Fat Bombs

Nutrient dense & super infused BOMBS 💣. To source these ingredients is roughly a $100 upfront cost depending on how many different foods or supplements you decide to add but the iodine, D&K, and B12 will last awhile (awhile meaning more than 1 batch). One of the reasons these are not commonly found in coffee shops is probably because if the upfront cost to make 12 is $100 they would need to sell them for $20 each to make the same profit margin of a processed pastry product. Personally, I would rather be broke paying $20 for a super bomb and coffee then waste $5 on a pastry that would leave me with brain fog and lazy butt for a few hours. But to each their own.

Grass Fed butter should always be used due to higher levels of CLA and omega 3 to 6 ratio is more favorable than grain fed cows milk/butter. Higher that “natural” omega 6s is a huge contributor to the INFLAMMATION issues in our country. When folks act like grass fed or organic do not matter they do not fully understand or see the big picture. We like @nutiva coconut manna for the full spectrum coconut. This in combo with the butter creates the “fat base.” Many Keto followers get fats but they are not the optimal fats so they run into health issues. Others may get the fats but they neglect key nutrients in the diet which leads to health issues. We add 1 cup of hemp seeds for quality protein, fats, fiber, and micro nutrients. Hemp seeds are NON PSYCHOACTIVE we need to add since it’s asked on the reg. On the reg = its a FAQ. Hemp seeds generally run $10-$20 per lb. be careful in the future with the farm bills passing we are concerned GMO variants will start to pop up, creating a more appealing lower price tag, and the end result could be that of WHEAT/CORN etc. Also, we need to monitor the herbacide and pesticide use on these products since they will be grown in areas that they were not traditionally grown. This is valuable information.

The cocoa nibs are for texture and flavor but also are loaded with nutrients. Cocoa gets a bad rap because milk chocolate demonized it. Cocoa is super when used properly. We ain’t talkin about Hershey’s coco Jamboo either. Raw. Organic. Cocoa.

MACA is awesome. If you are into sexual vigor then this should be of particular interest to you. If not, then carry on. MOST products we’ve seen with maca infused add in the bare minimum just to say that it’s in there but really it’s not the amount needed to work it’s magic. We used an entire package in this batch. It’s roughly $10 per bag. If you’re going to use “superfoods” use the proper serving size & don’t get scammed at local smoothie bars for $2-$5 for a 1/4 serving. That’s what we call #fraud.

We used unsulphured and unsweetened shredded coconut, then infused with low dose (1,000IU) vitamin D with K added. Most people take way too much vitamin D. 5,000-10,000 IUs per day of a fat soluble vitamin for people who do not assimilate vitamin D properly is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER. Just because your vitamin d levels are low on a blood panel doesn’t mean you should shove 5,000IUs down your throat everyday. If you are taking synthetic D or getting regular sunlight and still low on D then the issue could be lack of vitamin K, A, or possibly thyroid related. But that doesn’t mean get on thyroid medications. That’s why we add iodine and b12. MOST people will not test positive for iodine deficiency however most people (even those in range) for t3 & t4 will find that WHEN TRYING TO OPTIMIZE THYROID FUNCTION OR GET OFF THYROID MEDICATIONS that getting EXTRA iodine and selenium + vitamin A,D, & K (mainly from diet) will turn “out of range” numbers to “in range” and “in range” numbers to more OPTIMAL AND IDEAL levels for PEAK PERFORMANCE AND LONGEVITY.

We like these bombs consumed at noon with an organic cup of joe to break a fast & then continuing to eat in a pre determined 6-8 hour time frame daily. This practice is known as time restricted eatign to some, others call it intermittent fasting, and we just don’t really call this anything- it’s just a way of life here at KTX.




Full jar of coconut butter “manna” or UNrefined coconut oil.

Two sticks ~8oz grassfed butter

-cup of nuts of choice ( we used walnuts)

—– add others to hit your desired macros/micros etc. as long as your base is set (fats) the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind when taking measurements how many fat bombs you plan to make so they should be infused appropriately. Good luck.

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