Fasting to Infinity (and Beyond)

The easiest way I’ve found to do a 24 hour fast:

Eat a late lunch (2:00-3:00PM) the day before a day where I get to goto sleep earlier and stay up later than normal.

Don’t eat again until that same time the next day. Boom. If fasting seems to be a massive challenge for you this method could work.

This has proven to be much easier for me than dinner to dinner. For 12 weeks I did at least a 24 hr fast with 2x 48 hr fasts and 1x 72 hr.

I found that the days where I had a high carb meal as my last meal it was significantly more difficult to fast the following day as opposed to days where I had predominantly fats and proteins at dinner with plenty of vegetables. The fiber seems to go a long way.

Note: If you are a late night food craver the dinner to dinner might work better for you. Food cravers of all kinds can really benefit from the discipline required.

Fasting for beginners:

I would recommend how I started because it has worked wonder for me, If it didn’t work I wouldn’t recommend this method… but also remember, I’m not a doctor so I’m really just sharing ideas..?

I chose my most relaxing day of the week (Sunday) and started with 12 hours. This may not seem like many hours but when you are “a lean body or classic ectomorph” (as the old tymers would say) like myself who spent 10 years cramming calories down my throat from sun up until sundown I conditioned myself to eat way too often, so 12 hours was honestly a challenge for me.

I used to have shakes and “hangriness” after

A few hours of no food. I thought this was because my muscles needed calories. Looking back, this was a clear sign of serious health that could have shown their ugly face down the road they call life that I’m glad I’ve straightened out. Inflammation, insulin resistance, and gut issues to name a few very common issues that I see from athletes and humans who adhere to the high carb & high protein lifestyles for extended periods of time. But I mean you could prob just take a pill for those issues and keep eating the same. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyways, after a few weeks of 12 hours I was finally to the “intermittent range” of 14-16 hours of fasting… then over time I crept up 1-2 hours per week until I was up to 18,19, then 20 hour fasts on Sundays.

I was amazed at the energy I had so I decided to goto Sunday’s and Thursdays since those were my rest days. I did 14-16 fasts twice per week for roughly 6 months before I decided to go the 24 hour distance.

Still to this day I do not recall every having over 5 days straight of intermittent fasting. I know several people who do IF 365 days per year. I would personally rather do an extended fast (24+ hours) periodically over 14-18 hr fasts every single day. Sometimes I just want a thick & hearty breakfast to start the day. Sometimes just fats, sometimes just water, but always mixing it up: (just like my workouts).

5 day Bone broth fast turned into 3 day… I felt fine the entire time because there are plenty of nutrients in the broth. I think this can be a good thing for those with gut issues but I didn’t get the same great benefits as I did from the water 3 & 5 day water fasts.

12 weeks of 24+ hours. The 1 day fasts became very easy. I like them because you can really feel the effects of what you decide to eat to end the fast. If it causes stomach distress, brain fog, etc… you will feel it. I have more time in the day and less worries about when and what I’m going to eat. I can still work out with plenty of energy. I’ll probably do 2-3 of these per month year round from here until…. forever ?

5 days water only: this was challenging… wont lie. But 100% worth it for so many reasons.

Coming soon… another 5 days.

So I made notes during different phases of these fasts…. life happened and I forgot to take notes certain days, I copied and pasted like 10 different notes to combine this SUPERNOTE so it may seem sporadic because there’s no organization to the notes… they are just notes….


1st FULL fast 24 hours.

My mind is skewed I’m delirious.

I drive passed 200 fast food restaurants from Lennon to Katy, I’ve been eyeballing this water bottle in my car since 8am and for some reason I just want to break my fast with a bottle of wine.

Just having some crazy weird thoughts fasting like this.

I’m breaking my fast with colon cleansing herbal tincture drops from Zeal Health that includes turkey rhubarb.


48 HR Fast

Day 1

11:00AM : I feel a knot like feeling in my stomach so I’m driving 16oz mineral water with additional real salt added.

Reading about seasonal variation of foods. Our microbiome shifts seasonally based on things like the sun, weather, and different environmental factors. This is something to consider and even greater reason to EAT LOCAL AND SEASONAL.

Heard a very interesting theory today..

Keto, fasting, paleo, should not be year round activities ??? Hmmmmm you have to FORCE ADAPTATIONS.

this theory is because our Microbiome & hormones change seasonally… so do our foods… this is a mind pumping note. The more I read into this the more it feels accurate.

4:45 feel shaky and slightly off so I’m drinking 32oz water with 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt and 1/4 tsp magnesium glycinate. Hoping this keeps me good for a full 24 hour dry fast with no water or electrolytes tomorrow.

5:00PM : going for 30 minute bike ride with a :15 sprint every other minute.

545: felt fine riding bike even with sprints… sweating a lot for some reason… listened to Dr. Pompas podcast about fasting to further enhance my motivation.

Most common question has been WHY?? So there are 7 key reasons above. I’m constantly seeking ways to feel better and show greater indicators of true health through inflammatory markers and overall sense of well being. Although I’ve been active my entire life and doing what I THOUGHT was healthy based on GREAT MARKETING rather than paying attention to how I truly felt, I am finally beginning to understand what true health is about. I’m not worried about losing some muscle definition or CrossFit performance because I’m not worried about competing anymore. It’s just a shift I’m excited about and enjoying fitness from a different perspective is something I am beginning to appreciate more and more as well.

I love crossfit as a sport (the sport of fitness) and the work it requires to compete. But I also want to be able to do crossfit when I’m 90. And I’m not “just kidding” either.


I have almost too much energy… on the 24 hour fasts I was severely craving the most random things at this point but I’m almost 24 hues in and I’m not even hungry. I think it’s more mental because the fact that I know I’m going 48 hours. If I still feel this good tomorrow evening I might try to go 72 hours.


I cooked dinner and made juices but didn’t have an urge to eat until I saw someone’s Pizza Hut box in the fridge, my mouth started watering. It was pathetic. But I’m over it now. And I am no longer full of energy and worried about sleep because I feel exhausted.

Right now I’m at 25.5 hours fasted and the rest will be “dry” no water allowed. I’m going to do a morning workout and attempt to go full intensity just out of curiosity. Most people recommend light cardio or walking etc. I feel like if I was starving in the wild and saw something I could eat I would hunt it down with high intensity so you know…


Day 2

Never wrote in the notes. My bad.


Fasting Knowledge From:

Dom d’agistino Tools of Titans


5 Day Water Fast

Day 1


Weigh in 192 lbs


It’s been nearly 24 hours and nothing unusual to report at this time sir. I feel very alert which is typical for me on the 24 and 48 hour fasts.

Day 2

Woke up with a slight headache.

3:30 PM

Purchased blood glucose monitor. I’ve been wanting one to test my blood glucose levels before and after certain foods to see how my body reacts to each one. I was curious what fasting did to my blood sugar each day as well so I’m excited on the new purchase. I wish I had it day 1 to have a “baseline” number but that’s okay.


Weigh in : 183.2 lbs

First ever blood glucose test: 81 mg/dL

I have no idea what this means^. This is new to me so I have some research to do 🙂

I just read this… found a lot of useful information on fasting and his 10 day fast.


I could definitely eat right now. I’ve had aggressive fruit cravings and browsed the internet for the world’s best wines for almost an hour… I usually don’t crave wine, thats the weirdness behind it.

Wine thoughts: buy high quality wine. A high price tag does not always reflect quality but a $5-$8 bottle will pretty much always guarantee there nasty additives and it’s not high quality either. I’ll definitely be sharing more on this somewhere over the rainbow.

Day 3

Weight 183

Blood glucose 72

I don’t really know…

Day 4

I woke up feeling amazing.

Weight 180

Blood glucose went up to 80 somehow. I assumed it would keep dropping.


I’m hungry and irritated.

But I did find something awesome since I had so much free time.

Day 5

I’m really excited to get to eat

Weight 179

Down 12 lbs from the start.

I broke the fast with a massive bowl of red SEEDED grapes, lemon water with activated charcoal, avocado…. and then later…. yeah I did it. I ruined everything. I had the fine wine that we drove an hour away to get “biodynamic & organic”. I had a full body buzz that was very enjoyable and worth every damaging effect that may have occurred. If I was trying to blast a tumor or cure a medical condition I would not have done this, but I am not, and I was too curious about these wines I spent hours reading into all week.


4 days later…

I’ve had a very clear mind and my gut feels better than ever. I feel like I’m digesting foods significantly better than before.

The last 2 days of the fast I questioned whether or not it was worth it and if I was actually going to do it again two months in a row but now I know I will because I feel great.

I did not “re-feed” as planned (AT ALL). Saturday was the UFC fights and I had some alcohol and plenty of gluten filled food products… usually I would wake up feeling groggy & brain foggy but I woke up full of energy and still made it to church then had a productive day and cleaned up the garage mess I’ve been blowing off for 6 months.

Hmmmmm? My lazy factor has gone down quite a bit and I feel great. This is why I’m excited to do it back to back to back months. I am hoping the benefits continue to pile up. After the 3 month fast experience I plan on doing a 7-10 day to kick off 2019 and then only do a 5 day every 6 months or so with a 24 or 48 hour dry fast every few weeks as “maintenance.”

I’ve been craving sugar all 4 days so I’ve had a lot more fruit than normal. I’m not scared of fruit sugars like many people are so it’s not a concern to me…

I’ve read some very interesting “things” from people fasting like it’s hard to sleep, irregular heartbeat, be careful when you decide to eat again etc. I ate tons of food all weekend and I had no issues whatsoever, sleep was extremely great the entire week, and I felt sluggish at times but I had no issues completing daily tasks.

Many people expressed concerns saying they had to work so they couldn’t fast… well my fasting partner Brad did 5 crossfit workouts and worked construction all while fasting and he was fine. I was fine as well… we all know everyone is different and everyone should take their personal health into consideration when fasting but I’ll leave the excuses to what they are… excuses.

Although I had extreme and random cravings at times and I’ll admit it wasn’t “easy” I knew I was doing the 5 days no matter what so FOOD WAS DEAD TO ME. When you commit to a fast you just have to know you’re going to get the job done no matter what then it will all be worth it, trust me.

That’s about it as far as the info I have regarding the 5 day water fast. I wish there was more scientific data for you but I couldn’t afford labwork this go round, I purchased a very cheap blood glucose monitor that proved to be inconsistent so I’ll invest in A better one that also reads ketone levels for the next fast. I will also use ketone salts, MCT oil, and amino acids the final day before the next fast begins to start off in a state of “ketosis” rather than how I started this last one (the day after drinking and stuffing my face out of fear 😜).

Of the 12lbs of weight I lost I’ve already gained 8 back. Obviously, this is not something I would recommend for athletes IN SEASON but I could see the benefits for off season athletes especially those needing to work on MENTAL FORTITUDE, patience, gut rehab, or chronic inflammation issues especially for competitive athletes 30 & over.

2 weeks after 5 day fast….

I am excited to do another 5 day water fast November 1st. I have felt great mentally and physically. I’ve gained all the weight back that I lost initially. This is good news in my mind. If I was a higher bodyfat % I would expect to lose weight and keep it off following the fast. Because I am not, my goal for autophagy was to dispose of “dead or weakened cells.” I don’t know how to test for this and if it’s possibly I don’t have the money to do such tests so I kinda have to use the “how do I feel method.”.. and I feel pretty darn good.

If I didn’t feel good I wouldn’t be repeating the 5 day fast beginning November 1st.

I had one teammate last month… Who’s coming with me???

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