Cholesterol Thoughts


Recent findings have shown a higher IQ of individuals showing “high cholesterol” and lower IQ for those with “low cholesterol.”

Another extensive study done in Sweden on 3,090 people showed HIGHEST cholesterol (above 240) which would get you prescribed statin drugs here in the US, they actually lives the longest and those below 200 had the highest death rate, claiming that those with high cholesterol on “cholesterol lowering drugs” like statins had no zero survival advantage.

Once again, I’m not a doctor, but the reason behind this post (and all of them) is to keep people aware and keep our doctors in check with their knowledge. If you or someone you know are taking statins I recommend finding a doctor who is educated on the following markers for true health and longevity when reading high “bad” cholesterol…

Low blood glucose, low inflammation, low LP Little A, low hemoglobin A1C, and a good omega 3 to 6 fatty acid ratio. These are the important numbers and it’s really frustrating to me when friends and loved ones come into the gym and discuss how their doctor prescribed statin drugs THE FIRST DAY they came in for a check up without having a proper blood panel done to test ALL the factors involved.

Just like any profession, there are those who are great and passionate about what they do and there are others who get complacent and just want to skim by. I encourage everyone to find doctors and dietitians who preach functional medicine (nutrition) and true healing. Don’t fall into the trap.


If you want to learn more about cholesterol google the following all-star…

Dave Feldman- Cholesterol code.

And here is the study for those who must read.


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