Business World Steroids… and my personal alternative solution

I have a crazy brain. Most likely, we all do… what I refuse to do is take synthetic chemicals to MASK issues like sleeping, focusing, “coping” with life’s struggles such as anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, and things as simple as lotion for dry skin. I’ve taken meds for all of these. I’ve had highs, rock bottoms, and zombie feeling apocalypses in my body… but I’m sure we all have. And I’m proud to be “off the pills.” It took years and years and years.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I eliminated daily bread and cereal then my allergies magically disappeared. No, that was ONE of thousands of daily lifestyle choices I’ve fixed patently over time to remove them.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I eliminated added sugars then all my inflammation went away and I no longer needed 800mg ibuprofen 3-4 times per day to move pain free. It took YEARS of learning what created inflammation in my body and fix the root, NOW I am well over 2 years away from NSAID use after using them for 10 years straight.

I’m also not pretending you can just cut foods you’re “intolerant” to then you’ll magically cure your allergies. But I will tell you I took Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl year round on top of my asthma meds basically since birth until a few years ago as well…


I recently watched TAKE YOUR PILLS on Netflix. Which inspired me to share a little stack that helps me with my “Brain issues.” Instead of relying on the pill.

The pill referred to is ADDERALL and the film goes into how in a “hypercompetitive world” this gives an advantage yada yada…

It’s like… in sports if someone pops for steroids they cheated the sport… ADDERALL could be considered like steroids in the competitive business world so if one person can use the enhancement to outperform a coworker because they stay up 20 hours per day while the other actually has to sleep, then boom-promotion! Is this cheating ? That’s debatable can’t we all agree? I mean, if the doctor prescribes the meds then they are legal so they should be fair… but wait… if the doctor prescribes Tom Brady Testosterone for low libido and he gets jacked and tan then he cheated… even though it’s “prescribed.”

But anyways…

I have hours of unsolicited opinions on the topic of prescribing AMPHETAMINES to children and I’m not going to go there…

I will admit I’ve taken (in my life) Ritalin, adderall, and vyvanse both for “research purposes”, to cram 12 hours of normal work into 4 hours of a blind blowing whirlwind, and the more humbling one for me to admit… recreational party use.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I can thank my mother for telling the doctors NO and helping me find more natural ways to cope with “attention deficit related shtuff..”

I’m not going to go into a full health discussion here but I am going to say the research is out there for those who want natural ways to “nurture our brains.”

It begins and ends with REAL FOOD, ensuring there are proper nutrients fueling our system, and learning how to use what many consider a “mental disadvantage” to our advantage ( for a lot of people this could be just staying out of a freakin class room).

I mean, ABSOLUTELY schooling and education is valuable… don’t twist my opinions around here. But just think of how some animals sit so well in cages at the zoo… the snake for instance can just curl up in a tiny cage… lock a freakin lion in a tiny cage & it’s just not right… some people aren’t created to sit and listen they are carefully created to go explore so maybe by having them sit inside a classroom all day making them fall asleep is the healthier option over slamming their central nervous system with amphetamines they will keep a grown man up for 48 hours clinching their jaw like someone on the influence of cocaine.

Hell yeah I went there- that’s how I feel. Sue me. Or slap me, whatever.

Maybe (perhaps) ADDERALL is the big pharma way of controlling amphetamine use in our country and our government can tax the crud out of that so we don’t have to get imported amphetamines from South America because we have our own and it’s controlled by colors and can even be time released for us.

One final unsolicited opinion on that is I really don’t care if people want to take them to party, have them prescribed, or whatever). I mean, we are all adults and make our own lifestyle choices. That’s not the point of this message…

What I do care about is finding a safer alternative and how to prevent the need for this for children.

Anyways…. all I originally or REEEEEEALY wanted to share was my brain stack for several reasons…

1.) I like my mind to feel sharp (and I’ll admit I like to feel a slight rush- without the negative comedowns or health issues related to synthetic stimulants.

2.) I like experimenting.

3.) I like sharing and keeping people’s minds open.

I find it 100% pathetic that I should have to give a warning ⚠️ about consuming herbs, vitamins, and foods considering people can make their own decisions and do their own research and also be prescribed amphetamines without “much” of a problem but here it is anyways… be careful and possibly consult a super human being more intelligent than myself or you before possibly attempting to feel awesome.. hope that works.. I mean there COULD potentially be side effects just like there COULD be long term side effects of drinking tap water- I mean the possibilities are always endless. So pay attention to your body and how YOU feel. Always start small… ?


Keep in mind I’ve experimented with different natural nootropics, herbs, minerals, foods, etc… and these are just a few that will never leave my side.

16oz organic coffee (yeah, I relapsed- it felt like a necessity since I have brain fog from gluten overload on vacation- I hope this is just a cheat meal though… I was feeling fine without caffeine when I was eating “on point.”

Ashwaghanda- I use the herb drops, I take 4 droppers full plus today I took 2 Himalaya brand caplets for enhanced effect. I don’t know the exact dosage of ashwaghanda this is but I can say it’s at least 4x the “recommendation” It’s an herb… I’ll be okay I promise.

LIONS MANE POWDER- 4 grams. I don’t imagine ever straying away from the mane of the lion. Shrooms are awesome and should be used for all sorts of cognitive issues (that’s just an opinion-I’m not a doctor)

KOIOS- “mental titan” I’ve been taking 2-3 of these capsules a few days each week when poop needs to get done. Poop meaning things I don’t really enjoy doing… like computer work… or reading. If I’m going for a hike I don’t need to be a mental titan, I just enjoy the hike…. ya heard? Anyways, if I worked in an office I would probably take 2 in the AM and 2 with bulletproof coffee for lunch and avoid any carbs until after work to keep my mind as sharp as those coworkers on the ADDERALL.


I believe this stack works best with HEALTHY fats like 1-2 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil, avocado, and macadamia nuts… staying away from the sugar and starchy carbs should enhance the effects and reduce need for anything more “serious.” But what do I know? Fats are bad for us duh… carbs for breakfast is the answer and truth duh.– oh these last 2 lines were both “chistes way”… I’m not being serious.

I find that by avoiding carbs and any processed foods for breakfast I’m sharp until lunch ( or especially by fasting) and then breaking my fast with bulletproof coffee style variations… and then remaining sharp until work is complete THEN I’ll have carbs only if I plan to workout… otherwise I’ll just save them for dinner for a positive desired hormonal response and to help me sleep better. This may or may not work for you, this positively works for me.

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