Billionaire Blood Builder



Blood stains are red.

Viagra is blue.

Sugar is deadly.

So drink billionairebloodbuilder5000.



Cranberries (they are red and I had some in my freezer that’s why).

Beets (NITRATES: Through a chain reaction, our body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which helps with blood flow and blood pressure).


Raspberries (SALICYLATE: They discourage blood clotting and can even actively dissolve existing clots).

Strawberries (Can boost red blood cells & increase antioxidant capacity in the blood).

Pomegranate (It has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, decrease plaque in your arteries, and reduce your risk of heart disease).


Cayenne Pepper (opens up blood vessels and helps increase blood flow).

#Cloves 1/4 TSP( Improve white blood cell count to boost immune system & can also help stabilize blood sugar levels).

Black Pepper 1/8 TSP (increases absorption of nutrients-“bioavailability” some experts say).

#CEYLON cinnamon 1/4 TSP (blood sugar support (the superior choice of cinnamons)


#MACA (10 grams)- maca is the bees knees, that’s why- just google it.

Onions are great for the blood- I used 2 grams of #QUERCETIN so the entire delicacy was not onionized.

Specialty Add In:

#irishseamoss – minerals. Oxygen.

Pour over some almond creamer for cosmetics.

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