It’s Not THAT Bad…

Society teaches us from a young age what behaviors and attitudes are acceptable. The messages we receive from parents, teacher, and other caregivers help create the expectations you have of yourself and others.

I commonly find myself in conversations that end include comments such as “not THAT bad”, “I ate that growing up and I’m fine”, “we cant live paranoid”….

The behaviors and attitudes taught rarely involve the issues leading to long term health. Most adults I deal with have no problem adjusting their words/actions towards myself or my daughter based on our moral beliefs for example. If someone doesn’t want their child to watch movies with negative language that’s common ground and people tend to respect that. When it comes to healthy habits like fake food and sugary drinks on the other hand, nobody seems to give two poops that I actually care what my daughter eats and many people even laugh at it… no, I don’t freak out and say anything, I just smile and nod. I know she’s not going to get instantly sick from the butter nutter but where’s the respect? There does not seem to be a common ground when it comes to health.

While I completely agree we shouldn’t live overly stressed, overwhelmed, and paranoid I also believe stopping to take a few minutes a day to THINK about what we put inside our bodies and THINK about chemicals we use on our bodies to make the BEST choices possible in each situation is worth the “short term stress” that will lead to a huge increase in well being. Sure, learning anything new can be a challenge and frustrating at times but after you make the changes ONE AT A TIME (baby steps) to improve quality of life, I’m positive most people will look back on older lifestyle choices and say “yes, this was all worth it.”

How bad could IT be?

Added sugars aren’t THAT bad.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t THAT bad.

Preservatives aren’t THAT bad.

Synthetic “vitamins” aren’t THAT bad.

Artificial colors aren’t THAT bad.

Toxic sunscreens… not THAT bad they protect us from the “dangerous” sun.

Plastics aren’t THAT bad.

Cheap cooking pots/pans aren’t THAT bad.

Chemical fragrance deodorants aren’t THAT bad.

Cheap meat & dairy aren’t THAT bad.

Alcohol isn’t THAT bad.

Prescription pills aren’t THAT bad.

Tylenol & NSAIDs… nope they ain’t bad.

Tap water can’t be THAT bad…

WiFi isn’t bad… everyone uses it…

Microwaves have been around forever they aren’t THAT bad…

Herbicides & pesticides can’t be THAT bad…

Chemicals in our mattresses that we sleep on nearly 1/4 of our lives couldn’t be THAT bad.

Breathing in and consuming mildews & molds… def not THAT bad.

Refined sugars… not bad & they taste great.

Overuse of electronic devices… yeah not THAT bad either.


This was a list of 21 simple examples of what people convince themselves and others daily… every decision has a consequence, some show their faces immediately and others might not happen for 30+ years down the road.

Pretending we are only faced with 21 “good or poor” lifestyle choices daily (but understanding it’s more like hundreds or thousands of mini- decisions) lets take the 21 for simplicity:

21 daily lifestyle choices for a week is 147 choices per week.

That is 7,644 choices per year.

I’m 31 so with this example I’ve been faced with 236,964 lifestyle choices to date… but we know this is only using 21 choices per day and that’s less than 1 choice per daily hour (we are faced with many many many more choices than this).

You see… yeah some of these might not be THAT bad once, twice, or three times a month or year, but when you COMPOUND POOR CHOICE AFTER POOR CHOICE day in and day out and continue to brush them off because “we don’t care” or it’s “not that serious” or “it’s too much to think about”… whatever the excuse may be I understand them all. Because we are all faced with them daily.

I’m not living in fear… I’m living and feeling great and I’m sick of seeing people I love and care about dealing with health issues that shouldn’t be issues. It shouldn’t be a battle convincing people spending 2 to 4 hundred dollars a month on health insurance plus another couple hundred on prescription pills that the TRUE COST OF FAKE FOOD ends up costing way more in the long run plus the effects on quality of life.

I still used plastic bottles until recently. I’m not living in fear over plastics. But it’s not that much effort to use glass bottles and refill glass mason jars instead of buying plastic. It took a few months to spend the money on Pyrex dishes instead of Tupperware and make small plastic switches. I’m not scared to eat out of a plastic container but I’m not going to willingly torch my food in a plastic container in a microwave knowing that it’s a poor choice.

Many people think this is “coockoo” or “cuckoo” whatever….

I haven’t used a microwave all of 2018. Sure, at first I thought how in the world can I do this? After a month, it was simple… 1.) don’t be so damn impatient. 2.) don’t eat foods that need to be microwaved because most of them are garbage.

And anyone who thinks that’s “ridiculous” I have this to say… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the negative effects of radiation on our bodies and food… there is no argument. So similar to plastics, IM NOT ORTHOREXIC, I’ll eat foods I know aren’t the best, I’ll drink a beer, if someone cooked me a meal in a MICROWAVE I would eat the meal stress free, but will I will not do is willingly cook my own food in a microwave, because the stove/oven tastes better and it’s healthier… duh? If I’m in a rush then I’ll grab some healthy nuts, a cucumber, and some fruit..?

I’m not scared of sugar. But if I have any added sugars they are a special treat. By saying “it’s only 8 grams, it’s only 12 grams, it’s only one cookie” throughout the day that could end up being HUNDREDS of grams of processed sugar plus whatever other chemicals are in the food….

I don’t purchase them from the store to sit around my house. Sugar is highly addictive (and that is scientifically proven) so yeah if I have a box of Oreos sitting in my pantry of course I’m going to foam at the mouth for them when I have a late night craving. If I surround myself with quality food choices I’ll be forced to eat something that will allow me to live the next day full of energy and feeling great. By making these choices on a regular basis I know I can eat all the cake, cookies, brownies, beer, wine etc. at a wedding or occasional party, sports game, or event because it’s a special treat and my body will tell me it’s pissed the next day (or a few minutes later) but because it’s not a daily habit it’s not likely going to cause me a chronic illness.

Whatever… I’m “extra and obsessed”… but I also feel closer to amazing than I’ve ever felt in my life (but you’re supposed to feel like crap as you get older?…) Every choice matters, all I want is to spread awareness and understanding of that and rather than overwhelming people by it all, pick ONE thing at a time to overcome and change. I’ve tried to stick to one thing per week this year, and it’s made a massive impact in my life. I’m loving the journey.

Week 1 post Mediator Release Testing

I received my Mediator Release Testing results and the 1st phase foods I can eat are significantly different than what I have been eating so it’s going to take a week of experimenting to figure this out! Some of the foods I consumed daily were highly inflammatory to my body and I found it very interesting how many things I had in common with my mom who has RA. I’ve always lived under the theory that if I live the exact same lifestyle as her I will find myself in a similar situation with auto immune, that’s why I’ve always taken her health and nutrition advice. When she told me she was negatively reactive to certain food additives, I would remove them because I figured I was reactive to them as well. When she switched from bleach, hand soaps, lotions, shampoo & conditioners, and other unnatural products because they cause her to “break out, itch, swell, and feel horrible” then I immediately made the switch with her. Why would I use and eat products that cause someone to react like that? Yeah, we may not react the same way but if the vast majority of auto immune sufferers react to things as simple as hand-soap or food colored drinks, or processed foods then what makes people think it’s acceptable and ethical to put these chemicals in our foods and products ?

Anyways, those were the “common sense applies” type of switches. It’s obvious to me artificial sweeteners, flavors, and most chemical products are not key to OPTIMAL HEALTH.

But what were not common sense to me?


There are real-life healthy foods out there that should be beneficial to us as humans but our immune response to them is no bueno and because we’ve damaged our bodies so much over years and years and years of “not so ideal” choices some of these foods may react negatively.

My testing pointed out reactors like TURMERIC, BASIL, EGGS, BEEF, TURKEY, APPLES, BANANAS, and foods higher than normal that I consume nearly every day like bell pepper!

The eye opening reactor was SOLANINE- which apparently is common in folks with RA as well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but that’s more than enough evidence for me to be cautious.

And this is different for EVERYONE so I couldn’t eliminate and eat the same exact foods as my mom and expect optimal results.

notes :

-If it was a chemically enhanced product or food that caused a reaction to someone with auto immune, I would instantly remove that product from my house (like old spice deodorant or cheap almond milk that contains ‘gums or thickening agents’) both products have caused those i know with auto immune disease serious issues. So why would I want to use them when there are healthy alternatives?

-If it was a REAL FOOD (from earth, never chemically enhanced or jacked up by us humans) that caused a reaction to someone with auto immune then I wouldn’t just remove it from my diet immediately but I would pay attention to a few things….

1.) what’s the source ? Ex: like 5-6 years ago my mom said she reacted to beef…. so I was like maybe beef isn’t good for me… i removed beef from my life for about a month… I tested my tolerance by eating beef one night & noticed I felt sluggish then woke up with some allergies (I wasn’t sick, I didn’t feel awful or deadly, but I did not feel PERFECT so I knew something wasn’t IDEAL.

When I say perfect I really mean this:

⁃ No stuffy nose

⁃ No headache or brain fog

⁃ No inflammation in joints

⁃ Full of life

If I eat a food that causes me to feel this way then I say… BYE Feliciafood.


I thought my decision was the best. My mom couldn’t do beef and then I knew I was better off without beef.

Many moons later (I had beef then and there for cheat meals and didn’t feel very good after these meals.. EVER… when I say didn’t feel very good I mean…

⁃ “Meat sweats” from the forehead

⁃ Increased body temperature

⁃ Upset stomach

⁃ Sluggishness

⁃ Anything deemed “non-perfect”

And then one night in 2017 we had OMG Burger as a cheat meal and I got the double grass fed beef… I was expecting to feel food coma drunk after but I didn’t … I woke up feeling much better than normal post cheat meal night even though I still had the bun (wheat flour gluten yeast & all…) I then stuck to the grass fed…

It still didn’t CLICK in my slow brain why I could eat grass fed beef until I found the book DEEP NUTRITION and was enlightened on the massive differences of 100% GRASS FED BEEF compared to beef that consumed grains and were raised improperly.

And since that time I’ve learned even more about the differences in grass and grain fed animals… the balance of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids are terrible in grain fed beef ( like 1:4-6 based on what I’ve found) compared to a typical 1:1 or 1:2 omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

***These nutrient deficiencies are not just with beef they are the reality behind ALL foods***

So not only did the cheaper beef I was consuming contain all of these toxins, improper fat balance, and damaged proteins but the inflammation response to my body was noticeable as well. Oh, for all the people who need CLINICAL EVIDENCE to prove what should be common sense… uh NO I don’t have the lab work that the grain fed beef actually was toxic to my body, I just have my word on how I felt… and why would I spent 2-3+ times as much money for my foods now if I didn’t feel a true difference ? If I could eat $2 beef and feel as good as I do eating $10 beef then that would be a no brainer…. but I know better and the evidence as to WHY I feel better is starting to magically appear due to social media awareness and badass doctors and scientists spreading TRUTH finally.

Up until recently I was eating grass fed beef 2-3 times per week with none of the same obvious reactions as before.

This (BEEF) is only 1 of HUNDREDS of foods I went through this process with. I’ve gotten overly creative finding out my tolerances to foods.

I’ve been happy with how I feel and the foods that work for me but I still want to optimize myself more! With a lot of my time going to different areas of life other than just guinea pigging and logging how I feel on foods or working out all day, I felt it was time to fork over some $$$ on laboratory tests!

Well here I am… this week I am limited to a much smaller list of foods than I’m used to. Some foods that are normally healthy are causing me an unknown inflammatory response so I’m excited to eliminate them from my body for awhile and try to make some progress!

So I created 5 days worth of my Revised Pre and post workout bar.

-—- back in “my prime” I would have added whey or pea protein to allow for 30-40grams of protein per bar. Just kidding, 25 wasn’t my prime, I feel WAY better now than I did back then and I know I’ll feel even better in a few years than I do now because I’m still figuring out how to find my peak! It’s getting better and better… the flavored powders would have made this way sweeter and artificially flavored any way I would like, awesome ! NOT, that is not awesome, force yourself to create yummy flavors out of real food——

-—- recently, up until last week I would have used 2 cups hemp seeds, fermented pea protein powder, and not used any oats to add healthy fats and protein. This recipe cuts the protein down quite a bit so I’ll have to make daily substitutions to ensure I’m getting my daily protein needs in (for me that’s like 130-160grams per day and I weigh 185lbs- I also believe the majority of people overeat protein and do not appreciate the value of high quality protein sources. I’ve felt tremendously better by lowering my grams of protein from 1g per lb of bodyweight to around .75 grams per lb., and that’s a huge decrease from what I consumed from 22 years old until around 4 years ago when I was eating around 1.5-2x by bodyweight in protein because I read too many muscle & fitness, yooohoos health, and bodybuilding dot com articles on how important that “anabolic window” post workout is and before bed and right when you wake up yada yada. They add protein to everything now like hey this is the new super protein cereal it’s really good for you (yeah that protein is trash and so is the cereal)… we as a society have been through so many roller coasters on “macros” over the last 20 years or whatever… we have been convinced LOW FAT, NO CARB, GLUTEN FREE, NO SUGAR, KETO FRIENDLY, PALEO, HIGH PROTEIN, ADKINS FRIENDLY, HEART HEALTHY, ZERO CHOLESTEROL… the list is endless

Anyways, here’s the recipe… but don’t go for the kill until you finish reading.

15 dates

6 cups sprouted oats (don’t use Quaker or one of the cheap oats full of glyphosate!) organic sprouted oats please (if you can even tolerate them, Marisa had a terrible response to Oats on her MRT test)

2 cups pecans

1 cup cashews

1 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup pure date nectar

2 cups water

1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

Food process or superblend sprouted oats, pecans, cashews, and dates until they are all powder and the dates are a big pile of mush.

Combine everything in a bowl and massage it all up with your hands. (Don’t use soap on your hands before doing this as the soap chemicals may ruin your magical creation) and the bacteria on your hands might save your gut… who really knows?

Smash everything in a 9×13” pan…

Bake 325 degrees give or take for 35 minutes

The macro breakdown… I usually don’t pay that close of attention to my macros as long as I’m eating all high quality foods. HOWEVER, when I’m trying a new meal plan, making diet switches, or anything drastic changes I make sure to log the macros for a few days to make sure I’m not WAY off the “norm.”

4,296 calories for 9 servings (for me) at 488 (I’ll call it 500) calories.

53 g carbs

29 g fat

11 G protein

Well… you win some and you lose some. These are a little Dryyyyyy. They were actually much better this morning after being refrigerated all night. It would go perfect with a cup of coffee or Yerba mate.

One positive side is that this forces me to drink extra water full of minerals pre and post workout.

The other is that all 5 days I eat these bars this week I have the opportunity to visualize how to input my allowed foods to fit in this recipe & enhance the flavor!


Banana would be awesome but I tested high for bananas so that won’t work for me.

Peanut butter would be awesome but I tested super high for peanuts.

I used to use sesame seeds in my bars but I had to remove sesame.

Protein powders would allow for a better texture instead of using 2 cups of pecans I would have used 1 cup plus the protein, which would also increase the protein per serving and decrease the fats, but I can’t do the protein powders right now….

So hemp seeds could be great as a protein and fat source blended in place of some of the pecans and protein powder… BUT I reacted high to hops and hemp seeds fall under there so I’m removing them for the time being (I should be able to re-introduce them soon).

Vanilla & Ceylon cinnamon were two of my goto flavor enhancers… I react to both of them bahaha so they are gone for awhile! I can’t wait to fix these issues 🙂


I’m going to add wild blueberries, organic strawberries, take out 1/2 of the coconut powder, and remove 1 cup of the oats.

So next weeks test batch will be:

15 dates

5 cups sprouted oats

2 cups pecans

1 cup cashews

1 cup frozen wild blueberries

1 cup organic strawberries

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup pure date nectar

2 cups water ( I may add slightly more to see if this helps soften them up)

1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

To make this closer to “keto friendly” you could cut the oats and swap for hemp seeds, this would cut the carbs down a lot. Then having the dates in there as your carb source could be okay for those who do “targeted ketogenic diets” (which I would assume most keto athletes would do)?

Cyclic ketogenic diet crew could eat these on their “carb loading” days.

Vitamin check 1 two one 2

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you an aisle in the store I like to call “PANICK ATTACK.”

This shelf makes me want to throw up. I get chest pains thinking about how much $$$ is spent here and how many people are being poisoned by something they believe is helping them…

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” -Mary

What a great message to send to the world. Sugar and medicine. Two of the worlds most bestest creations.

I would compare our bodies trying to fight disease without proper nutrients to an army fighting with swords in 2018. Sure, many years ago or whatever you could win a sword fight. It’s 2018 now, you bring a sword to war your ass is grass. Trying to live an all around healthy lifestyle in 2018 without supplementing “anything” into your diet is like…. it’s hard- some people can do it but that’s like .0001% of population we are talking here.

Okay, I get the principle behind people saying we need to eat like our ancestors and they didn’t have vitamins back then yada yada well yeah we didn’t need bombs in war thousands of years ago either. NOW WE NEED BOMBS. We didn’t need vitamins back then cause all we had was REAL FOOD and the earth was clean, soil was fertile, animals were pure, and water was “on fleek.” NOW MOST PEOPLE NEED VITAMINS.

For those who do not like to read rambles the point of this message is to share my absolute first YAY OR NAY vitamin check.

Check your multivitamin…


Calcium carbonate as the calcium source.


Magnesium OXIDE as the mag source

Those are both NAYS. Both cheap. Both trash. And when you look at the research both are heavily manipulated by BIG VITAMIN companies… which you will then discover are mostly owned by the same friggin Jaba Wackis who won BIG SUGAR companies, BIG this, and BIG THAT.

New Chapter vitamins USED to be awesome. Then little company by the name of Procter & Gamble bought them out… the owners eventually threw in the towel due to “Profit pressure”

Who owns Centrum Vitamins?….

Yep.. Pfizer

Hilarious half the people taking these vitamins could later have to take another “vitamin” or drug called “medicine” manufactured by the same companies 😂


If there are food colorings or artificial flavors/ chemicals in your vitamin than Whiskey Tango Foxtrot BRO… if someone puts artificial crap in your vitamin imagine how the vitamins are made…. well don’t imagine, look it up.

CLIFF NOTES: Just like high quality real food I support high quality supplements/vitamins/minerals. I believe taking ZERO vitamins is a healthier option than taking cheap synthetic vitamins. I also believe it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible now days, to get ALL of our nutrients through whole food especially given our nutrient deprived soils, water, air, and house pollution, and overall food supply. You can be “all natural, all organic, all American” and still be ALL OUT OF WHACK with nutrients. So that’s why I love comprehensive blood panels no matter what “diet” I partake in.

I have read different stats but the low end says 80% of Americans have magnesium deficiencies while some even claim over 90%.

This is not surprising

Simple Vitamin quality checks

Before we continue please remember no vitamin compares to REAL FOOD, the should supplement where we are deficient, (which ideally would come from a vitamin/mineral nutrient deficiencies test and please consult your physician if you are on medications etc before adding vitamins because they could have different reactions) I do not take any medications so a lot of what works for me might not work for you.

BUT also before we continue please know that even some of the highest quality foods commercially available today have nowhere near the amount and quality of nutrients as they did “back In the day.” Before us crazy humans wreaked havoc on the land, water, and soil. That’s a fact, I checked, double checked, read a book (Deep Nutrition) , then laughed at google searches of liars…




But anyways…

QUICKEST way for me tell if a vitamin is TRASH and yes, if your vitamin fails this test it’s best in the trash not inside you….(in my opinion)

Calcium carbonate

Magnesium oxide.

THIS IS A LEADING BRAND? Lol this is garbage. Yellow 6 is in here.. what a powerful vitamin yellow 6 is 😂😂😂

Hydrogenated palm oil… why on God’s great earth would we need a trans fat in our leading multivitamin ?

Prenatal vitamins- are they colored ? It’s baffling to me how many pregnant ladies are scared to be around second hand smoke yet they will drink artificial and chemically enhanced foods without a problem… there are warning labels on many vitamins, supplements, and alcohol saying they could cause birth defects etc but let’s be honest… the ingredients listed in Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos could all cause serious birth defects as well… Soft drinks loaded with chemicals and processed sugars should have a warning label on them for pregnant women. If you think this sounds “cuckoo” since apparently I’m on one end of the spectrum then think again… chemical additives, processed sugars, refined vegetable oils, and artificial flavors/sweeteners DO EFFECT unborn children just like smoking and drinking. MAYBE NOT AS SEVERE (keyword MAYBE) but where do you draw the line and decide okay this fake product needs a warning label but these fake products don’t…?

MAKE BELIEVE TEST: I would never wish this upon any child but this is just pretend.

Pregnant mother group 1:

smokes a pack a day for the entire pregnancy but consumes all needed nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and high quality mineral water.

Pregnant mother group 2:

Drinks 2-3 alcoholic beverages every night for the entire pregnancy but consumes all needed nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and high quality mineral water.

Pregnant mother group 3:

No smoking and no drinking allowed. But this group takes synthetic prenatal vitamins, eats processed foods lacking in vitamins and minerals, and tap water.

This is an impossible test due to many obvious reasons but if I were a gambling man I would bet my stack of chips on the babies from groups 1 and 2 being “healthier” at birth than group 3.

How is that my hypothesis? Because I’m a dumbass duh..

No, I believe that although the babies in the first two groups will be presented an overload of toxins, THEY WILL STILL HAVE THE NUTRIENTS TO FIGHT.

Group 3 will be presented with just as many (most likely more) chemicals and toxins as the first two groups but where will they get the nutrients to build strong cellular health…?

I’ll wait… I have nothing better to do with my time honestly.

Half of the prenatal vitamins just like most of the more commonly found multivitamins out there are GARBAGE. That’s $10-$50 that could and should be invested in real food.

I’m a huge believer in supplements. But they need to be high quality just like everything else we consume. Our soils are so poor now days that even our organic fruits and veggies do not have the amount of nutrients they SHOULD. On top of that, most of them are so UN-Fresh because of shipping and sitting in the stores that we lose even more nutrients.

It’s extremely rare that I suggest someone get a full comprehensive blood panel done and they end up not have a mineral deficiency of some kind… and when I say rare I mean I’ve never NOT seen someone come back without a deficiency somewhere.. I’m sure doctors who do this testing on a daily basis see it happen occasionally but ITS RARE.

Knowing this should be alarming because every chronic illness can be linked back to nutrient deficiencies.

So what’s a good vitamin ?

I trust Thorne Research.

What’s a good magnesium?

Well there are many forms and magnesium plays a role in over 300 body functions so I like to use different forms.

Before bed: magnesium citrate keeps me calm.

Best bang for your buck: magnesium Malate

Pre/post workout: magnesium glycinate keeps me sharp.

During the day: magnesium threonate is the bees knees in my opinion. It’s proven to cross the blood brain barrier & can help us detoxify from mercury and other toxic metals. This is a mental powerhouse. But this is also priced correctly.

What’s a good calcium?

Citrate and malate work and our bodies generally know what to do with these forms. But taking super high dosages of calcium like I’ve seen recommended is just asking for trouble. Or begging actually…

I would never buy a “calcium fortified food.” I feel like that’s begging for kidney stones.

If your doctor tells you to take Vitamin E. Don’t buy the cheap vitamin E. There are 4 types of E to make this “complete” cheap vitamins only use ONE out of the 4 so you end up with an imbalance which could be worse than not having any at all!

As you can see above ^ alpha, beta, delta, and gamma ( 4 varieties of vitamin E).

As you can see from the $5 vitamin E from GNC- ONE from (the cheapest, duh).

Below is a prenatal that looks so healthy! Marketing on point the kids would say. It even says organic and makes you feel cozy with a woman holding a baby. But wait…

Below is the ingredients… they use fancy words like “culture media” and add turmeric to LOOK COOL. 35 mg… okay, I take 500mg up to a gram or more per serving… what’s 35 mg going to help with?

The main ingredient from the “culture media” is SOY FLOUR… I would not feed this to my baby.

Some of my final rules to live by:

Never take Vitamin D without K.

So if you supplement D then make sure you get the K.

MANY DOCTORS FAIL TO SEE THIS CORRELATION. I SEE IT DAILY… in real life. Prescribe someone 5,000-10,000 IU of vitamin D but nothing to help the person properly use the vitamins.


UP, Down, and All Around

I’m not planning for retirement at 31 because I want to be living actively over 100 yrs and climbing mountains… I’ll plan for retirement when I’m 60 maybe 70… If I start planning for retirement now I’ll be dead by the time I’m 60 because I don’t make enough money to make healthy lifestyle choices AND save money (and that’s just the facts of my life).

I’m not going to tell anyone what the best investment they can make is… cause I suck with finances (like awful- the worst) I mean I drive my little sisters old Saturn Vue from when they were in high school… LOL but I eat my veggies.

Oh I’m investing in my body! If there is a spare penny to spend it’s going to be on my “testing series”

It’s taken me years to talk myself into this investment but I came to the realization if I knew I needed to change my oil every 5,000 miles but I skipped the oil change multiple times, then acted surprised when my car broke down, that’s how I would feel if I did not invest in this modern testing and 10 years from now found out I had something I could have possibly reversed NOW. Merrrrr ya seeee?


I started with Mediator Release Testing

(which I explain why-way below)

I chose to do this testing through

I chose this dietitian after months of digging around the Houston Area for someone I trust. I have seen what she has to offer to several of my friends with their paperwork and I am anxious to get the results back!

That’s the nutrient test I want to have done for vitamins/minerals. After their test, they will consult with me free of charge to help me plan based on the results. I love their podcast and so I can’t wait to meet them.

That’s the full health panel I want to have done. It’s about as in depth In testing as you can have done on your body so I really want to have this done to see if I have any obvious poor health indicators I should focus on. The downside to this is once you have all the amazing tests done you have to find a really good doctor who can actually tell you what it all means.

-STOOL TESTING: I want to know what’s going on inside my guts so I can properly balance based on science rather than the guess & check method I’ve been using.

^ I’ve been wanting to do this one for years now to check genetic health risks and several other cool “things.”

As soon as I have those results I’ll buy

Which I find to be a knee slapper cause you get 23 and me results then get third party advanced readings from 23 and you, oh what fun this will be!

That’s my start list… who knows what rabbit hole this will lead to??? I can’t imagine being 70 and being disappointed that I didn’t have a couple thousand dollars that I “wasted” on my health when I was 31… if that ends up being the case then I know I really messed something up between 32 and 69 years of age and I’ll leave it at that.

Why I’m having a series of testing done, why I believe everyone should have testing done, and why I believe we need more labs available for testing and insurance helping manage the costs of these tests instead of doing whatever health insurance does… I’m ignorant to that sector honestly, I have no idea…. all I know in my head are two things. Hopefully someone can broaden my mind on this subject over coffee one day.

1.) health insurance is expensive.

2.) the only time I ever need to actually see a doctor is to have blood work done for my own health knowledge and I STILL HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE FOR THE TESTING!

So… if I haven’t been to the Dr. for being “sick” in like a decade basically but I’m going to be paying $200-$1000 out of pocket for EACH blood panel, microbiome stool testing, and DNA tests that will actually help me reach my peak wellness and keep me HEALTHY then why wouldn’t insurance want to pitch in this to help me reach my peak? I don’t know why… but I’ll keep paying out of pocket cause we are so far advanced now it’s not even funny.

We can tell SO MUCH info from tests that every kid entering Elementary, jr high, then high school could have a stool test or blood panel done to help them identify obvious risk factors for chronic illnesses when they are young so the SCHOOL DIETITIANS could meet with the family to give action plans. Oh wait, I was day dreaming, we are so far away from that happening (that’s part of my vision though).

Every kid should have testing done every 3-5 years rather than a yearly flu shot and a series of vaccines. IF YOUR BODY IS HEALTHY YOU WILL NOT GET THE FREAKIN FLU.


If I got a cold or the flu this year…. I haven’t had a cold/ flu, or sinus infection since I can remember.. I used to think they were a seasonal thing… like oh hey the weather changed I guess I’ll get a cold soon. Oh hey don’t go outside without a jacket it’s cold I’ll get the flu. Oh hey that dude is sick so I don’t want to shake his hand cause then I’ll get sick… OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE slap me please. Now when someone comes in the gym sick I shake their hand on purpose to test my immune system FOR FREE and make sure it’s fighting hard. It’s fighting hard cause I am undefeated since starting this test approx 2 years ago…

With as much info as we have on biome, gut health, inflammation responses to foods, nutrient deficiency testing, DNA, hormone panels, in depth cholesterol testing, (the list goes onnnnnnn foreverrrrrrrr) there is SO MUCH TESTING TO BE DONE!!! With this much knowledge WE SHOULD ALMOST BE INVINCIBLE until death do us part! But we are not… we get sick a lot… and unfortunately a lot of us are living a life of preventable disease. Paying thousands monthly on medications. I fell into a deep hole of depression when I came to this realization and almost threw in the towel for multiple reasons…

Here are the reasons I almost quit…

1.) I actually hate social media. I have to use it as a tool to reach as many people as I can to share knowledge. It’s a very effective tool, ask our President.

2.) I share as much as I can. I try to find real life facts and ONLY post what has worked FOR ME and others that I know personally. But when with this happens, (since I’ve been told I’m on the opposite end of the “spectrum”) many negative vibes come my way.

Yeah, I try to play it cool… but it’s hard trying to convince people to make changes. Change is hard.

3.) I love ATTEMPTING to be as healthy as possibly and experimenting with “bio & life hacks” but trying to spread awareness has been a whole new world- a dazzling place I never knew (and its hard).

It’s hard to convince people what they learned in school in some areas of health and wellness are completely incorrect and have been proven wrong. And this is different for EVERY GENERATION.

Ages( give or take)

70+ I’ve noticed have a whole different thought process on food because they didn’t have to worry about 1 billionth of the chemicals and crap we have to worry about now. On top of that, if you’re

50+ you CANT EAT LIKE YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER DID and expect to have the same life expectancies because FOOD IS DIFFERENT NOW!!! Generation after generation of cellular health decline is proving more and more that if we do not reverse the negative lifestyle habits of our parents, grand parents, great grandparents etc that the NEGATIVE conditions are going to be worse and worse… plus they didn’t have all the damaging cellular crap we have to play with now.

Don’t believe me? It was once common people would live to 85+ years while smoking cigarettes etc. in my opinion that’s because they still had real food with nutrients in their bodies to help heal the damaging effects of the cigarettes… but then they has children and passed along some damaged cells to them, time went on and food became less nutrient dense, not as fresh, and they smoked cigarettes as well. The problem here is those children do not have the same nutrients as their parents did, their cells are weaker, and the facts show they are most likely not going to live as long as their parents if continuing to live the same lifestyle habits: in this case it was smoking cigarettes. But this IS PROCESSED FOODS. Processed foods are the new cigarettes. We know they are EFFING HORRIBLE FOR US yet we eat them and feed them to our children because they are cheap and addictive. If cigarettes were cheap and easy would you feed them to yourself or your children ?

Yeah, I compared processed foods to cigarettes.

Yeah, someone is going to say I’m “shaming them” for giving their children processed foods. That’s incorrect. Lord knows I’ve had my share of processed foods and I’ve given my daughter processed foods twice but when you look at the facts :

CHRONIC DISEASE FROM CHEMICALLY ENHANCED FOODS IS COMPARABLE TO CIGARETTES ON EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. Except they don’t make you smell right? Wrong again, fake food does make us smell that’s why chemical deodorants are a household “necessity.” Funny how if I go a few weeks without a single fake food or drink item I don’t need deodorant and I still smell like Flowers? Hmmm interesting. When I drink on the weekends and eat a pizza then hell yeah I need my deodorant the next day, my sewage system is on fire at that point! (Which is why we don’t block the release of the system with anti-perspirants). I used to get swollen glands or lymph nodes under my armpits that “magically” went away when I stopped using Anti perspirants and chemical fragrance sticks under my arms.

Ummmm where was I

So the ole saying “well my grandma did this or ate that and lived to 90” isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

An estimated 50 million Americans have Auto-Immune… that’s astonishing to me. That’s about 1 in 6 or 1 in 7 Americans. With the growing rate of disease the history books are going to look at the 1990s until from what some “experts” are saying is around 2040 (about 50 years) and I’m going to label this era as CHRONICALLY LOST AMERICA.

If you don’t want to do the research that’s understandable, it’s DEPRESSING INFORMATION. It’s honestly hard for me to do more than 2-3 hours of deep digging daily on health because I get so overwhelmed with true facts that I have mini panic attacks thinking of friends, family, and the future of our world (this may seem pathetic to many people… but I’m extremely passionate about people’s health and well-being and we need help)!

I hit rock bottom, went to church, got back on my mission, and now I’m ready to go. I don’t care how depressing the facts are, I refuse to live in denial or “oblivion”, and I’m not going to quit sharing what I know and the lifestyle switches I chose to make because I know they can help at least one person. I will continue to try and get people on “the other end of the spectrum” – these are others words NOT MINE to see my point of view and take BABY STEPS to increase quality of live.

Wow… that got way off course. I was going to post why I chose the MRT over the ALCAT 😂


ALCAT measures this response in your blood by measuring the changes in the size of white blood cells as they pass through an aperture (an opening).

Without an overwhelming load of information I will say this… the Backstreet Boys called and they want their test results back… (that was a joke.. like the B.B. were cool when the test was the best of class circa 1990 ish- I’ve seen several live humans test results with handouts from Dr. etc. and I was never impressed enough to fork over several Benjamin’s to have this done… so I did some more research and BOOM 💥…

THERE IS A TON OF ROOM FOR ERROR in the ALCAT. That’s why I have never spent the money and I’ve just experimented on my own with trial and error, fasts, and elimination protocols, up to this point!

(IgG testing)- I was never interested in this testing. Studies have also shown that the presence of IgG is not necessarily a good indicator of being sensitive to whatever food/chemical your blood is being tested against. So… no thanks doc, what else ya got?


The technology is more sophisticated, it’s able to show you the amount of inflammation (caused by the chemical weapon release) that your body experiences in the presence of the foods and chemicals being tested. This is something that ALCAT can’t do because of the limits of their outdated technology. It supposedly tests each reaction over 1 million times lol that seems nuts, and I like nuts.

At the end of the day, I’m an extremist I guess, but I’m still trying to fix many poor lifestyle choices on a regular basis, there are so many areas to work on but I enjoy the process and rather than freaking out that I’m drinking out of too many plastic bottles I try to find ways to drink clean water out of cleaner sources, one step at a time I’m making the best options I can think of and I’m doing what I can afford as an investment. I’m not planning for retirement at 31 because I want to live over 100 yrs and climbing mountains… I’ll plan for retirement when I’m 60 maybe 70… If I start planning for retirement now I’ll be dead by the time I’m 60 because I don’t make enough money to make healthy lifestyle choices and save money (and that’s just the facts of my life).


Gut recharge:

DAY 3 GUT RECHARGE: Every 6 months or so for the last 3 years now I’ve done different variation of this gut stack that I’ve seen help a large group of people. (Always on New Years and usually after summer vacations have ended).

Initially, I started taking each product separately for different reasons. Once I narrowed down the trial and error list to my favorites I combined them in a stack.

COLOSTRUM POWDER- I first used this for athletic performance reasons. It’s works great for recovery and strength gains at VERY EXPENSIVE doses. So I would usually only use it around competition season and I would take 10-15 grams per day. That’s back when I was rich. Now I’m too poor for that because I buy real food. It took a long while (maybe 2 years give or take) to realize that every time I used the colostrum powder for an extended period of time my allergies,sinuses, and inflammation went down quite a bit. So then I decided to keep it on hand in my cabinets as an immune booster for when I felt like I was going to get a sinus infection or for a few weeks leading up to a competition. I could continue with my experiences with colostrum and how much I love it (its expensive as they come, I’m a cheap ass, there’s no way I would pay top dollar over and over- time & time again if it wasn’t awesome to me). But if you can’t afford the “good stuff” don’t use it at all. The cheap stuff won’t work and it will probably cause more harm than good.

Oh, I almost forgot…. I later discovered the colostrum was proven to help leaky gut… which then flipped the switch in my head… oh wow maybe the colostrum was fixing my “leaky gut” and in turn was boosting my immune system…. badaBOOM the reason colostrum is my goto in the gut recharge.

Year round I take colostrum for a few weeks at a time every couple of months- this is not clockwork, it’s just my estimated time ranges. I’m not a robot.

For gut recharge I take 10g per day.

For year round use I take 5g daily for 2-3 weeks at a time- every couple months or I’ll try like M/W/F 10grams for a couple weeks, just to see which I like more… I like them both.


I gave collagen a try to help with inflammation. I was eating about 3x too much daily protein, “low fat”, and an extremely high carbohydrate diet which basically kept me in an acidic state for 15 years of my life…. so going from school sports, to running my legs into ash in college, to military thug life, and then failing to be Rich Froning all while eating highly acidic foods, way too much protein, not enough healthy fats, way too many poor carb choices, plus the poor lifestyle choices MY BODY FELT LIKE DOG POOP! I was getting 2 massages a week,having chiropractor appointments 2-3 times per week, and taking 800mg ibuprofen pre workout to move, post workout so I could eat, and before bed so I could sleep….

Anyways, I could write a book on that nonsense BUT my momma was like “Hey boy this collagen stuff helps with my inflammation so I don’t hurt as bad when I massage people.” (She’s an RMT) – prob the best of all time if I must keep it real…:)

But… she got me on collagen peptides. And long before I realized it was helping my inflammation I realized WOW my fingernails are thick and they grow extra fast. So, I continued to take collagen almost year round (4-5x per week with 10-20grams per day) and honestly at first it was because I trusted it solely because my fingernails were like little wolverines.

That later let me discover that after a long course of this stuff and cleaning up the inflammation in my diet, your joints don’t have to be puffy and you don’t have to warm up 30 minutes for a workout everyday IF YOUR BODY ISNT PISSED OFF!

But I love collagen. I believe it’s better to get from grass fed bone broth but I can’t afford grass fed bone broth 5 days per week. But I can take the collagen on days I don’t consume bone broth and skip it on the days I do… if that makes sense?

Which leads into the next ingredient in the gut recharge…

Grass fed bone broth.

I love this stuff. It works. Year round I drink 8oz or cook my wild rice in this 2x per week cause it’s expensive. When I’m rich I will drink 4-5 days per week without a doubt, but it will come from a cow I raised and slaughtered myself. During the gut recharge I like to do 8oz everyday, but financially this run through I will be able to do 3x per week. So I’ll increase my collagen powder this go round.

L-GLUTAMINE – I used to take it for muscle recovery and immune system… then found out it works magic in the gut.. which is why it helps muscle and immune response. Fancy that. Year round I take 5g 4-5x weekly. For the gut recharge I take 20g per day for 21 days.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- 1 tablespoon once or twice daily. Dilute with high quality water or turn it into a super morning elixir…

1 tablespoon ACV

1/2 TSP pink Himalayan salt

1 full lemon

Some Manuka honey (optional)

6oz top notch water

Apple cider vinegar acts a prebiotic… it’s cleansing can be intense. It serves about 10,532 different purposes on earth for us… I used ACV and Oregano oil everyday for a few weeks to burn off a skin tag on my neck like 4 years ago when I thought I was healthy but I wasn’t. The same time range I grew the skin tag I had regular athletes foot, allergies, and had to use AFRIN before my workouts to breath out of my nostrils… and sometimes before bed so I could sleep. Wow, that was only a few years ago??? Feels like a whole lifetime ago.


Throughout the year I like to change up the probiotics I use. Or buy 3-4 different ones and take a few every couple days to keep a wide range of healthy bacteria’s working in my gut. I believe an overload of even a beneficial bacteria in the body can be bad… this could be BRO-science or actual science I’m not sure but to me it just makes sense…

I don’t use antibiotics unless I feel I’m about to lose a limb and I forgot what it feels like to be “sick” other than what a hangover feels like… BUT if I had to take an antibiotic I would begin an intense gut recharge full of probiotics and bacteria loaded foods. I would also eat some locally grown organic fruits veggies that have some dirt on them, I would leave the dirt on. If the soils clean and mean it will help you. Unfortunately, if you get dirty fruits and veggies from the store you need to soak them as long as you can.

Hmmmm where were we…

Oh I like Garden of Life Fitbiotics because it includes a probiotic fiber, comes in convenient packets, has a wide variety of bacteria’s, and I’ve used this brand for a while with no issues… I also like the Onnit Total Gut health system… honestly though, if I see a reputable brand on super sale at Sprouts I tend to just grab it, cause that’s just my compulsive nature and I like trying new healthy “things.”


When it’s all said and done.. if I make poor lifestyle choices over and over it doesn’t matter how many supplements I take… well it does, I still feel better than when I don’t take them BUT it works magic when SUPPLEMENTING YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

My 21 rules:







NO MILK- I would allow a nice fermented grass fed cheese. But not even grass fed milk for the 21 days. Grass fed KEFIR OR zero added sugar SKYR possibly yes…

And Lennon’s mini gut recharge. Not perfect, but I love introducing her to the process. She has fun with it also.

Better! Because Normal isn’t Working.

Topic of discussion in church today… “Better! Because Normal isn’t Working.”

Whether you’re a Christian or not, there can still be lessons learned from this topic.

Taking that message and running the health direction with it is basically why we’re here. Although, not the exact same. It’s what inspired me to think deeper…

1980- America gave, “prescribed”, or sold (however you want to look at it) more drugs and spent more on medical tests than any nation on earth. At that time we were ranked #17 in overall health according to the World Health Organization.

2000- We QUADRUPLED the amount of drugs given in 20 years. We also dropped to #37 in overall health. Congratulations big pharma stock holders, you did it! 🍻

Now- We are currently ranked #57 in overall health. Woohoo let’s celebrate by changing the magically food pyramid to a colored plate!

FIFTY SEVENTH…. that’s correct. I mean, I love America. So I’m pissed. I’m still pissed we didn’t make the World Cup! When we don’t win Olympic events I hurt for our athletes.

We are smarter than this but we let a few obstacles get in our way…

1.) $$$$ (the American dream)

2.) “Go-Go-Go” mentality- not taking the time to slow down and do things right (or left) whichever way you look at it.

3.) ignorance- yes. Because many of us just don’t know what’s healthy or what real food even is anymore, we are perfect candidates for bait & switch. Like that perfect shiny lure dangling in front of that fish. The fish thinks it’s got an easy victory, it was just a fool in the rain.

We need to WAKE UP and share common sense knowledge.

These aren’t my rankings. My fantasy World Health Rankings would have us ranked worse. This again is according to the World Health Organization. Regardless, the statistics are alarming and at times can be depressing and has even caused me to feel 100% pessimistic at times (regarding our Nation’s health).

This should be even more alarming because anyone who knows me knows I’m generally overly optimistic about most situations and feel like they will work themselves out. But… I mean this isn’t working itself out in any positive way.

There are a few positives working for us…

Social media. – yeah, unbelievable how it’s a gift and horrible curse all at the same time. It’s killing us, yet when it comes to food, it might be saving us? Believe it or not the only reason I have social media (and re activated my instagram) was to share knowledge to our gym members, which then led into ridiculous “cuckoo, other end of the spectrum, hippy rants”…RIGHT?

A large portion of our taxes goto telling us how to maintain disease, rather than how to prevent disease.

Social media is having a huge impact on regulations and guidelines because it’s becoming harder and harder to HIDE, DECEIVE, AND MANIPULATE because people are becoming more aware of the issues, speaking their minds, and changes are happening!

The normal FDA guidelines, school nutrition, “food” legalities, and mainstream information need so much help. The system is NOT WORKING.

Some ideas on what COULD HELP the cause:

1.) Sharing with others that it’s actually okay and even a GREAT “thing” to care about what’s happening in the world. Somewhere over the rainbow it seems like there are more people who don’t care bout nothin’ and make others who do feel bad about it…

2.) Teach cooking classes in school. More than just an elective class… How did I take like 5+ different art classes from Elementary to High School but I never learned how to cook REAL FOOD?

3.) Since I always say it… REAL FOOD needs to be properly defined and TAUGHT in all school systems. There shouldn’t be confusion over what real food is and what “food products” are. This is ridiculous.

4.) Offer startup or more $$$ to farmers growing REAL, non GMO, organic fruits and vegetables.

5.) Offier startup or more $$$ to farmers raising 100% grass fed cattle and free roaming animals.

4&5: I’m not a politician, I don’t know how this would work, these are just ideas. If they are “stupid” please forgive me.

6.) Get more functional dietitians working in doctor’s offices. At the end of the day, if you’re prescribed cholesterol medication with no PRACTICAL advice on how to fix your cholesterol issues then it’s highly likely you will be on cholesterol medication for the remainder of your life… and that will most likely lead to living off additional forms of medication…

Which always brings us back to the billion dollar question…What is the real cost of cheap “food?”


With school starting I’m panicking thinking about everyone needing to save time and money to fuel kids before school.. I don’t want to just say HEY DONT DO THAT because it won’t work.. so here are some quick cereal tips and fat sub ideas that came to mind when I was talking to a friend about heart disease…

We have to take steps back and address the most common easy to fix issues one by one to paint the entire picture. We can’t just preach “remove all processed foods” and expect that to make a difference.

For heart disease nationwide we are fighting MANY key factors… today I’m just addressing two that I believe are the BASE of the pyramid.

There are deeper factors that help contribute but these are the two that seem to be the most common denominators from what I’ve seen.

Poorly processed fats (oils)

-vegetable oils: including canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, palm, just to name a few of the more common.

IMMEDIATE CHANGES: throw out the above. Do not buy them and force a change in the industry by not supporting the companies providing these bulk oils for dirt cheap. If you do not purchase them, the stores will be forced to alternatives.

Sub healthier oils and fats and limit processed foods with:


Unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter/ghee, avocado oil, sesame seed oil, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil,

Poorly processed “refined” sugars (added) including cheap packaged fruit juices.

BAD LIST: sugar, organic cane sugar, cane juice, cane anything, organic doesn’t mean anything here, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, apple juice, AND artificial sweetened including those in toothpastes like aspartame, saccharin, and Sucralose. These are highly acidic, damaging to our guts and cells, highly addictive, and damaging…


Throw out cereals, foods, and drinks with these added sugars.

Assuming most people will eat packaged foods let’s be realistic (baby steps)…

Switch to cereals that have no added sugars like rice cereal or oats cereal and sweeten them with fruit, local honey, date sugar, and a little coconut oil…

With the understanding that NO cereal is not the best option but YES it is cheap, convenient, and a staple in most homes we must make the smartest choices possible in this department.

BOTTOM IF THE BARREL ( the worst I’ve seen):

Pop tarts- any variety.

Kellogg’s & post cereals with more than 6g sugar per serving… walking down the cereal aisle for me is like the same feeling as waiting in line to have my head cut off… it’s just so disturbing and I don’t know where to begin…


Any cereal that contains only whole grain XYorZ… I still don’t want to promote these items but at the same time we need a way to step above the higher processed cereals…

This list could include:

Rice crispies, cheery Ohs, and corn flakes

Then adding your own fruit or “healthier” sweetener options. Though not ideal, it’s a step in the right direction.

THE NEXT STEP (tier 3/4)

Oatmeal (no sugar added- make your own & add your own ingredients- the only ingredient should be oats.

Ezekiel brand cereal.

Kamut cereal (only ingredient kamut) although this is wheat, it’s not the same… just add some local honey on top and see if the kids bite.

Sprouted organic Brown rice cereal (you can find varieties of these at Sprouts or AMAZON)


I don’t know. I cant think right now, but I’ll figure it out and report back in. I’ll get back to you on this.

What do you use in the cereal ?

If you use milk:

GRASS FED WHOLE MILK. Stay away from 2% and low fat milk, but make sure it’s high quality. Organic is not grass fed- grass fed milk is grass fed milk. Organic without grass fed just means they consumed organic grains. One day all milk COULD be grass fed if we quit buying cheap milks and force the industry to change. That requires spending more upfront but worth every penny!

If not…

Unsweetened almond milk with no synthetic vitamins added… Watch for added “gums” preservatives, and sugars or you’re doing not better than traditional milk (in my opinion).

Business World Steroids… and my personal alternative solution

I have a crazy brain. Most likely, we all do… what I refuse to do is take synthetic chemicals to MASK issues like sleeping, focusing, “coping” with life’s struggles such as anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, and things as simple as lotion for dry skin. I’ve taken meds for all of these. I’ve had highs, rock bottoms, and zombie feeling apocalypses in my body… but I’m sure we all have. And I’m proud to be “off the pills.” It took years and years and years.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I eliminated daily bread and cereal then my allergies magically disappeared. No, that was ONE of thousands of daily lifestyle choices I’ve fixed patently over time to remove them.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I eliminated added sugars then all my inflammation went away and I no longer needed 800mg ibuprofen 3-4 times per day to move pain free. It took YEARS of learning what created inflammation in my body and fix the root, NOW I am well over 2 years away from NSAID use after using them for 10 years straight.

I’m also not pretending you can just cut foods you’re “intolerant” to then you’ll magically cure your allergies. But I will tell you I took Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl year round on top of my asthma meds basically since birth until a few years ago as well…


I recently watched TAKE YOUR PILLS on Netflix. Which inspired me to share a little stack that helps me with my “Brain issues.” Instead of relying on the pill.

The pill referred to is ADDERALL and the film goes into how in a “hypercompetitive world” this gives an advantage yada yada…

It’s like… in sports if someone pops for steroids they cheated the sport… ADDERALL could be considered like steroids in the competitive business world so if one person can use the enhancement to outperform a coworker because they stay up 20 hours per day while the other actually has to sleep, then boom-promotion! Is this cheating ? That’s debatable can’t we all agree? I mean, if the doctor prescribes the meds then they are legal so they should be fair… but wait… if the doctor prescribes Tom Brady Testosterone for low libido and he gets jacked and tan then he cheated… even though it’s “prescribed.”

But anyways…

I have hours of unsolicited opinions on the topic of prescribing AMPHETAMINES to children and I’m not going to go there…

I will admit I’ve taken (in my life) Ritalin, adderall, and vyvanse both for “research purposes”, to cram 12 hours of normal work into 4 hours of a blind blowing whirlwind, and the more humbling one for me to admit… recreational party use.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I can thank my mother for telling the doctors NO and helping me find more natural ways to cope with “attention deficit related shtuff..”

I’m not going to go into a full health discussion here but I am going to say the research is out there for those who want natural ways to “nurture our brains.”

It begins and ends with REAL FOOD, ensuring there are proper nutrients fueling our system, and learning how to use what many consider a “mental disadvantage” to our advantage ( for a lot of people this could be just staying out of a freakin class room).

I mean, ABSOLUTELY schooling and education is valuable… don’t twist my opinions around here. But just think of how some animals sit so well in cages at the zoo… the snake for instance can just curl up in a tiny cage… lock a freakin lion in a tiny cage & it’s just not right… some people aren’t created to sit and listen they are carefully created to go explore so maybe by having them sit inside a classroom all day making them fall asleep is the healthier option over slamming their central nervous system with amphetamines they will keep a grown man up for 48 hours clinching their jaw like someone on the influence of cocaine.

Hell yeah I went there- that’s how I feel. Sue me. Or slap me, whatever.

Maybe (perhaps) ADDERALL is the big pharma way of controlling amphetamine use in our country and our government can tax the crud out of that so we don’t have to get imported amphetamines from South America because we have our own and it’s controlled by colors and can even be time released for us.

One final unsolicited opinion on that is I really don’t care if people want to take them to party, have them prescribed, or whatever). I mean, we are all adults and make our own lifestyle choices. That’s not the point of this message…

What I do care about is finding a safer alternative and how to prevent the need for this for children.

Anyways…. all I originally or REEEEEEALY wanted to share was my brain stack for several reasons…

1.) I like my mind to feel sharp (and I’ll admit I like to feel a slight rush- without the negative comedowns or health issues related to synthetic stimulants.

2.) I like experimenting.

3.) I like sharing and keeping people’s minds open.

I find it 100% pathetic that I should have to give a warning ⚠️ about consuming herbs, vitamins, and foods considering people can make their own decisions and do their own research and also be prescribed amphetamines without “much” of a problem but here it is anyways… be careful and possibly consult a super human being more intelligent than myself or you before possibly attempting to feel awesome.. hope that works.. I mean there COULD potentially be side effects just like there COULD be long term side effects of drinking tap water- I mean the possibilities are always endless. So pay attention to your body and how YOU feel. Always start small… ?


Keep in mind I’ve experimented with different natural nootropics, herbs, minerals, foods, etc… and these are just a few that will never leave my side.

16oz organic coffee (yeah, I relapsed- it felt like a necessity since I have brain fog from gluten overload on vacation- I hope this is just a cheat meal though… I was feeling fine without caffeine when I was eating “on point.”

Ashwaghanda- I use the herb drops, I take 4 droppers full plus today I took 2 Himalaya brand caplets for enhanced effect. I don’t know the exact dosage of ashwaghanda this is but I can say it’s at least 4x the “recommendation” It’s an herb… I’ll be okay I promise.

LIONS MANE POWDER- 4 grams. I don’t imagine ever straying away from the mane of the lion. Shrooms are awesome and should be used for all sorts of cognitive issues (that’s just an opinion-I’m not a doctor)

KOIOS- “mental titan” I’ve been taking 2-3 of these capsules a few days each week when poop needs to get done. Poop meaning things I don’t really enjoy doing… like computer work… or reading. If I’m going for a hike I don’t need to be a mental titan, I just enjoy the hike…. ya heard? Anyways, if I worked in an office I would probably take 2 in the AM and 2 with bulletproof coffee for lunch and avoid any carbs until after work to keep my mind as sharp as those coworkers on the ADDERALL.


I believe this stack works best with HEALTHY fats like 1-2 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil, avocado, and macadamia nuts… staying away from the sugar and starchy carbs should enhance the effects and reduce need for anything more “serious.” But what do I know? Fats are bad for us duh… carbs for breakfast is the answer and truth duh.– oh these last 2 lines were both “chistes way”… I’m not being serious.

I find that by avoiding carbs and any processed foods for breakfast I’m sharp until lunch ( or especially by fasting) and then breaking my fast with bulletproof coffee style variations… and then remaining sharp until work is complete THEN I’ll have carbs only if I plan to workout… otherwise I’ll just save them for dinner for a positive desired hormonal response and to help me sleep better. This may or may not work for you, this positively works for me.

What if most know it alls know nothing at all…

As soon as you think you know the answer, the answer is so old news you are 10 years late and out of date.

The more we think we know about health, the less we actually know… we have been wrong over and over and over and over again… and guess what, we are STILL WRONG. We just won’t realize how wrong we are today until we learn more tomorrow, and more then next day.

Nutrition “experts”, medical “experts”, sports performance “experts” are at the top of their class now… maybe.. but when you look back in history about how ignorant we were 100 years ago (Hitler was less than 100 years ago- to show how large scale groups can be so heavily influenced) How wrong our idea of “healthy” food was 50 years ago… compared to 30 years ago.. compared to 20 years ago… wait, 10 years ago the yolk of the egg was still “bad” for us 😂😂😂. But wait yet again.. cholesterol is bad.. no, it’s good… the more you research, learn, and begin to “know” the more complex it gets and the more you realize NOBODY KNOWS. WE ARE constantly trying to learn and adapt.

Which leads me into repeating my “attention getter…”

As soon as you think you know the answer, the answer is so old news you are 10 years late and out of date.

I’ve come close to losing my mind over and over and over again trying to figure out how I can get my gym members, family, and friends TRULY HEALTHY.

I’ve lost my mind (what’s left of it anyways) over and over again trying to figure out what truly makes me feel my best and how much “lee-way” I should give myself on “cheat foods” to feel my best physically and mentally. Because yeah physically one food diet may allow me to feel my best, but emotionally that same diet may cause suffering (which could cause cellular damage)…

A step further, one diet may cause slightly more inflammation with less cognitive benefits, but will allow me to feel better physically throughout the day… so maybe it’s worth switching diets regularly based on tasks ahead.

For Food and Drug Administration to “prescribe” a one size fits all model to live by to over THREE HUNDRED MILLION HUMANS is to guarantee that we are WRONG and going to look foolish in 10 years, more foolish in 20 years, extra foolish in 30, and flat out ridiculous in 40 years…. wait another 100 years, we (humans) will either be non existent or well… living off medicine and “science” because at this rate (look at the charts) we will be infertile and so “sick” with no real food available that we are living off laboratories and whatever else we create. (Keeping in mind whatever we don’t have to create, what has already been created for us) should be what we have lived on and feed ourselves with.

If you are wondering why you wasted your time reading this rant, just know the reason behind this was to share that NO EXPERTS ARE 100% sure of ANYTHING, what we “know” today could be 90% correct in 10 years, 80% correct in 20 years, and ass backwards in 30 years so do your own research, pay attention to how YOUR body feels, and don’t fall asleep cause your mind will be manipulated by the “experts.” The lion and the lamb.

Tiiiiiiiime is on OUR side, yes it is.- The Rolling Stones

Of all things I’ve said… I could imagine this one getting some people “rather perturbed.” If you’re thin-thative then please stop here. If you feel your blood pressure boiling then please read until the end, stop, breath and realize I’m actually trying to bring awareness to issues that could potentially help the overall health of our community, and perhaps if people get pissed enough to make some changes then that’s a win in my mind. Even if they hate me…

“On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day.” -New York Times

Houston we have a problem here…

On average (these are my approximate averages based on excuses said directly to my face, not clinical studied averages or data….) 4 of 5 will use the excuse of “not having enough time” to workout at the gym, “not having enough time” to goto the grocery store regularly, “not having enough time” to cook for myself or my family, and the list goes on and on of “not having enough time.”

Side note on time: if the excuse is not time, then it’s usually money. If the AVERAGE is spending hours watching tv per day even at minimum wage that’s like $1,120 per month that could have been earned working MINIMUM wage instead of watching TV… so if we don’t have time and we don’t have money then I’m getting the vibe we’re all full of what some call “excuses.” When I was in junior high I had a shirt from Nike that read… “Excuses are for losers.” Now before anyone thinks I’m calling them a loser, I’m not… but I assume (or hope) at least the majority of business owners in the health and fitness industry want their community to be winners, not losers. When I say winners I’m not talking about winning the crossfit games, I’m talking about beating chronic illness, beating big pharma, beating depression etc.. wining at life and not suffering through it.

Lets just pretend for a second this data is 100% make believe and the average adult only watches 4 hours per day instead of 5… no wait let’s pretend it’s only 3 hours…

All this data shows is the AVERAGE adult is just making excuses and prioritizing TV 📺 “the tube” over other “things.” And that’s perfectly fine, if you feel like I’m speaking to you and offended then just realize that I am not speaking to anyone directly, I’m speaking how I feel about the decline in health in our country and truthfully trying to understand HOW we can fix this and WHAT we can do… it’s moments like this where I feel helpless because there’s no way that I can convince people health and longevity is more valuable that Netflix or “insert show of choice” once they decide that’s more important to them than a healthier lifestyle choice.

And I get it… it’s one of 50,000 daily issues that leads to this trap. The tv alone is not killing us. But at anymore than 1 hour a day it’s for sure contributing to the cause.

If TV time creates an excuse for lack of time to exercise, lack of time to cook real foods, lack of time to interact with other humans, and whatever else… then that time spent is damaging and toxic to our cells rather than time that could be spent healing.

I imagine my alter lifestyle going like this… and before you read my imaginary alter lifestyle please know that I’m not judging anyone’s lifestyle, I’m just imagining one that would bring back all my allergies, asthma, inflammation, and all… and know that I truly believe the word, no matter what…

Whatever we decide to eat is acceptable to God as long as we thank Him for providing it (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

*My Alter Lifestyle That I Wish Could Be Healthy *

I just had a long hard sedentary day, stuffing my face with donuts, drinking artificially sweetened coffee flavored drinks from buckstars etc, screaming in my head about the people I hate to work for, running off 4 hours of sleep cause I watched TV while I was drinking Bud Light for 5 hours last night, and I sat in the car in traffic for a few hours today as well listening to all the toxic news on my radio… yeah I prob wouldn’t want to workout or cook dinner when I got home either cause I’m tired and have no nutrients to fuel myself….. luckily when I lived this type of stressful lifestyle I was still forced to workout in the military and fell in love with fitness. I didn’t have energy so I took extreme amounts of pre workout and stimulants to get the job done… I GOT LUCKY. REALLY LUCKY.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I wouldn’t love to wake up, drink Starbucks tastiest “coffee drink” loaded with flavor enhancements for my brain’s pleasure… drive to Shipley’s for glazed donuts and kolaches to carb load for my workout…. skip my morning workout cause I don’t need to workout to be healthy to meet my friends at McDonalds happy hour for double quarter pounders with cheese, take my daughter to chuckle cheesers so I can see her happy eating healthy options from the pizza bar, then go grab sno cones, head to the movies where we could enjoy a popcorn with extra vegetable oil spread on top with a large coka drank, then maybe end the day with a few more hours of tv while she plays games on her iPad…

yeah, I’m positive my daughter would have a blast that day, I’m also positive she would be acting like a wild Indian and I would have to live with the guilt of watching her eyes get puffy, her cheeks retaining water, her allergies flaring up and she most likely wouldn’t want to do anything active outside with me, which would be fine because I would be in a processed food coma so I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else anyways… and I’m 99% positive we would both end up with chronic diseases If that was a common day in our lives.

That’s a mythical life to live and still expect any type of health and longevity. If I could live that life, feel great, and be healthy then yeah I would be all about it… but this is REALITY.

That’s how I lived many of my younger years… wake up, play video games, eat all kinds of “food”, party, run or do a workout, stay up late, then rinse and repeat… I think the only reason I wasn’t obese was because how much I was working out and the only thing that kept me from getting a chronic disease was that I finally woke up and took 50 steps back to examine how I TRULY felt inside and out. I am definitely blessed… or “lucky.”

I currently only workout 1 hour per day and spend about 2 hours per day preparing food, shopping, and cleaning dishes over and over since I’m not eating out this year… that’s a strange shift from 2-3 hours of working out daily and only preparing food a few days per week thinking I was living healthy since I worked out so much…. yeah it’s been an interesting process and EXTREMELY frustrating at times. But I’ve learned how to be very creative and I’ve acquired tastes for foods that I never dreamed of enjoying. If this average of 5 hours per day of TV is correct the time I spend preparing foods and working out still leaves me with two solid hours to watch TV every single day! But instead I post pictures and rant my feelings on social media (pick your poison…)

But wait just a second…. what if their numbers are incorrect in the opposite direction and the average adult spends 6,7, or maybe even 8 hours per day watching tv?

Even deeper… this is JUST TELEVISION!!! How many hours are spent on the cell phone? I’m about to have an anxiety attack… time to put the computer away.