Better! Because Normal isn’t Working.

Topic of discussion in church today… “Better! Because Normal isn’t Working.”

Whether you’re a Christian or not, there can still be lessons learned from this topic.

Taking that message and running the health direction with it is basically why we’re here. Although, not the exact same. It’s what inspired me to think deeper…

1980- America gave, “prescribed”, or sold (however you want to look at it) more drugs and spent more on medical tests than any nation on earth. At that time we were ranked #17 in overall health according to the World Health Organization.

2000- We QUADRUPLED the amount of drugs given in 20 years. We also dropped to #37 in overall health. Congratulations big pharma stock holders, you did it! 🍻

Now- We are currently ranked #57 in overall health. Woohoo let’s celebrate by changing the magically food pyramid to a colored plate!

FIFTY SEVENTH…. that’s correct. I mean, I love America. So I’m pissed. I’m still pissed we didn’t make the World Cup! When we don’t win Olympic events I hurt for our athletes.

We are smarter than this but we let a few obstacles get in our way…

1.) $$$$ (the American dream)

2.) “Go-Go-Go” mentality- not taking the time to slow down and do things right (or left) whichever way you look at it.

3.) ignorance- yes. Because many of us just don’t know what’s healthy or what real food even is anymore, we are perfect candidates for bait & switch. Like that perfect shiny lure dangling in front of that fish. The fish thinks it’s got an easy victory, it was just a fool in the rain.

We need to WAKE UP and share common sense knowledge.

These aren’t my rankings. My fantasy World Health Rankings would have us ranked worse. This again is according to the World Health Organization. Regardless, the statistics are alarming and at times can be depressing and has even caused me to feel 100% pessimistic at times (regarding our Nation’s health).

This should be even more alarming because anyone who knows me knows I’m generally overly optimistic about most situations and feel like they will work themselves out. But… I mean this isn’t working itself out in any positive way.

There are a few positives working for us…

Social media. – yeah, unbelievable how it’s a gift and horrible curse all at the same time. It’s killing us, yet when it comes to food, it might be saving us? Believe it or not the only reason I have social media (and re activated my instagram) was to share knowledge to our gym members, which then led into ridiculous “cuckoo, other end of the spectrum, hippy rants”…RIGHT?

A large portion of our taxes goto telling us how to maintain disease, rather than how to prevent disease.

Social media is having a huge impact on regulations and guidelines because it’s becoming harder and harder to HIDE, DECEIVE, AND MANIPULATE because people are becoming more aware of the issues, speaking their minds, and changes are happening!

The normal FDA guidelines, school nutrition, “food” legalities, and mainstream information need so much help. The system is NOT WORKING.

Some ideas on what COULD HELP the cause:

1.) Sharing with others that it’s actually okay and even a GREAT “thing” to care about what’s happening in the world. Somewhere over the rainbow it seems like there are more people who don’t care bout nothin’ and make others who do feel bad about it…

2.) Teach cooking classes in school. More than just an elective class… How did I take like 5+ different art classes from Elementary to High School but I never learned how to cook REAL FOOD?

3.) Since I always say it… REAL FOOD needs to be properly defined and TAUGHT in all school systems. There shouldn’t be confusion over what real food is and what “food products” are. This is ridiculous.

4.) Offer startup or more $$$ to farmers growing REAL, non GMO, organic fruits and vegetables.

5.) Offier startup or more $$$ to farmers raising 100% grass fed cattle and free roaming animals.

4&5: I’m not a politician, I don’t know how this would work, these are just ideas. If they are “stupid” please forgive me.

6.) Get more functional dietitians working in doctor’s offices. At the end of the day, if you’re prescribed cholesterol medication with no PRACTICAL advice on how to fix your cholesterol issues then it’s highly likely you will be on cholesterol medication for the remainder of your life… and that will most likely lead to living off additional forms of medication…

Which always brings us back to the billion dollar question…What is the real cost of cheap “food?”

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