it’s all just drawn up in my crazy head… But I mean, I’m 100% positive the big wigs of these formula companies are making night and day more money than I am, so It’s possible you should trust them over me, cause if you make money you have to care about the well-being of others, its science.

There were multiple requests about what a mother should do if they cannot breast feed their infant… that’s what stimmed the frustration of the intro. I dug into this and that and just felt my blood boiling. If you are feeding your baby formula, don’t attack me for saying its poison. I realize they will not instantly die from the baby formula, but I want people to realize there are cheap, effective, and healthier options available (and some more expensive options as well) and that every great thing we feed our bodies heals and nourishes us and the contrary for the bad we put in our bodies. Cellular health and stuff like that… years and year and years of our resilient bodies being hammered until omega.

So here’s what I would do with MY daughter and with my future little ones (this does not mean you should do it, it’s just what I would do)

I’m not a pediatrician, doctor, all that jazz… and every child has different needs so I think it’s important to shop around and find a knowledgeable pediatrician that can explain to you the harmful sides of traditional “popular” baby formulas… remember this is the most crucial time of our children’s life so we should have some more serious guidelines as to what is legal and illegal in formula (in my un-expert opinion).

1.) Avoid the leading brands (I’m not naming them because they have a lot of money and power that I do not have, or the energy to fight a battle that may occur) I’m just saying I did a simple google search at the leading top 3 baby formulas and found combinations of processed vegetable oils (bad), corn syrup solids (bad), inorganic iron and processed soy (don’t get me started here) It was actually very challenging to find the full nutrition label, I had to dig around, the “healthier appearing” formulas I found had their labels conveniently placed on their websites easy for me to find- maybe that’s just a coincidence though, who really knows why garbage brands would hide their labels and the better ones would display them proudly? I’m not a professional brand analyst so I’m most likely not allowed to speak my opinion on why they would do such a thing without being cyber bullied.

2.) Be careful buying breast milk, if it is pasteurized you lose a large portion of the beneficial breast milk properties. If you are more interested in that check out this stud’s article going much deeper into the science. Pasteurized milk is garbage and so is pasteurized breast milk “but it keeps us safe.” – Keep this is mind, I’m sure REAL dairy will be legal again one day… we should all pray.

Great article

3.) I still to this day give my daughter colostrum powder. I believe all nursing mothers should supplement with colostrum powder which will in turn naturally share the benefits with their children and the day my girl stopped the natural stuff I began adding colostrum and baby-probiotics to her formula. Here is the material on how it benefits mothers and children, but really it CAN benefit just about everyone

Baby & Colostrum

4.) I would now make my own baby formula and add the colostrum powder… there are hundreds of free recipes online. Don’t be lazy, google the golden recipes and watch your healthy baby reap the benefits, it will be worth your while!

5.) If you don’t feel comfortable making your own formula (or don’t want to bother with it!), let’s talk about the store-bought options. Unfortunately, the FDA mandates certain nutrients, even in organic ones, which can ONLY be created synthetically. (Interesting to note: None of these ingredients are legal in the European Union.) And why wouldn’t we want to give our children non-synthetic nutrients, us human creatures create the most amazing products??? (That was a dad joke-sarcasm)

If you’d like the convenience of store bought formulas, here are a few options that are more ideal than others on the market…

In 2012, Dartmouth researchers found that Nature’s One and Earth’s Best formulas, made with organic brown rice syrup, contained 20x the recommended levels of arsenic. Nature’s One responded with this statement: (We depend upon a) “qualified, world renowned, third-party, independent lab to test arsenic levels in their organic brown rice syrup. Their testing results report undetectable amounts of arsenic at laboratory testing limits.”

I am American and support American made “things” but unfortunately our food system is failing us terribly… so I support European baby formulas when breastfeeding is not an option, you do not want to use someone else’s milk, or you do not want to create your own formulas. They are still not perfect but rest assured that they are a minimum of .001% greater for our children’s health than the highest selling infant poisons in our country today.

The following two European formulations, which don’t have to include various synthetic ingredients per the FDA but are still safe and qualified as baby formula.

They don’t contain funky ingredients or as many artificial nutrients. They don’t contain brown rice syrup either. I prefer HiPP formula because it includes prebiotic fibers, galacto-oligosaccharides, from lactose (milk sugar) which mimic those found in breastmilk.

Better option

Better option #2

Have a healthy weekend! Try some new fermented foods.

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