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This blog was created after I consumed copious amounts of coffee loaded with MCT oil and grass fed butter on a fasted stomach. (I’m currently using ONNIT brand MCT) although I prefer Brain Octane oil. It’s just easier grabbing the Onnit brand at Sprouts as opposed to waiting on an online order. (About 45 grams of fat and 24oz of coffee) to be more exact. (4-27-18 revision: Sprouts now carries brain octane… the world is making incredible changes 🙂  )….
I’m proud of my fat consumption BTW it took me a solid 3 months to build up the intestinal fortitude to handle this amount of fat on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with no carbs. But man it’s amazing! Oh and use grass fed butter, coconut oil or ghee only! Your standard butter or spread is no bueno.

I felt so bulletproof (pun: bulletproof =coffee+MCT oil+grass fed butter) as I was sitting there figuring out how to explain to one of my best friends that McDonalds was not how he should be saving money.

As I was calculating the macros for him and the cost breakdown I realized I should share this story with the gym group.

Then the nootropic cognitive enhancing amino acids (Koios) + brain elevate (NOW Foods) kicked into gear and I instantly thought even larger than the group, might as well share it to the world.

For awhile now I wanted to start an Annihilation podcast but as I started typing I realized I’m much better at getting my thoughts out typing than I am speaking. Mainly because by the time you’re reading this I can guarantee I erased most of what I started writing to rewrite it a more presentable way (which you obviously cannot do when speaking) and as I am wrong this now I know that already happened once so there you go… and if you’ve ever been to one of my lectures you surely know how sidetracked we can get… old gym! Tilapia talk. Slap a fish. (Inside joke sorry) All you truly need to know from the joke is to never eat tilapia… ever. Forrrr ev errrrrr.
Also, writing is more appealing to me because words from someone’s mouth can be so easily taken out of context. Someone can zone out or video a snippet and all of a sudden you’re on social media as this crazy fool because they didn’t get the full story in there. Some media donkey would get his paycheck for making me look crazy though don’t you worry!
Before continuing please read the emoji chart to avoid confusion followed by the disclaimer because I’m not a doctor. Just a guy.
Key emoji chart: little abbreviations we will run into frequently. If you don’t like emojis then maybe this isn’t the right blog for you 🤔

(😡❤️BP) : Sensitive subject triggering my blood pressure to escalate quickly.
(coffee ☕️): I got side tracked on a topic and we could be nerds for hours talking about quantifiable data. So we need to schedule a coffee date to discuss further.
(☠️Poison): Referring to anything in general I find toxic or negative to our body/ soul… could be as obvious as a cigarette or as mind blowing as your best friend. Not actual poison.. like I know you won’t die from this said “thing” right away but over time it could cause some serious harm one way or another.
Ex: is a pack of cigarettes worse poison than a large Coca Cola with a double meat cheeseburger and French fries? Both are highly poisonous… one is frowned upon while the other technically kills more people over time…

(🙈 M&Ms): When media, marketing, & money cause rumors in health and fitness and get Masses and Majorities of people believing the nonsense.

low/no fat diets in the 90s.

“The fat burning zone”

The gluten uproar of the 2000s

“Cardio” decreases strength

Stretching cold is bad for you.

DISCLAIMER: take my advice at your own risk!
To be honest with you Diane I had to Google disclaimer because I knew I wanted to add one for my own safety and we’ll being but I didn’t know what it truly meant.
(P.E. 👨🏼‍⚕️) : Fact: I’m not a Dr… why? because I did not get my PHD. My advice is my opinion from P.E. -personal experience and what I’ve seen and experienced in the real world, not what the FDA and outdated textbooks have told us have to be true. I want people to realize that just because it was published in a book doesn’t mean it is factual evidence and there’s a whole world of “facts” out there which were backed behind more money than I could ever dream of, so keep that in mind when you are doing research. (coffee ☕️ & 🙈 M&Ms) I strongly desire people to research and discover how you can stay off of medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, hormone imbalances, cognitive function et cetera…
If you disagree with my opinions that’s just fine it will not hurt my feelings. It’s perfectly normal to read someone’s opinions regularly and not agree with them…
I love educational debates, I also enjoy sharing thoughts with open minds. So if you have knowledge and feedback I would love to hear your thoughts.

Yes I agree, using the term ignorant sounds very condescending BUT I am simply referring to people who do not know the subject matter, I’m not calling them stupid! I’m simply saying they do not know any better. The difference is a trouper will seek the promised land and the the dipstick will end up stranded in the desert with no water. Oh time for coffee ☕️.

The conversation that started it all!
“How can you beat it, mcdouble with no onions and mcchicken sub mayo add ketchup is only $2.75 haha it’s expensive to live out here so I gotta save money for my drinking habit.”
There aren’t many things that rattle my nervous system more than when people make the most common EXCUSE comment about healthy eating…”it’s too expensive to eat healthy.”
That’s a lie. But more sadly to me it’s a lie that many people tell themselves because they are making excuses for laziness and junk food (processed, salty, artificial, & addictive foods).

I sat on it for almost 24 hours as the conversation started to really eat at my brain like a soda with 50g of sugar (see what I did there? Yes high dose sugar is bad for our brain…) But anyways, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m FED UP (great documentary).
Mcdouble & Mcchicken:
35g protein
74g carbs (mostly simple carbs: white bread)

12g sugar (in a meat sand which?)

34g fat (artery hardening variety)

SODIUM : 1,680mg Wow! Better take some magnesium powder and potassium to balance out your electrolytes…
Cholesterol: 105mg (I would add in some high quality liquid fish oil to help prevent that future heart disease. A low quality fish oil will cause more harm than good).
Total calories: 750
Eat this: (not that) ^^^
1 cup Quaker Oats

1 serving smart balance peanut butter

1 scoop peanut butter whey protein

1 tablespoon MCT oil or 1 tablespoon grass fed butter

I calculated this meal to about $2.40 based on the average price per serving. (Cost of product divided by the number of servings) compared to the $2.70 spent at McDonald’s. Plus you didn’t have to leave your house so you saved gas.
34g protein
39g carbs (complex from oats and high in fiber/ nutrients) (yes it has gluten.. if you want to spend the extra $3 then get bobs red mills gluten free oats).
4g sugar (added from peanut butter… if you want to spend a few extra $ here then process your own nut butter or buy some no sugar added, remember folks this is for the poor man who thinks McDonald’s $1 menu is the only answer….)
33g fat (from mono-chain triglycerides) ( the MCT oil) which is a primary fuel source for your brain and will provide stable energy throughout your day as opposed to hardening and wreaking havoc in your body)
SODIUM: 140mg (Cool! Now I can safely add some nutritional Himalayan sea salt to my diet to meet my electrolyte needs, which will lower my inflammatory markers rather than having to drink a gallon of water to help my poor kidneys from the gram & a half of sodium in the fast food).
CHOLESTEROL: Zero MG. Enough said. Yes, you need cholesterol in your diet, but not the McDonald’s variety. Eat a farm fresh egg.
Total calories : 598

The Breakdown


The “expensive” healthier option which was actually cheaper than the convenient “food” (if we can actually call it that…) product.


The protein content was basically the same however a gram of crap protein such as McDonalds “100% beef” is not equal to a gram of high quality protein like a grass fed cold processed whey protein. Don’t believe me ? It would take me a solid hour to type out how amino bonds work from the birth of the protein source to the time it leaves our body. If you want to get real scientific about this one day then we can talk…(coffee ☕️)
All calories are not equal! If you follow a 2,000 calorie diet for 6 months with processed foods and low quality ingredients and then switch over to a 2,000 calorie diet full of life and wholesome foods you will probably notice 2 things within the first 6 weeks…
1.) Wow it’s really hard to eat this much high quality food. I must be eating too much (you’re not)

2.) Wow I feel really good.
That’s how I would compare the 750 calorie fast food meal above to the healthier option.
I typically spend around $125 per week on groceries. Yes, I realize if I had 4 kids the cost would be more. That higher cost is well worth it when your kids don’t miss school every week with health issues and can stay focused on tasks because their blood sugars don’t sky rocket and then plummet over and over throughout the day because you’re force feeding them poison and garbage from these fast food chains… coffee ☕️)

That is for a 4,000 calorie daily diet. If I go out to eat I can easily spend $300 in a week on food to meet my same caloric needs and I will feel inflamed ‘bloated’ , tired, and my eyes get puffy. I hate not feeling “perfect” if something is off, then I’ll figure out why and eliminate the problem. I encourage you to do the same! I feel like many people walk around day to day not even knowing what a day full of energy and clarity feels like!

Yes, you have to goto the grocery store at least once per week (I go twice) in the end that time spent is actually calming to me as long as I don’t go on s Sunday and fight the masses of people slothing around the aisles starring at their cell phones. If shopping for healthy food is overwhelming to you purchase a 1 on 1 session with myself or one of our coaches and we can spend a day at the grocery store to help you shop for the right foods!

What if scenario: if I did fall off the deep end fast food trap (yeah it happens to me randomly about every 6 months then I shame myself) and went for the McDonald’s I would immediately do 3 things…

1.) drink magnesium powder or drops in about 64 oz of water and finish it ASAP.

2.) take a high quality omega 3 liquid fish oil in hopes I would balance out my fatty acids (bro-science). Nordic naturals is good stuff.

3.) take 5grams each of chlorella and spirolina to cleanse my soul. (Health force)

Final thought on food cost: quality food is cheaper than bad health.  Prescription pills, doctor visits, and increased insurance prices don’t seem more logical than paying an extra $2 for quality free range eggs or healthy cooking oils over vegetable oils.

Have a good weekend! Make some positive choices out there!

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