Estrogen Issues part 1

According to the CDC

In the year:

1990-10% of Americans were obese

2000- 20% of Americans were obese

2010- take a guess…. Yep.. 30%

There will be a new report done in 2020 Will we reach 40% ?

If history repeats itself….

Will we be at 100% by 2080?


At first glance, it’s easy to look at these numbers as assume we are just becoming lazy. I don’t believe this to be true. I believe although we do spend too much time lounging around, you do not have the be THAT active to live in healthy bodyweight ranges.

This starts at the top in my opinion.

Government regulations and the fact that 10 companies own roughly 90% of commercially packaged foods. These companies have huge influences on AGRICULTURE, POLITICS, and our poor food chain is effected by “SUBSIDIES.”

Now, I’ve never really been interested in politics and up until recently I didn’t even know what a subsidy was… but Google can explain a bunch. But recently I’ve been drawn to politics because I’m starting to realize a large portion of our health issues could be eliminated (or minimized) by having better protection.

We shouldn’t have to worry about ATROZENE AND GLYPHOSATE being in our foods.

We shouldn’t have to worry about our foods being genetically modified or chemically enhanced.

We shouldn’t have to worry about misleading labels and estrogenic fragrances, plastics, and chemicals in our “hygiene products” or foods.


What does all this have to do with our rising obesity rates?

Well… estrogen is emerging in my mind as one of the leading factors in the “obesity and chronic illness epidemic.”

What’s causing a rise in estrogen ?


(SOY & FLAX) should be avoided. Soybean oil might be the devils sweat. Who knows without clinical evidence?

Wheat, corn, & other grains due to high levels of herbicides- ATROZENE & GLYPHOSATE.

ATROZENE IS 100% illegal in Europe. Hmmm why is it still considered safe in the US? I could ramble on for hours on atrozene but all you have to do is read some NON MANIPULATED data on the subject & you’ll be overwhelmed with frustration.


-Artificial fragrances. Particularly in mainstream products like JOHNSON & JOHNSON baby soaps, perfumes, cleaning products, candles, BABY POWDER, anti itch creams, lotions, endless list….

So what do you do? Use natural products using essential oils as the smell good source…

Instead of artificial cleaners & candles use a diffuser & fill spray bottles with peppermint, wintergreen, and lemon & your house will smell like clean beauty for days at a time.


Well… if you want to use it that’s on you. The problem is this stuff is ending up in our water because it doesn’t break down easily (by design) other than this fact, it’s causing long term health consequences particularly in TRANSGENERATIONAL EPIGENETICS… if grandma, mother, and daughter all took birth control it’s just a matter of time before this family is having trouble reproducing. How many generations it takes could depend on how many other estrogenics are involved.


This one is hard… plastics are everywhere. Start with elimination of heating foods in plastic. Even if they say “microwave safe.” Our regulations on what’s “SAFE” are about as accurate as the 1990s food pyramid.

Water bottles: even “BPA FREE”. Plastic #1 is equally as bad if not worse than BPA… there were finally enough studies done to prove how bad BPA was so manufacturers had to think quick & come up with BPA FREE plastics… they are just as bad it’s just not “proven” yet even though it is proven… you just have to look.

Buy glass water bottles then refill them… my 3 year old drinks out of glass bottles I give her. If it breaks then buy another $2 bottle of water and refill that one… or use mason jars.

Make sure you’re filling them with FILTERED WATER!!!


Well…. this one could go on forever.

A good water filter is not that expensive.

People will easily spend $100 on cable, $10 on Netflix, $50 on alcohol, & hundreds out to eat or on whatever else but spending $50 a month on quality water is OUTRAGEOUS. How much of our body is made of water again? Oh that’s right…

I’m out of time… this will be continued.

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