Long story medium (this part can be skipped, it’s just a meaningless little part)… I’m not a publisher so trying to take photos, write info in my iPhone notes, and transfer them via email so I can make a blog post has quickly become one of the most stressful times of my life… it sounds like a joke but it’s been traumatic and Its amazing to me people have a passion for this like I do for fitness…anyways, I have ten pictures below with some of my opinions and most likely terrible advice (since i’m not an expert) and when I had the notes on my phone with over 30 photos commented on I lost all but 4 when I was transferring them onto word press… so basically I wanted to quit the project… but I started back from the olive bar and got to here… there are endless amounts still to come. I never realized how massive grocery stores were until I started scoping out every single “thing” in there… and every grocery store is unique so I better get to work.

Olives can be a wonderful thing (for those who really enjoy them)… But don’t let the brands fool you! 90% of the olives I’ve found in stores add poorly processed canola oil, refined sunflower oil, safflower oil, and “not ideal” preservatives. If the oil was expeller pressed and high oleic that would be significantly better but when companies do this they brag about it on the label because it’s actually worth bragging about.

(the label may say… Expellar pressed- high oleic sunflower oil (if it is a “better” vegetable oil) If it is a poorly refined oil “they” will traditionally leave out the expellar pressed high oleic and some “fakes” pretending to be healthy will say just “organic” sunflower oil…. okay well organic or not, poorly processed oil is complete garbage. Even REFINED coconut oil… I was browsing Costco when I came across two “seemingly healthy” coconut oil tubs. They were massive and a great price! But wait… (yep I’m the D-Bag slow rollin’ down every aisle of the store reading labels all day… sometimes I feel guilty for caring what I put in my body while someone gives me the stink eye as they grab the flaming hot Cheetos (I don’t really… but I get my jollies from people who try to make me feel like a dumb-butt for actually caring about something… in 2018 it’s actually cool to not give a fudgesickle, man that’s so cool that you don’t care about how you feel or that at this rate it’s going to BE UNCOMMON THAT SOMEONE IN OUR COUNTRY LIVES WITHOUT CHRONIC ILLNESS. I mean when the day comes that over 51% of ‘Mericans have a chronic “disease” or “illness” maybe then it will be cool to spend an extra 15 minutes at the grocery to make sure you get REAL food and maybe then it will be “legit” to know how to cook yourself and your family REAL food, and hopefully by then restaurant owners will give a rats ass about PUBLIC HEALTH rather than stacking Benjamins and driving Maseratis… oh I must be dreaming, back to reality where was I?

That day will be VERY soon according to fightingchronicdisease.org “More than 133 million Americans, or 45 percent of the population, have at least one chronic condition. These conditions include arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular (heart) disease, depression and diabetes, though these are only a few of many chronic illnesses that negatively impact the lives of Americans.”

NO WONDER THEY SEEM “NORMAL” Because they are normal is our society. Why would something completely avoidable for most people be so common? Well I could start telling you why but it would take hours so maybe we could meet over some gin & juice to discuss one day…

Oh…back to the olives

If I’m at a fancy party then yeah I’ll eat the olives, no questions asked… but if I’m going to purchase them to eat daily and at home then I’m going to buy olives with no oil or with a healthy oil added and possibly sea salt rather than a sodium product you can not recognize like sodium mercedezbenzoate.

The cheese aisle is different at every grocery store.  This one is an HEB near the Woodlands. Unfortunately, depending on “the demographics” of the store location some HEBs are awesome and others aren’t much better than a convenient store. I’m serious, I’ve walked into a grocery store so bad all I left with was an avocado, cause the rest of the store gave me chest pain.. It 100% makes sense from a business standpoint on their end ( I get it , why carry foods that the majority will not buy?) but what really chaps my @$$ is that every store should have decent real food options at affordable prices, we just aren’t there yet.

Pictured above are a bunch of “organic” sliced cheeses. Organic is more legitthan non organic I guess… they claim the grains them there cows are drankin are them organic grains so I suppose that’s better than dairy that’s not organic… BUT NO… it’s really not that great.

And the cheap synthetic Vitamin D they infuse in them is NO BUENO. If you want vitamin D get some direct sunlight with no sunscreen for 15-20 minutes or eat plenty of mushrooms, don’t rely on it from piss poor milk products.  D2 should be avoided like the flu shot. And don’t take synthetic D3 without also taking vitamin K.

If you take D take K also, yes sir? Thank you…

rant over… anyways.. GRASS FED DAIRY IS FAR MORE VALUABLE than ORGANIC.  And usually it’s just as affordable. Yeah, I’ve yet to see “string cheese” available in grass fed varieties so when Lennon points at the Elsa string cheese package I just explain to her that I don’t like when she gets mucus and phlegm build up and that it’s not going to keep her healthy so she begins to understand. I’m not depriving her because she doesn’t get piss poor dairy string cheese, I’ll give her REAL cheese and if she’s at a party or on vacation and someone offers her string cheese I won’t deny her, I just won’t purchase trash to hang out in my fridge. Cause if it’s there in front of my nose when I’m starving and a WEAK ass cause I worked all day and forgot to eat then what’s the first thing I grab? The most convenient thing THATS WHAT. And so if I make HEALTHY FOOD CONVENIENT by storing Pyrex dishes full of different options in the fridge I can come home and get my fix on something great, and continue to feel great instead of smashing a bag of Doritos & getting glued to the couch all evening. (I don’t ‘got’ time for that).

Below is a VERY GREAT value of a grass fed cheese and when I do eat cheese with olives smothered by avocado (like a ‘merican sushi roll without the fish) this one is a winner… OLD CROC Grass fed cheese for only 2.99. Surrounded by products 1/2 the quality and more expensive because of marketing BS.

Below is a “gluten free aisle” the fact that there is an aisle marketing gluten free products is a joke. It’s a direct reflection of how easily manipulated we are as a society. In a perfect world we would never eat any of these bagged foods. But realistically, it’s going to happen so we might as well choose the best ones out there.

I still don’t understand why there aren’t chips made with alkaline grains, pink salt, and unrefined oils but I’ll remain hopeful. If they aren’t commercially available soon then I’ll make them available to our community don’t worry ;).

I trust the Lundberg brand for the most part. They have organic rice products and although the chips use sunflower and safflower oils THEY ARE EXPELLER PRESSED AND HIGH OLEIC oils which is how all oils should be processed. Their rice chips do not taste like Doritos so if you are looking to make the switch keep an open mind- they are not loaded with chemicals and they are a healthier option than most other chips, they should still not be a staple in anyone’s diet (in my opinion) but as a snack and especially as a substitute for poorly processed chips I would categorize LUNDBERG RICE CHIPS as a TIER 4  chip for those who can handle rice. Not perfect, but acceptable. And for those who love Doritos Cheetos and other bottom shelf chips this is a massive leap so I would not be mad if they ate the entire bag of rice chips daily if that’s what it takes to get away from the toxic poison chips. That’s how lifestyle coaching works you can’t expect a person who has eaten a bag of chips every day for 22 years to just quit eating crunchy salty foods. BABY STEPS.

STEP 1: remove ONE bad habit per week.

Step 2: replace with better option.

Step3 : continue with step 1 each time you successfully complete step 2.

STEP 4: Share with friends and loved ones your successes AND FAILURES!! More can be learned from why someone failed a mission than from how someone succeeded (in MY experiences). THIS IS NOT CLINICAL DATA. OR “Stats”. I failed my first “stats” class in college. Most boring class I ever sat in. The dude just put me to sleep every class i guess I can thank him for the relaxing naps.


Lundberg also makes dense rice cakes.  My daughter will eat them as a PBJ substitute and that is fine by me any day. Organic rice cakes with a 100% peanut butter and organic jelly with a tad of added sugar after she does a CrossFit kids class or gymnastics is acceptable in my book. Definitely not PERFECT but definitely way closer to perfection than a JIF peanut butter and smackers jelly sandwich on wonder bread.. if I sugar detox her for a day she will eat REAL homemade macadamia nut butter with her rice cake but if she has had sugar or processed carbs that day it’s a 99% chance she will lift her nose to the treat and not eat it. It’s amazing a day later or sometimes a few hours she will come back to it and tell me how she loves it … she will eat the sweetest thing available so I just don’t make i.t available. If she gets ice cream it’s a rare treat and I explain to her why we are celebrating with ice cream. And it’s real ice cream (cream & sugar) not perfect but not chemically enhanced and VERY RARE so whatever. Again, if we are at a party and she gets offered garbage ice cream I don’t deny her. I just pray at that point. (Not joking).

When I was doing 3+ crossfit workouts per day I would enjoy rice chips with grass fed cheese,  healthy meat and avocado on top.  I no longer desire to eat 4,000+ calories per day and am seeking different goals so I no longer do this.

I.T has been replaced with 1 cup quinoa, diced up veggies, avocado, and drizzled with olive oil. That took my tier 3/4 snack to a top shelf snack. Boom clap just like that.

But it’s def a good way to break free from garbage sandwiches, fast food, and most other snacks. Start small.

Simple mills makes banana bread mix, pizza dough, chocolate muffin mix, and pancake mix (plus much more)  they are not perfect but they are the BEES KNEES 🐝 of mixes in my opinion.

Simple mills pancakes made with coconut oil or grass fed butter with local honey or 100% pure maple syrup is the very top shelf of its class….

Very bottom shelf of the same class would be high fructose corn syrup- “syrup” smothering margarine vegetable oil spread on top of whatever cheap wheat flour pancake that is made… sure, I’ve eaten tons of them. We used to go to Denny’s or ihop after some grueling workouts or “pancakes for PRs”.  It was a special occasion with friends, a celebration, and a way to encourage growth as athletes. This in my opinion is 100% different than feeding myself crap processed Leggo my eggs waffle covered in jo mommas “syrup” 7 days per week right when you wake up… not comparable. This is a sure fire way to make sure instead of you kicking the days ass you get your ass knocked out before the day even begins. (Def not “legit”) (in my opinion of course, maybe it’s cool to feel like crap all day..?) I’ll have to check Instagram to tell me what’s cooler…

 Food and drinks to celebrate could be the top shelf way to over indulge. That would mean it’s a rare occasion and yeah you might suffer some consequences but the body is resilient so unless its a regular “thing” called a habit or a “lifestyle” we will probably all be alright with keeping in mind the other 80-90% of the food consumed is REAL, high quality, and we stay active. Staying active doesn’t mean you have to crush 3 crossfit workouts per day either. Choose an activity you love even if its walking a dog, yoga, chasing your kid around Target or the mall, the beach.. the list is endless.  We need to get unplugged from the TV, computer, and cells phones that from what was most likely a make believe number but reported to my eyes as “8 hours on average per day” from Americans on electronic devices.

1.) if we’re on devices that long when are we active?

2.) if we can spend this long on devices but people aren’t willing to spend 5 minutes cutting a $1 cantaloupe so would rather pay $5 for pre sliced cantaloupe pieces and then bitch about the cost of fruit so skip it all together because the thought of looking at the cantaloupe means “oh no that takes work.” Yeah, you might have to spend an hour a day prepping food for your family if you want yourself and then to be semi healthy at least. Unplug & get it done.

REAL FOOD IS NOT THAT EXPENSIVE.  Real food that is packaged and convenient for us is really expensive. So if you’re complaining about the cost of high quality food take a look at your priorities and eliminate crap food from your shopping list to open up the budget.

^ very bottom shelf of the rice cakes is the very top shelf rice cake… is that irony ? I don’t know I’m not a public educator.  Personally, I would not purchase non organic rice.  I grew up in Katy, TX so I’m aware of the damages of toxic rice. Erin Brockovitch style.

On to the butter…

 When I look at this picture I think similar to cheese… WOW organic butter for over $4 (SCAM!!!) don’t buy $4 organic butter when you can buy $2.88 grass fed butter from Kerrygolds. This brand also makes affordable grass fed cheeses (which go amazingly with olives and avocado) ideally I would keep the butter moderate but grass fed butter is so much healthier than the majority of processed fats available to us today so if you’re making to switch from vegetable oil to grass fed butter I would encourage you to eat as much as you like as a “baby step” in the right direction. Grass fed butter cooked free range eggs on low heat (nice and slow) then smothered with avocado and Himalayan salt is one of my go-tos… well not currently but it was a month ago 😉    I would not encourage anyone or any family to buy butter that’s not grass fed and especially “margarines” or “fake butter” absolutely not.   Grass fed butter is affordable and should be the only kind purchased in my opinion.

I see cream cheese in there as well. I’ve never seen cream cheese that is not complete garbage. Honestly, a bagel with cream cheese was one of my favorite things growing up but one of my new favorite things is waking up able to breath through both of my nostrils and not haven a sinus headache… BUT If a grass fed cream cheese hits the streets then yeah maybe one day I’ll give it a try on a homemade spelt bagel or something.. until then it’s better left to never have or very rare special treat if you can’t refuse.

If I find myself eyeballing the bagel and cream cheese at the hotel continental breakfast then I know it’s a good time to do “short term fast.” True love waits 😉 DISCIPLINE. 

On to a more passionate subject… the cold coffees.

 I truly love coffee but we are taking a break right now (absence makes the heart grow fonder). But if or when I do drink coffee it’s absolutely not going to be cheap moldy coffee brewed in tap water stripped of the antioxidants with a paper filter that tastes like it came from the gas station… coffee is 100% something that should be ORGANIC (for numerous reasons). Starbucks is rich but they use poor coffee and we all still pay a premium price for their poisoned sugar coffee so why would they raise their standards? Robusta beans are “nasty” and “cheap” if you ask baristas around the Nation (trust me, I’ve asked) either they don’t even know the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans or they just say robusta is cheap (because it’s got a taste that requires acquirement) it’s loaded with antioxidants and is apparently less acidic but it’s basically impossible to find in stores or coffee shops so if you want to give it a try order some online.

ANYWAYS, Chameleon cold brew from Austin, TX makes organic cold brew made in filtered water. They are good to go. If you are going to pay a premium price for coffee (which all of these pictured seem to be premium) then buy the organic cold brew. The rest of the “stuff” on here is not worth it in my opinion (but I’m not a barista).

This picture is comical. This should be labeled as sugar water. If you want a juice cocktail make your own with fresh fruits, veggies, and add water.

Have you ever juiced something ? If you can make 32+ oz of a juice and sell it for $2 either the fruit was found in a dumpster or it’s not real. Sugar and water are cheap, real juices are not cheap.

BUT if you refuse to pass on the sugar sauce then there should be a few rules…

1.) The first listed ingredient should be a fruit or water. Not sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or another misleading word for fake sugar.

2.) The only listed ingredients should be a fruit and water.

3.) Don’t waste money on sugar water like this and then complain about the price of real food. $5 wasted on this aisle is $5 that can be invested in your health.



There my sweet angel! I added this picture to touch briefly on hygiene products. Make sure you buy UNSCENTED baby wipes, diapers, and ladies for that time of the month absolutely no scented products. It’s terrible and should be illegal unless it’s a nice essential oil blend…

I need to do more research to go into details on this topic BUT just be VERY aware of what chemicals you insert inside your body. This should be common sense, but unfortunately common sense is an uncommon virtue in 2018. Save for future post


enjoy your week! Read some labels.

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