FDA vs the world

here’s what dinner would look like if I fell BACK into the trap. Yeah, I used to have plates like this.. it’s simple and cheap (and if you believe the FDA it’s “healthy”)…

Life happened and I began to realize… hey, I don’t think I feel amazing, what’s up?… so I started to figure poop out. One thing I figured out 100% for sure was that the food pyramid was a joke and manipulated by $$$$ and more $$$. Either that, or these fools woke up every morning hung over, smoked too much of the weed, and threw something together. One or the other, I’m not sure but whiskey tango foxtrot, over.

Below you’ll see their recommendations to eat fewer calories from foods high in saturated fat… rather, they should encourage us to eat HIGH QUALITY saturated fats. (I eat them in abundance- macadamia nuts, avocados, healthy oils, grass fed meats for meat eaters…)

And then they recommend switching to low fat and fat free dairy. Bunch of weirdos… don’t make this switch. If you are drinking and eating low fat and fat free dairy switch to FULL FAT dairy from GRASS FED cows…. please?

Here’s my dinner from last night…

I sautéed shrooms and bell pepper in copious amounts of sesame seed oil, grapeseed oil, and real salt. Then added leftovers from last night on top with quinoa, chick peas, hemp seeds, WILD rice, squash, and “stuff”….I’m assuming this is like 400% of my daily value of fats recommended by our “experts” (I think dumb-butts- or maybe they are just smart $$$ makers…?) “businessmenandladies”

Anyways…. that wasn’t enough fat so I had to add 2 avocados to the plate plus a wide variety of Indian cuisine side flavoring enhancers that I picked up at the farmers market. I think in this one meal I’m at like 600% of my RDV of fats for our countries standards. Maybe I should switch my plate to the recommended one so I can increase my allergies, inflammation, mucus, clogged nostrils, decreased sleep, brain fog, and guarantee that I get the flu each season like I used to when I was young… nah I’m cool 😎.

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