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I’ve already expressed my concerns about the dangers of wheat and shared how the gluten is only ONE of an abundance of issues surrounding wheat… that’s the extent of what I will say negative about wheat today.

I want to provide the best possible options, knowing that we are all different and people love bread. So here is the bread aisle at Sprouts. If I have one thing to pray about with my friends and family regarding bread it is this… PLEASE keep it moderate and attempt to buy the highest quality breads when given the opportunity.

Remember I cannot tell you what the best or worst is because I’m not certified to do so… so these lists are just a reminder for myself in case I forget, I can come back and look 👽.

BOTTOM Shelf (don’t touch me- unless you plan to wash your hands after) think of these like a virus. Or maybe like being thirsty but looking at dirty swamp water as your only option- it’s probably better to just stay thirsty in that case. That’s how I feel about the bottom shelf- if I’m starving (1st world country starving) not actually starving to death…- then I still won’t touch the bottom shelf cause I would rather be “starving to death” then poison myself with something that has no positive return. You see, if I poison myself with an ice cold beer on a hot summer day at least I get a head buzz out of it… same with coffee… but if i poison myself with cheap bread or poorly processed oils all I get out of it is a few hours of laziness, brain fog, inflammation, and call me crazy but it messes with me mentally knowing the damage I just caused to myself when I could have chosen a BETTER option…

So what’s a better option ?

Well first… I would rather have just about any bread product that is whole grain wheat over any that are just wheat flour or have wheat flour in them.



Is better in my dumb opinion compared to

Wheat flour


Organic wheat flour


A “whole grain product” that alsp includes wheat flour on the ingredients label.

So remember in the wheat world…

Look for organic whole grain wheat flour.

That would be a step above the bottom shelf… tier 1 I guess…


Let’s take a step above the tier 1 & venture into tier 2… if you are still eating wheat flour bread then take the step to whole grain instead. If you are already eating whole grain then there are two options I would consider step above…

Option 1: switch to whole grain spelt flour instead of whole grain wheat flour. The spelt still has gluten (but if you are eating wheat bread then you obviously don’t mind..) so the gluten in spelt is not the same as the gluten in wheat. (From my non expert learnings…)

Option 2: jump up to SPROUTED whole grain wheat or spelt. The sprouting process apparently changes the dynamic of the grains (in a good way…) and should minimize many of the nasty effects of wheat. The bread is a little tougher and requires refrigeration… when I used to eat these I would make grass fed grilled cheese on them with avocado oil or grass fed butter to grease the pan, slap & egg and avocado on top & I wish I wasn’t egg & dairy free for the time being 😂

The Alvarado street bread is awesome in my opinion. Much tastier than Ezekiel bread, but it’s more common to find Ezekiel in the frozen section at larger grocery stores. Sprouts is the only place I’ve seen Alvarado st. bread.

Take this to the next level… a tier 4 of all breads and the top shelf of a wheat bread…

SPROUTED WHOLE GRAIN SOURDOUGH bread. The process required to make sourdough is very beneficial to our bodies so if I were to eat wheat bread again, I would def go with the Alvarado St. Sprouted sourdough bread. No diggity, no doubt.

Below is the Dave’s killer bread… I would rather eat the sprouted grains over the Dave’s Killer BUT this is a huge step up from the bottom shelf.

We made kids sandwiches out of this bread for Lennon’s birthday party because the mass majority will still enjoy this bread, the cost is acceptable for most and their bagels are dense for athletes who need higher calories.

Below are the BOTTOM SHELF items : no explanation needed. Just trash. The $1-$3 breads are not worth touching. They will pretty much guarantee you have year round allergies, gut issues, seasonal sickness… and the list goes on and on and onnnnn… there are some things I won’t buy cheap… dairy, meats, and grains are among that list.

BELOW: Sprouts brand spelt bread (no wheat flour included). This is not perfect. But with a large group of kids etc. this is better in my eyes than wheat bread. I would feel better with Lennon eating this.

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