Yep, I did. I finished a whole pound of nuts in one sitting, mainly because I was curious if I ate over 1,000 calories worth on an empty stomach how I would feel… well the results are in and I feel freakin amazing!

Full bag of pistachios is 1,280 calories. They were buy one get one free for $9.99, which brings them to 62 cents per serving or $5.00 for the full bag that I just consumed in one sitting to “break my fast”. But healthy food is “expensive” this cost less than a value meal at McDonald’s….

These 8 servings of pistachios contains 80% of the RDV of magnesium: the most common nutrient deficiency found in heart disease patients.

I also just had 96% of the RDV of fiber and it’s only breakfast.

The “problem” is I just consumed 112g of total fat which according to the FDA Is 176% of the daily value of fats. If I just had almost double the total amount one should eat in a day then why do I feel so amazing and clear headed? I guess I should have eaten gluten free pancakes loaded with sugar to meet the “FDA PROPER MACROS”

Our nutrition system is a joke, it’s design has created an extremely sick and overweight country QUICKLY being dominated by chronic disease.

P.s. : the pistachios also provided me 48g of quality protein as a bonus. Oh and 73% of the RDV for potassium.

Morale of the story: eat healthy fats & don’t be scared about it. Be scared of sugary carbs and garbage processed foods.

Eat a variety of nuts, they are loaded with nutrients and their carbs FEED your healthy gut bacteria.

#enjoy #eatrealfood #dontrustheFDA #pistachios

Cholesterol Thoughts


Recent findings have shown a higher IQ of individuals showing “high cholesterol” and lower IQ for those with “low cholesterol.”

Another extensive study done in Sweden on 3,090 people showed HIGHEST cholesterol (above 240) which would get you prescribed statin drugs here in the US, they actually lives the longest and those below 200 had the highest death rate, claiming that those with high cholesterol on “cholesterol lowering drugs” like statins had no zero survival advantage.

Once again, I’m not a doctor, but the reason behind this post (and all of them) is to keep people aware and keep our doctors in check with their knowledge. If you or someone you know are taking statins I recommend finding a doctor who is educated on the following markers for true health and longevity when reading high “bad” cholesterol…

Low blood glucose, low inflammation, low LP Little A, low hemoglobin A1C, and a good omega 3 to 6 fatty acid ratio. These are the important numbers and it’s really frustrating to me when friends and loved ones come into the gym and discuss how their doctor prescribed statin drugs THE FIRST DAY they came in for a check up without having a proper blood panel done to test ALL the factors involved.

Just like any profession, there are those who are great and passionate about what they do and there are others who get complacent and just want to skim by. I encourage everyone to find doctors and dietitians who preach functional medicine (nutrition) and true healing. Don’t fall into the trap.


If you want to learn more about cholesterol google the following all-star…

Dave Feldman- Cholesterol code.

And here is the study for those who must read.

Hippy Stuff

I’m the guy everyone stares at because I let my daughter run around barefoot (like she should to become a superhero)! I mean, I’m not kidding… I’ve gotten some mean mugs like I am torturing my girl for allowing her to be barefoot… or like she is going to get a flesh eating bacteria from the street…?  Others just say I’m a hippy or think I’m “trippin”… but I mean… maybe I am trippin? Maybe we should just cover our feet 24/7 and not enjoy what God has created so beautifully for us… Hmmmm…

The practice of earthing MAY have benefits such as ( I capitalized MAY because earthing MAY not have these benefits either)… how do you truly know unless you try it for awhile? (Not one time… that is not awhile…. several times, repeated over and over like a habit… that’s when you will notice maximal effects). Like anything else, you get what you put in. 

Reduced inflammation.

Reduced chronic pain.

Increased energy.

Improved sleep cycles– after taking a warm bath filled with Epsom salt and essential oils, turn off all lights in the room, put away your cell phone, and step on a rock mat for 3-5 minutes. You will be primed and ready for deep sleep. (Unless you had caffeine within the last 6 hours of sleep… then you might not… but maybe) 

Decreased stress levels and muscle tension– get pissed off, go stand on the rock mat, take 10 deep breaths in and 10 slow exhales with the rocks crushing your aches and tell me you don’t feel some improvement! Bahahaha… I’m serious. 

(find more breathing techniques from Wim Hoff) –

Improved biological rhythms – including the circadian rhythm.

Increased body healing.

Earthing is when your body connects with the earth and an electron transfer occurs. Self regulation is something that can be influenced by earthing. The Earth’s energy neutralizes the free radicals in your body and allows neutrality to take place. Your body can then self regulate, self heal and rejuvenate itself with aid of the earth’s healing power. One of the best ways to practice earthing or grounding is to walk barefoot on the earth as our bare skin is conductive. Our feet have a high amount of nerve endings which are needed for electron transfer to occur. During the summer months children often have more opportunity to practice earthing or grounding as they spend a greater amount of time outside barefoot.

Another way we can practice earthing is to touch the earth as much as possible. Building sand castles, making tree forts, helping in the garden, swimming in the lake or ocean are all ways we can be exposed to the earth’s healing energy. Sitting or walking on the concrete is another way to connect to the ground as concrete is moist and conductive. The more extensive and longer periods of time we spend touching the earth, the greater the benefits, which in turn encourages self regulation.

Some modern day hippy ideas:

Build a rock mat and walk on it for 2-3 minutes every few days.  On my annual Frio River trip I like to walk around barefoot on the rocks, at first it is slightly painful but after a few minutes of “breaking up the junk” in my arches it starts to feel amazing. I compare the pain to a deep tissue massage when I have under-recovered my body and learn to love and appreciate the “uncomfortable” feeling (initially) which then turns into me loving every second of what used to feel painful. Sort of like the first time I tried Bone Broth… I was like what in tarnation is this…. but now my mouth waters thinking of a warm cup. 

Let your children play outside barefoot, especially on the playground. Don’t “baby” their feet. The earthing effects also help build fine motor skills. The highest rate of motor development is completed before the age of 6, so this time is vital!

Earthing and getting that vitamin D!

Playing in dirt!

Toughening up those feet and massaging her arches with wood chips!

Just being beautiful barefoot!

Earthing variation while getting the pump!


Embrace your seasonal elements! (We do not have A/C or heaters in our gym for this very reason!) You should be OUTSIDE in the elements in the areas you live in. Humans are not weak, we have made ourselves weak!   

Summer=workout in the heat.

Winter= workout in the cold.

For more elaborate information on embracing the elements… and more… check out this book! It’s “gnarly”…

Started to write….

4 week SPRING into the SUMMER 


Here is a challenge for anyone looking to lose some weight or body fat. It’s a proven and highly effective method for a lot of people.  Keep in mind when reading my sample day that I am not trying to lose bodyweight whatsoever. 
For those not interested in losing weight, don’t worry about the challenge but you can take some of the lifestyle advice if you chose and add in some strategy to hopefully MAXIMIZE your living potential! 

#1 : avoid starchy carbs. ALL bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains (even quinoa). If you have to ask, don’t eat it! 

#2: Eat the same meals over and over again. Keep it simple: split your plate into thirds 
#3 : Don’t drink ANY calories. 

Water, coffee, unsweetened teas, are allowed. No milk or ANY other drinks that contain calories. 
#4 : Don’t eat fruit. WHAT? Yeah… no fruit. I would never recommend this forever or long term. This is for 4 weeks at a time to lose body fat! 
# 5: Two days per week you will ONLY eat in a 6 hour window. Eat as much as you want in this window but make sure you are following the rules! I recommend 12:00-6:00 or 1:00-7:00. Coffee or green tea and MCT oil with grass fed butter or ghee is allowed during the “fasting” period so are branched chain amino acids BCAAS. Nothing else is allowed. I recommend the day after your cheat day and then a day where you have an easy morning. 
# 6: Have a designated cheat day (1 day per week) where you go all out and enjoy what you want. Please don’t have trans fats. That’s crossing the line. If you are not familiar with trans fats, let’s schedule a consult and discuss some mandatory healthy lifestyle changes!
# 7: Do a high intensity workout on your designated cheat meal day. Absolutely do not break this rule! If you choose a sedentary day to eat your high carb foods you are losing this challenge. 
#8: Do not give up! If you break a rule just carry on and move along. There is no one size fits all nutrition plan out there. You need to pay attention to how you feel and over time make your own plan !

Eating clean & living a healthy lifestyle takes years and years of trial and error. 
There will be successful plans for you and unsuccessful. Don’t get frustrated. Take what you learn and move on. 

Never try a diet or meal plan for 1 week and say it didn’t work. Take notes or use a log. Pay attention to how you feel after each meal and time of the day. 
If your basing your results SOLELY on weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain etc. then I promise you will be hopelessly hopping around from diet to diet, meal plan to meal plan always let down. Or you will find one that works short term, think it’s the truth and the answer, tell all your friends about it, and then hit a plateau and give up. I see it happen all the time. It’s happened to me several times, particularly when trying to put on muscle. 

^^^ what do I mean here exactly ? 
-there is no perfect diet or meal plan that is going to be flawless forever. Your body is CONSTANTLY changing, our cells are adapting, body fat and lean muscle tissue is changing, our hormones fluctuate, the weather changes, sleep patterns, emotional stress, so on yada yada… so what makes us think the same meal plan Is going to work forever ? 
If your goal is long term health, longevity, and overall feeling of greatness then you need to be aware of what works in a diet and what doesn’t work and get rid of the bad and cling to the good. 
Take the good, add them to your next “diet” and start over. For more info on how I have incorporated at least 5 well known “diets” in my week to week life check out my latest blog post! 
We have to adapt to how we are feeling. Pay attention to what makes you feel great and what doesn’t. 
Some key pointers that recommend when establishing your lifestyle… 
#1 : how do I feel when I wake up?  
If I feel foggy & groggy then what did I have the day/night before? 

If I feel great, then what did I do to feel great? Write it down! Once you eliminate things that make you feel groggy you will usually feel great. When you usually feel great and something makes you feel like crap then it’s really easy to eliminate it. 

#2 : how do I feel 5 minutes after the meal? 30 minutes? 1 hour… could I workout or go work in the yard ? If not… then it’s probably something to eliminate. Or eat at night to give my body more time to digest the food. 
Example: I do not eat much or any meat for lunch anymore. I used to make meat the staple in each meal until I realized it makes me sluggish and negatively effects my workouts when I have it mid day. I think it causes triglycerides to linger around the blood too long to feel 100% working out within a few hours of a workout. Therefore, ideally I’ll eat meat 6 hours or more before my next workout and red meats at least 8 hours before (so 1-2 nights per week). Everyone is different, this is just what works for me. 
#3: how much work did I get done today? I should be able to wake up at 4AM and be active, work, play, and be cognitive until 8PM. I’m at the point now where if I need an hour break in there then I’ll ask myself, where did I go wrong today? Sometimes stress factors are out of my control and it just takes a toll on me mentally. Obviously, this isn’t because of my meal plan, but if I allow stress and emotion to lead me away from my healthy lifestyle then It’s very easy to fall into a dark trap of bad habits and negative stress. (Move on before it gets too deep) (coffee ☕️ topic). 
On a bad day where I didn’t meal prep, got lazy and made poor choices I will feel groggy, not in the mood to take care of business, workout, or handle day to day tasks. Bad days piss me off so I will generally eliminate the things that cause me to have bad days on the regular. That’s common sense right?
All in all, pay attention to how you feel and what makes you feel great! Take notes & strive to feel even better. It’s important to write down and continue to add on to what makes you feel great and write down/ eliminate those that do the contrary. Seems easy right? I guarantee it works or I’ll brew you a cup of Annihilation coffee. 
Real change doesn’t happen over night, it takes years and years of persistence and dedication to optimize yourself. 
On the opposite end of the spectrum it takes years and years of abuse to send your body over the edge. But it’s never too late for a comeback! 
You’ll never have to be perfect to feel amazing. Our bodies are so resilient and allow for so much abuse. 
If you give yourself some TLC and spend some time optimizing your temple you will never regret it! I’m always here to help. 
You can see my current general lifestyle plan below… I include about 5 different “diets” in my every day/week. I’ve tried them all strict and 100% before and I’ve taken out of each diet what I feel great doing and subtracted what didn’t help me feel/perform my best. 
Ish=not quite RX with the diet description the book or method recommended. Took their advice and made it better for MY body. Everyone should start with the recommended prescription and then make changes based on how you feel. 


low carb day because I typically do nothing with high intensity. I do a 12-16 hour fast from dinner the night before for health & longevity purposes followed by a keto style breakfast/ lunch for cognitive function. I feel like I get more out of my meditation (Church/worship & prayer) when I do not have carbs & I have the right amount of caffeine to stimulate my nervous system. If I go to church dehydrated with lack of sleep, sluggish from carb overload, and no caffeine it will not be the same experience. 

(Intermittent fasted/ keto-ish morning)

8:00AM (bulletproof-ish breakfast) 

2-3 tablespoons grass fed butter/ 1tablesoon Onnit emulsified MCT oil/ 2 scoops quest MCT powder)

16-20 ounces of coffee with 2 shots of espresso 


Noon (Full fat/ protein breakfast) 
Full scoop Coconut oil (1-tablespoons) 
2-3 cage free farm fresh eggs 

3-4 servings of egg whites

grass fed butter

grass fed mozz cheese


Himalayan sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

*if my afternoon will include doing something more active like heavy yard work, helping someone move, or working out then I’ll add complex carbs such as oatmeal or sweet potato to my noon meal. If it’s a “chill” day then there will be no carbs. 

Afternoon snack (mainly fats/ protein) 
– a large amount of macadamia nuts or pistachios 

– some meat 

– cheese curds or siggis yogurt 

If I feel a blood sugar drop (irritable, shaky, loss of focus, bad food cravings etc) then I’ll add in some brown rice chips or SPROUTED wheat bread to the above snack. But I try not to, or sometimes for mental training I’ll fight through it. Not giving in to your bodies immediate demands is beneficial for several reasons. This has been proven for thousands of years. We have gotten away from this type of training in modern society and it’s contributing to sickness and disease as well as the constant need for satisfaction. ( coffee ☕️). 


Dinner: (carb backloading athlete style) 
At this post I’ve allowed my body and brain to adapt to high fats for fuel. This is Important for long term health & wellness. We do not want to rely on carbs/sugars for fuel 24/7. That’s what 99% of Americans have trained their bodies to do. It has effected the health of our country as a whole. Causes gains in body fat, cognitive decline (ADD,ADHD, Alzheimer’s, etc..) increases risk for all disease, provides a thriving environment for cancer cells, mytocondrial degeneration (heart attack risk), basically nothing good that I can think of comes from training ourselves to need sugar/carbs/glycogen for fuel on day to day activities. 
HOWEVER!!!! <— as an athlete— particularly an athlete working out more than 1-2 hours per day involved in high intensity training, endurance work, and combinations of this that & the other (crossfit) it is required to eat high amounts of carbohydrates to perform 100%. ( coffee ☕️) I’ll entertain a debate over this anytime anywhere. Coffee will be on me. But you better come with facts. 
Once I’m done trying to compete, and I’m working out 1 hour per day, 4-5 days per week focusing on health & longevity, rather than sports performance… when this switch happens, I will no longer carb backload. I’m not even sure I’ll have a bi- weekly cheat meal at this point. But for now… here is my carb-backloaded dinner that I would never recommend for health or fat loss. 
-Full plate of rice or potatoes (3-4 servings)
-full bushel of asparagus with sliced onions & garlic, covered with olive oil (2 servings of olive oil) it should be dripping with fat. 

3/4-1lb (12-16oz) of WILD CAUGHT fish**. No farm raised fish, no such thing as “organic” fish it’s not even possible to claim that, no such thing as “natural” fish. They are adding all these fancy titles to GARBAGE fish. Wild caught is the only way. 
Wild caught= good 
Farm raised, natural, organic fish= bullpoop 

**if I have lean meat other than fish I will limit it to 8ounces. Or 6oz of red meat (grass fed ONLY) 
Why? I can eat endless amounts of wild caught fish and never experience sluggishness, digestive distress, fatigue, or any negative symptoms. 
If I eat anywhere near that amount of other meats, especially beef, I will feel horrible, have stomach discomfort, and it will be obvious the next day my body did not use the macros properly. 

On top of this, my joints and face will feel puffy aka: (inflammation) and I will get bags under my eyes (histamine response). These symptoms are far worse form processed foods and high amounts of processed sodium. But I still feel them when I consume too much meat. 
Dinner beverage: 
 4 ounces of 100%pure Concord grape juice (not from concentrate) no, not welchs grape juice… real Concord grapes swooshed up like wine and bottled. It’s like $8-10 for real grape juice. There should be no added water listed in the ingredients, otherwise you are probably purchasing sugar water. Also, I would never recommend ANY juice for someone over 12% bodyfat. Ever. 

Anyways, I mix this with a full can of ZEVIA grape drink. It’s sweetened with Stevia leaf extract (not a chemical! No negative effect on blood sugar or gut health, and tastes amazing)! I recommend these “soft drinks” to anyone. Especially those who need to get off soda or sugar addictions. 
Post dinner treat: 
Full bowl of moms best brand wheatfulls,oats, or rice cereal. (Yes there is some added sugar in here, but it works for me) when I no longer need to weigh 200lbs I will no longer eat this cereal before bed. But when I do eat cereal I recommend moms best because I trust their ingredients (for now). 
Grass fed milk and MCT oil added to cereal. 
Then raisins, strawberries, or applesauce. 
If I’m still hungry then I’ll eat more. Going to bed hungry will disrupt my sleep patterns and I will wake up craving sugar starring at the open fridge like a zombie for 30 minutes in the middle of the night frantic. This was my life when I was 100% Paleo back in 2011. Not worth it. Terrible diet for athletes, great for dropping body fat. ( ☕️). 
Supplements taken this day: 
vitamin D- from the sun- 15 minutes with no sunscreen is all you need per day to get what you need for optimal health. 30/45 minutes one day will store enough for 4-5 days. If you are getting less sunlight than this then look into a RAW D vitamin. Make sure it’s a good source like garden of life for example. 
MCT oil: it would be very hard for me to get my fat macros without the oil @ 200lbs. I could do it but the effort is not worth it to me. I pick and chose my battles, on this one I just buy the oil and powder. 
Turmeric paste: inflammatory help and an endless list of health benefits. It’s also cheap. why not? 
Magnesium: 2 or 3 different sources. Mag 400 Liquid for electrolytes & mag threonate to relax the mind and recharge CNS for better sleep. ZMA works and is cost effective but MAG threonate+ raw zinc is way more elite. Also way more expensive. (Worth it in my opinion) 
Wow… that was only Sunday.  
I’m out of time! The rest of the week is to be continued! 
Stay healthy 🙂


No better friend, no worse enemy. 

The word has been cursed and demonized. Its just so simple: you eat fat you’re going to get fat…. joke. That was a joke. Actually, as I was giggling in my head I quit laughing because for millions of people and the majority of our country eating the wrong kinds of fats that statement is true. And for the lean folks under 10% bodyfat who get by day to day eating french fries and deep fried this & that thinking their body fat is an indicator of health… well let’s check out those arteries & blood lipid profiles. The ole saying never judge a book by its cover works both ways. Some of the leanest and most muscular folks out there have nasty cholesterol, heart, and liver issues (to name a few). 

Got slightly off topic… what I’m trying to get to is that fats have been slandered left and right mainly because of media and the big money food industry. 
The 90s was the worst. I was convinced as a teenager that can’t believe it’s not butter & vegetable oil spreads were healthier than butter. (if you still believe that I’m sorry, continue reading you need to be enlightened) 
Low fat this and that swept over ‘Merica like a MOAB. (Too soon?)… what I’m saying is…it exploded. 
It makes sense why processed food companies used marketing words such as Low-fat and fat-free to make the world feel as if it would help us from gaining body fat. They are doing it now with this gluten free uproar. Get out of here… (save gluten free chat for coffee ☕️) 
Gluten free-fat free- cholesterol free- sugar free gummy worms??! They have to be healthy!

From there the fitness industry was under the impression there was the magical “fat loss zone.” 

-When you keep your heart rate low enough your primary fuel source is fat. – this COULD be true if your body is running properly. Ex: if you have ideal bodyfat and your hormones all balanced and you eat proper macros to actually use the fats for fuel instead of glucose so on and so forth (there are many factors to whether or not this is a good idea for you). FOR MOST: this is far from the best suggestion. We can talk about fat loss zoning another time ☕️. 

Fats as fuel should not be confused with your body fat, which will not be used as fuel if you have stuffed your face with processed low-fat foods high in sugar, starch, artificial whatever and poison. 
Body fat : not the same as : macro fats (the fats we eat). ( ☕️) 

By eliminating fats these seemingly healthier (because of BS marketing) food choices have typically added artificial sweeteners, sugars, flavoring agents, chemicals, and things you have to google to even know what they mean to make up for the loss of flavor. 

Fat can be your best friend!!!

Fat from a good clean source is loaded with nutrients. It’s the primary fuel source for you brain! 

It helps you burn fat! Say what? Fat burns fat? 
-AImproved cognitive and neurological function with possible implications in neurodegerative diseases
-Increased energy levels

-improved athletic performance 
-Improved mitochondrial function and subsequent reduced risk for diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and epilepsy. 
-Prevention of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Bro science help: Fat binds to fat so eating healthy fats helps us utilize other fats… interesting. 
I don’t know about you but I want to treat my brain like a Ferrari needed the super premium gas, not the low grade junk that fogs & clogs. 
Foggy-Cloggy brain= no bueno. 
“Doesn’t it make sense to trade in vegetable oils that may jeopardize your health for ones that may potentially support it instead?” 

– Dr. Mercola. 
Choosing the Right Oil
Have you ever begun to prepare a meal and been unsure of which oil to use? With the many different options available it can be difficult to discern which oil is best.

There are oils that are suitable for cooking, and those that are best for cold dishes. Oils high in saturated fat, such as coconut oil and butter, have a higher smoke point and can be used for cooking.

Oils high in monounsaturated fats, such as olive or sunflower oil, while more stable than polyunsaturated fats, are still susceptible to rancidity, especially when heated. These oils also have a lower smoke point, which means they can release toxic carcinogens when used in high heat cooking.

These oils are best suited for cold dish recipes, such as in salad dressings and spreads. But there are things to look out for when choosing a monounsatured fat…
Good fat options

– Avocado oil or avocados 

– GRASS FED butter/ GHEE

– MCT oil or powder (brain octane, Onnit MCT, quest powder)

– Olive oil ( high quality) no canola blends!

– Coconut oil 

– Nuts 

– Grape seed oil 

– high oleic sunflower oil (it’s in bold for a reason) do not use regular sunflower oil. It’s tricky: sunflower oil is garbage- high oleic sunflower oil is very beneficial. If in doubt: avoid it) 

: throw them all away ASAP. And everything in your pantry/fridge that has them in there (beware, it’s probably a lot)

#1 : PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS: TRANS FATTY ACIDS!  Helllllll Noooooooooo. Never. I will occasionally mess up and eat a cookie at a party that has some bad oil in it but I will NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR knowingly eat trans fat. It should be illegal, it’s mind blowing trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils are not illegal. Companies that use them are a joke. The people making money off of killing and ruining people’s lives piss me off beyond belief. Rant over. 

– sunflower oil- the garbage variety, if it doesn’t specifically say high oleic on the label then it’s most likely trash, health companies proudly list their healthy ingredient. Processed food companies proudly try to scam you. 

– Peanut oil: yep. I hear it every few weeks… people thinking chic fila’s deep fried chicken and waffle fries are healthier than McDonalds. Well… I’m not going to get into that debate but what I will say is deep frying your food in peanut oil is poison and terrible for your health. Pathetic marketing to fool people into believing frying food in peanut oil is healthy. Get rich or kill others trying right? Again, pathetic. 

– Canola oil- there is plenty of “research” out their suggesting this is healthy. They are lying. It’s not. $$$ involved in this research. Don’t trust them. Nope. Bad. Trash! 

– Cheap olive oil… a good olive oil is good. A bad one is toxic. Frying foods in olive oil is damages it and is toxic to us. It should be heated very low or not at all. 

– Vegetable oils. All trash, all of them. All blends varieties. No debate. 

– Safflower oil 

– Cottonseed oil 

– Soybean oil 

– Corn oil 

– Anything you have to question oil. 

– Mayonnaise- usually has one or six of these oils blended together. Mayo is garbage. Use MCT oil and mustard to make your chicken or tuna salad it’s surprising delicious and doesn’t poison you. 
If you don’t throw them away you are basically accepting failure. 

Hypothetical situation of course: if you were a cocaine addict and you were truly trying to quit, would you leave what you left in the closet because it cost money and you might use it later? No, you would fail. Throw the bad fats away and everything else you have they are added too. And while you are at it, do the same to your sugar. 
Another thought: because I’ve heard it 1,000 times. 

– ” but my kids eat that…” ummm so you know it’s bad for you but you give it to your children… (child abuse?) no… couldn’t be. 

I’m not saying deprive them! I’m suggesting you educate yourself and use what you learn to lead them to a healthy lifestyle. Yep. 
I will leave you with this… bad fats (in my opinion) are significantly worse than sugars. Even high fructose corn syrup makes sense inside our bodies, we convert it to glucose: it’s terrible but it pales in comparison to what nasty fats do to our bodies. They linger around for a long long time wreaking havoc at the cellular level, damaging our mitochondria, and hardening inside our arteries. DNA damage is an early indicator for cancer. YOLO they say… don’t poison yourself early and don’t poison your children please. 


After action report:

Best oil to fry food with: coconut oil. It handles high heat well without oxidizing. 

Use olive oils mixed with herbs and spices on salads and meats without cooking them to add flavor and maximize health benefits. 

Cheat meal idea: pizza is better than french fries or fried chicken. Why? Because your body knows what to do with wheat flour and cheese. It’s not ideal but it is much much much better than deep fried anything, our bodies freak out.

Meal Plans Thoughts 

First off, I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, before offering any type of advice besides exercise I will always encourage you to eat a whole food diet with no processed foods. 
If you are not disciplined enough to eat a whole food diet consisting of real vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains then the first step to success should be to learn this discipline. I will gladly help guide you in the right direction any time. (coffee ☕️)

^This is advice for health and longevity. If you see me eating pizza on Wednesday nights do not think this is my daily dinner. In my opinion I earned my pizza by eating 90% clean and living a healthy daily lifestyle year round. When it’s time to party I have cake and beer with no guilty conscience and I hope the same for everyone. If I ever got to the point where I had to pass on some birthday cake at my daughters party I would defiantly assess my day to day lifestyle. 

^last note on this before I continue… if I had cholesterol or blood pressure issues I would fix the problem without medications. No matter how much effort it took. There is no price tag on health. If money or convenience is more important than your health then I would like to hear WHY. Honestly, I want to know… coffee ☕️

Second, eliminate processed dairy products, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, processed table salt and preservatives and processed oils such as vegetable oil. 
Assuming you are coming to the gym and doing the workouts at your maximum intensity, If you do the first two steps for at least 12 weeks and have not seen your desired results then I have a few questions for you…
1.) How much quality sleep are you getting? If you are getting at least 7 hours and you still feel tired then there is an obvious underlying problem.P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️

Easy to identify problems may include too much electronic light exposure prior to bedtime. (Tv, phone, flashing lights in room, etc..) many people can fall asleep even with a tv or light on, that doesn’t mean it’s optimal for deep REM sleep. P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️(coffee ☕️):

Electrolyte imbalances: most commonly too much sodium and not enough magnesium. Magnesium can help calm your nervous system. If you have had 2-3x the amount of sodium you should consume in a day then you’re without a doubt going to sleep dehydrated with your organs under stress and your body is not going to assimilate water properly causing you to wake up frequently to pee or wake up with dry mouth, night sweats, or increased heart rate. 

My favorite magnesium supplement to take before bed thanks to momma llama.
Many of those same symptoms can occur due to hormone imbalances or malnutrition so regardless, you need to figure it out. P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️(coffee ☕️)
There are apps and devices you can purchase to track your quality of sleep. If you find that you are sleeping just fine and still no positive results proceed to question 2. 
2.) Are you really eating as clean and working as hard as you have convinced yourself ? If your answer is no, then we have your answer. If you answered YES then proceed to my next statement. 

   Yep, that’s why I like the crossfit open. It’s evidence. You either increased your fitness level last year or you didn’t. Its plain and simple. 

So what does this have to do with your goals? 
– Prove to me you’re eating “clean” log your meals in my fitness pal every day for 2 weeks. Every single thing you consume. If that is too difficult for you then there is another discipline issue we can work on. If you really want to achieve your goals you will make it happen. 

– Prove to me you’re working your butt off in the gym! Log your lifts and workout times in beyond the whiteboard or mywod or a journal and show me you’re getting stronger, faster, and how often you are attending my classes!  

– If you have this proof then we are going to have an honest heart to heart to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable based on the amount of work you are willing to put it. 

If you have taken the steps, proven it, and everything is on point then you have a problem. I am not saying this to scare or insult anyone. I’m telling you I have never worked with a single person who has done every single thing above and not seen results unless they have an underlying issue such as hormone imbalances, intolerances, or other pre existing problems. 
I believe if you want a truly individualized meal plan you should first have a hormone panel done followed by a blood test for intolerances and allergies.(But I’m not a doctor).

 I do not offer individualized meal plans. I will always share my general daily meal plan and a full detailed log of what I eat and guidance on lifestyle changes, and different concepts I’ve dabbled with but if you’ve taken all of the above steps and you still have not seen results then you need to seek someone who dedicates their working life to nutrition such as Michael Florida. No, I was not paid to say that. I’m extremely picky with who I recommend and endorse and he is the only local nutritionist I would put my name on the line for. Lauren was great to work with for our nutrition challenge as well, I just personally prefer human interaction face to face over remote coaching. 
If you’ve never had a full blood panel done. You definitely should. The basic yearly physical is nowhere near detailed enough to tell what’s going on inside us. If a doctor thinks you need cholesterol medication based solely off of your LDL & HDL readings then run! They just don’t have the knowledge required to prescribe you the medication and they should do more research. (☠️Poison)There are plenty of licensed individuals out there who learned all they know from some textbooks but never cared enough to continue their education and keep up with the times. I’m not just bashing doctors here I’m simply saying that just because someone has a degree or certificate doesn’t mean they are the bees knees. The same applies with the fitness industry. There are plenty of certified coaches and trainers out there with six packs and veins who couldn’t teach me how to do a proper air squat or push up and couldn’t explain to me the difference between white bread and sweet potato (because a carb is a carb right)? 🤣 Money & marketing bring them clients. “Perception is reality!” If they have a certificate or a six pack they must know how to help you.. 

(coffee ☕️):😡❤️BP: P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️:🙈 M&Ms.  

Got way off there… do your research and seek the truth. Always keep an open mind! 
Stay beautiful folks. 

First Blog Post Ever

This blog was created after I consumed copious amounts of coffee loaded with MCT oil and grass fed butter on a fasted stomach. (I’m currently using ONNIT brand MCT) although I prefer Brain Octane oil. It’s just easier grabbing the Onnit brand at Sprouts as opposed to waiting on an online order. (About 45 grams of fat and 24oz of coffee) to be more exact. (4-27-18 revision: Sprouts now carries brain octane… the world is making incredible changes 🙂  )….
I’m proud of my fat consumption BTW it took me a solid 3 months to build up the intestinal fortitude to handle this amount of fat on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with no carbs. But man it’s amazing! Oh and use grass fed butter, coconut oil or ghee only! Your standard butter or spread is no bueno.

I felt so bulletproof (pun: bulletproof =coffee+MCT oil+grass fed butter) as I was sitting there figuring out how to explain to one of my best friends that McDonalds was not how he should be saving money.

As I was calculating the macros for him and the cost breakdown I realized I should share this story with the gym group.

Then the nootropic cognitive enhancing amino acids (Koios) + brain elevate (NOW Foods) kicked into gear and I instantly thought even larger than the group, might as well share it to the world.

For awhile now I wanted to start an Annihilation podcast but as I started typing I realized I’m much better at getting my thoughts out typing than I am speaking. Mainly because by the time you’re reading this I can guarantee I erased most of what I started writing to rewrite it a more presentable way (which you obviously cannot do when speaking) and as I am wrong this now I know that already happened once so there you go… and if you’ve ever been to one of my lectures you surely know how sidetracked we can get… old gym! Tilapia talk. Slap a fish. (Inside joke sorry) All you truly need to know from the joke is to never eat tilapia… ever. Forrrr ev errrrrr.
Also, writing is more appealing to me because words from someone’s mouth can be so easily taken out of context. Someone can zone out or video a snippet and all of a sudden you’re on social media as this crazy fool because they didn’t get the full story in there. Some media donkey would get his paycheck for making me look crazy though don’t you worry!
Before continuing please read the emoji chart to avoid confusion followed by the disclaimer because I’m not a doctor. Just a guy.
Key emoji chart: little abbreviations we will run into frequently. If you don’t like emojis then maybe this isn’t the right blog for you 🤔

(😡❤️BP) : Sensitive subject triggering my blood pressure to escalate quickly.
(coffee ☕️): I got side tracked on a topic and we could be nerds for hours talking about quantifiable data. So we need to schedule a coffee date to discuss further.
(☠️Poison): Referring to anything in general I find toxic or negative to our body/ soul… could be as obvious as a cigarette or as mind blowing as your best friend. Not actual poison.. like I know you won’t die from this said “thing” right away but over time it could cause some serious harm one way or another.
Ex: is a pack of cigarettes worse poison than a large Coca Cola with a double meat cheeseburger and French fries? Both are highly poisonous… one is frowned upon while the other technically kills more people over time…

(🙈 M&Ms): When media, marketing, & money cause rumors in health and fitness and get Masses and Majorities of people believing the nonsense.

low/no fat diets in the 90s.

“The fat burning zone”

The gluten uproar of the 2000s

“Cardio” decreases strength

Stretching cold is bad for you.

DISCLAIMER: take my advice at your own risk!
To be honest with you Diane I had to Google disclaimer because I knew I wanted to add one for my own safety and we’ll being but I didn’t know what it truly meant.
(P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️) : Fact: I’m not a Dr… why? because I did not get my PHD. My advice is my opinion from P.E. -personal experience and what I’ve seen and experienced in the real world, not what the FDA and outdated textbooks have told us have to be true. I want people to realize that just because it was published in a book doesn’t mean it is factual evidence and there’s a whole world of “facts” out there which were backed behind more money than I could ever dream of, so keep that in mind when you are doing research. (coffee ☕️ & 🙈 M&Ms) I strongly desire people to research and discover how you can stay off of medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, hormone imbalances, cognitive function et cetera…
If you disagree with my opinions that’s just fine it will not hurt my feelings. It’s perfectly normal to read someone’s opinions regularly and not agree with them…
I love educational debates, I also enjoy sharing thoughts with open minds. So if you have knowledge and feedback I would love to hear your thoughts.

Yes I agree, using the term ignorant sounds very condescending BUT I am simply referring to people who do not know the subject matter, I’m not calling them stupid! I’m simply saying they do not know any better. The difference is a trouper will seek the promised land and the the dipstick will end up stranded in the desert with no water. Oh time for coffee ☕️.

The conversation that started it all!
“How can you beat it, mcdouble with no onions and mcchicken sub mayo add ketchup is only $2.75 haha it’s expensive to live out here so I gotta save money for my drinking habit.”
There aren’t many things that rattle my nervous system more than when people make the most common EXCUSE comment about healthy eating…”it’s too expensive to eat healthy.”
That’s a lie. But more sadly to me it’s a lie that many people tell themselves because they are making excuses for laziness and junk food (processed, salty, artificial, & addictive foods).

I sat on it for almost 24 hours as the conversation started to really eat at my brain like a soda with 50g of sugar (see what I did there? Yes high dose sugar is bad for our brain…) But anyways, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m FED UP (great documentary).
Mcdouble & Mcchicken:
35g protein
74g carbs (mostly simple carbs: white bread)

12g sugar (in a meat sand which?)

34g fat (artery hardening variety)

SODIUM : 1,680mg Wow! Better take some magnesium powder and potassium to balance out your electrolytes…
Cholesterol: 105mg (I would add in some high quality liquid fish oil to help prevent that future heart disease. A low quality fish oil will cause more harm than good).
Total calories: 750
Eat this: (not that) ^^^
1 cup Quaker Oats

1 serving smart balance peanut butter

1 scoop peanut butter whey protein

1 tablespoon MCT oil or 1 tablespoon grass fed butter

I calculated this meal to about $2.40 based on the average price per serving. (Cost of product divided by the number of servings) compared to the $2.70 spent at McDonald’s. Plus you didn’t have to leave your house so you saved gas.
34g protein
39g carbs (complex from oats and high in fiber/ nutrients) (yes it has gluten.. if you want to spend the extra $3 then get bobs red mills gluten free oats).
4g sugar (added from peanut butter… if you want to spend a few extra $ here then process your own nut butter or buy some no sugar added, remember folks this is for the poor man who thinks McDonald’s $1 menu is the only answer….)
33g fat (from mono-chain triglycerides) ( the MCT oil) which is a primary fuel source for your brain and will provide stable energy throughout your day as opposed to hardening and wreaking havoc in your body)
SODIUM: 140mg (Cool! Now I can safely add some nutritional Himalayan sea salt to my diet to meet my electrolyte needs, which will lower my inflammatory markers rather than having to drink a gallon of water to help my poor kidneys from the gram & a half of sodium in the fast food).
CHOLESTEROL: Zero MG. Enough said. Yes, you need cholesterol in your diet, but not the McDonald’s variety. Eat a farm fresh egg.
Total calories : 598

The Breakdown


The “expensive” healthier option which was actually cheaper than the convenient “food” (if we can actually call it that…) product.


The protein content was basically the same however a gram of crap protein such as McDonalds “100% beef” is not equal to a gram of high quality protein like a grass fed cold processed whey protein. Don’t believe me ? It would take me a solid hour to type out how amino bonds work from the birth of the protein source to the time it leaves our body. If you want to get real scientific about this one day then we can talk…(coffee ☕️)
All calories are not equal! If you follow a 2,000 calorie diet for 6 months with processed foods and low quality ingredients and then switch over to a 2,000 calorie diet full of life and wholesome foods you will probably notice 2 things within the first 6 weeks…
1.) Wow it’s really hard to eat this much high quality food. I must be eating too much (you’re not)

2.) Wow I feel really good.
That’s how I would compare the 750 calorie fast food meal above to the healthier option.
I typically spend around $125 per week on groceries. Yes, I realize if I had 4 kids the cost would be more. That higher cost is well worth it when your kids don’t miss school every week with health issues and can stay focused on tasks because their blood sugars don’t sky rocket and then plummet over and over throughout the day because you’re force feeding them poison and garbage from these fast food chains… coffee ☕️)

That is for a 4,000 calorie daily diet. If I go out to eat I can easily spend $300 in a week on food to meet my same caloric needs and I will feel inflamed ‘bloated’ , tired, and my eyes get puffy. I hate not feeling “perfect” if something is off, then I’ll figure out why and eliminate the problem. I encourage you to do the same! I feel like many people walk around day to day not even knowing what a day full of energy and clarity feels like!

Yes, you have to goto the grocery store at least once per week (I go twice) in the end that time spent is actually calming to me as long as I don’t go on s Sunday and fight the masses of people slothing around the aisles starring at their cell phones. If shopping for healthy food is overwhelming to you purchase a 1 on 1 session with myself or one of our coaches and we can spend a day at the grocery store to help you shop for the right foods!

What if scenario: if I did fall off the deep end fast food trap (yeah it happens to me randomly about every 6 months then I shame myself) and went for the McDonald’s I would immediately do 3 things…

1.) drink magnesium powder or drops in about 64 oz of water and finish it ASAP.

2.) take a high quality omega 3 liquid fish oil in hopes I would balance out my fatty acids (bro-science). Nordic naturals is good stuff.

3.) take 5grams each of chlorella and spirolina to cleanse my soul. (Health force)

Final thought on food cost: quality food is cheaper than bad health.  Prescription pills, doctor visits, and increased insurance prices don’t seem more logical than paying an extra $2 for quality free range eggs or healthy cooking oils over vegetable oils.

Have a good weekend! Make some positive choices out there!