No better friend, no worse enemy. 

The word has been cursed and demonized. Its just so simple: you eat fat you’re going to get fat…. joke. That was a joke. Actually, as I was giggling in my head I quit laughing because for millions of people and the majority of our country eating the wrong kinds of fats that statement is true. And for the lean folks under 10% bodyfat who get by day to day eating french fries and deep fried this & that thinking their body fat is an indicator of health… well let’s check out those arteries & blood lipid profiles. The ole saying never judge a book by its cover works both ways. Some of the leanest and most muscular folks out there have nasty cholesterol, heart, and liver issues (to name a few). 

Got slightly off topic… what I’m trying to get to is that fats have been slandered left and right mainly because of media and the big money food industry. 
The 90s was the worst. I was convinced as a teenager that can’t believe it’s not butter & vegetable oil spreads were healthier than butter. (if you still believe that I’m sorry, continue reading you need to be enlightened) 
Low fat this and that swept over ‘Merica like a MOAB. (Too soon?)… what I’m saying is…it exploded. 
It makes sense why processed food companies used marketing words such as Low-fat and fat-free to make the world feel as if it would help us from gaining body fat. They are doing it now with this gluten free uproar. Get out of here… (save gluten free chat for coffee ☕️) 
Gluten free-fat free- cholesterol free- sugar free gummy worms??! They have to be healthy!

From there the fitness industry was under the impression there was the magical “fat loss zone.” 

-When you keep your heart rate low enough your primary fuel source is fat. – this COULD be true if your body is running properly. Ex: if you have ideal bodyfat and your hormones all balanced and you eat proper macros to actually use the fats for fuel instead of glucose so on and so forth (there are many factors to whether or not this is a good idea for you). FOR MOST: this is far from the best suggestion. We can talk about fat loss zoning another time ☕️. 

Fats as fuel should not be confused with your body fat, which will not be used as fuel if you have stuffed your face with processed low-fat foods high in sugar, starch, artificial whatever and poison. 
Body fat : not the same as : macro fats (the fats we eat). ( ☕️) 

By eliminating fats these seemingly healthier (because of BS marketing) food choices have typically added artificial sweeteners, sugars, flavoring agents, chemicals, and things you have to google to even know what they mean to make up for the loss of flavor. 

Fat can be your best friend!!!

Fat from a good clean source is loaded with nutrients. It’s the primary fuel source for you brain! 

It helps you burn fat! Say what? Fat burns fat? 
-AImproved cognitive and neurological function with possible implications in neurodegerative diseases
-Increased energy levels

-improved athletic performance 
-Improved mitochondrial function and subsequent reduced risk for diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and epilepsy. 
-Prevention of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Bro science help: Fat binds to fat so eating healthy fats helps us utilize other fats… interesting. 
I don’t know about you but I want to treat my brain like a Ferrari needed the super premium gas, not the low grade junk that fogs & clogs. 
Foggy-Cloggy brain= no bueno. 
“Doesn’t it make sense to trade in vegetable oils that may jeopardize your health for ones that may potentially support it instead?” 

– Dr. Mercola. 
Choosing the Right Oil
Have you ever begun to prepare a meal and been unsure of which oil to use? With the many different options available it can be difficult to discern which oil is best.

There are oils that are suitable for cooking, and those that are best for cold dishes. Oils high in saturated fat, such as coconut oil and butter, have a higher smoke point and can be used for cooking.

Oils high in monounsaturated fats, such as olive or sunflower oil, while more stable than polyunsaturated fats, are still susceptible to rancidity, especially when heated. These oils also have a lower smoke point, which means they can release toxic carcinogens when used in high heat cooking.

These oils are best suited for cold dish recipes, such as in salad dressings and spreads. But there are things to look out for when choosing a monounsatured fat…
Good fat options

– Avocado oil or avocados 

– GRASS FED butter/ GHEE

– MCT oil or powder (brain octane, Onnit MCT, quest powder)

– Olive oil ( high quality) no canola blends!

– Coconut oil 

– Nuts 

– Grape seed oil 

– high oleic sunflower oil (it’s in bold for a reason) do not use regular sunflower oil. It’s tricky: sunflower oil is garbage- high oleic sunflower oil is very beneficial. If in doubt: avoid it) 

: throw them all away ASAP. And everything in your pantry/fridge that has them in there (beware, it’s probably a lot)

#1 : PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS: TRANS FATTY ACIDS!  Helllllll Noooooooooo. Never. I will occasionally mess up and eat a cookie at a party that has some bad oil in it but I will NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR knowingly eat trans fat. It should be illegal, it’s mind blowing trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils are not illegal. Companies that use them are a joke. The people making money off of killing and ruining people’s lives piss me off beyond belief. Rant over. 

– sunflower oil- the garbage variety, if it doesn’t specifically say high oleic on the label then it’s most likely trash, health companies proudly list their healthy ingredient. Processed food companies proudly try to scam you. 

– Peanut oil: yep. I hear it every few weeks… people thinking chic fila’s deep fried chicken and waffle fries are healthier than McDonalds. Well… I’m not going to get into that debate but what I will say is deep frying your food in peanut oil is poison and terrible for your health. Pathetic marketing to fool people into believing frying food in peanut oil is healthy. Get rich or kill others trying right? Again, pathetic. 

– Canola oil- there is plenty of “research” out their suggesting this is healthy. They are lying. It’s not. $$$ involved in this research. Don’t trust them. Nope. Bad. Trash! 

– Cheap olive oil… a good olive oil is good. A bad one is toxic. Frying foods in olive oil is damages it and is toxic to us. It should be heated very low or not at all. 

– Vegetable oils. All trash, all of them. All blends varieties. No debate. 

– Safflower oil 

– Cottonseed oil 

– Soybean oil 

– Corn oil 

– Anything you have to question oil. 

– Mayonnaise- usually has one or six of these oils blended together. Mayo is garbage. Use MCT oil and mustard to make your chicken or tuna salad it’s surprising delicious and doesn’t poison you. 
If you don’t throw them away you are basically accepting failure. 

Hypothetical situation of course: if you were a cocaine addict and you were truly trying to quit, would you leave what you left in the closet because it cost money and you might use it later? No, you would fail. Throw the bad fats away and everything else you have they are added too. And while you are at it, do the same to your sugar. 
Another thought: because I’ve heard it 1,000 times. 

– ” but my kids eat that…” ummm so you know it’s bad for you but you give it to your children… (child abuse?) no… couldn’t be. 

I’m not saying deprive them! I’m suggesting you educate yourself and use what you learn to lead them to a healthy lifestyle. Yep. 
I will leave you with this… bad fats (in my opinion) are significantly worse than sugars. Even high fructose corn syrup makes sense inside our bodies, we convert it to glucose: it’s terrible but it pales in comparison to what nasty fats do to our bodies. They linger around for a long long time wreaking havoc at the cellular level, damaging our mitochondria, and hardening inside our arteries. DNA damage is an early indicator for cancer. YOLO they say… don’t poison yourself early and don’t poison your children please. 


After action report:

Best oil to fry food with: coconut oil. It handles high heat well without oxidizing. 

Use olive oils mixed with herbs and spices on salads and meats without cooking them to add flavor and maximize health benefits. 

Cheat meal idea: pizza is better than french fries or fried chicken. Why? Because your body knows what to do with wheat flour and cheese. It’s not ideal but it is much much much better than deep fried anything, our bodies freak out.

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