Balance- woo saw

Note to self: it’s okay to lose gains in one area of life to balance out my other areas.

I’m getting softer. I only workout 3 hours per week. That’s the maximum allotted time I have to workout, anymore will take energy away from spreading awareness. Any less than 3 hours will cause depression and a severe drop in fitness. So that’s my balance.

For me, there has to be balance, a balance in coaching hours, business meetings, social media, family, working out, they all require energy and time so its important to have a balance or systems in place with a support crew who shares the same vision.

I have already lost some fitness, I’m okay with that, because when my priority is fitness, I’m out of balance. I just have to eat extra carefully , which is a great side effect of working out less and studying more.

When someone competes in fitness they must focus on balance of all fitness traits, overly focusing on strength will create a decrease in endurance, over focus on gymnastics could create an imbalance of maximal strength or power, over emphasis on endurance could potentially ruin several areas of fitness, like speed, power, and agility. You have to be very careful and stay true to yourself when planning your balance.

I’ve noticed while looking back over the course of life my balance shifts often depending on what my priorities and goals are each year. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it does to me.

P.Sz final note to self: Prioritize your goals and create your ideal balance around that goal.

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