From crack cocaine and flaming hot Cheetos to organic robusta coffee and grass fed cheese.

Before you read please remember I’ll never have a PHD because I’m not smart enough and I am not legally allowed to tell YOU what to eat or how to live YOUR life but I will gladly share MY experiences and what works for ME… you are responsible for your decisions with food, dranks, and “supplements” not me. Carry on at your own risk.



I was traveling around grocery stores with my daughter, taking pictures of each aisle, seeing her reaction to each aisle, food, and fancy packaging that caught her eyes. I was beginning the process of providing my opinion of the healthiest option in each grocery store aisle, which was taking basically all the free time I had in a day, when a good friend responded “what am I supposed to do with a full family if I cannot afford the best of the best? You should create a tier system like worst, better, good, best….”

You see, like I’ve admitted 10,000x I’m an idiot! I could not believe how great of an idea this was/ is!  So I’ve been working on having a “tier system” for health and well being… this is going to take some time and a lot of thought. I’m going to go into every category I can think of or that people can assist me with… so I started with DAIRY because there is so much misinformation and crazy $$$ marketing about DAIRY that this one gets me going.  But in that process I then realized a lot of people would be confused about why I was calling skim milk bottom shelf poison and why I was referring grass fed, raw cheese loaded with beneficial bacteria as crème de la crem homie.  So I took 30 steps back and here is a little more than brief introduction to MY TIER SYSTEM… I don’t care what the haters say I’ll come back like a boomerang. This is far from perfect, but it’s my step in the direction of helping AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN ON AS MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS AS POSSIBLE. Because although I haven’t been on every level, I know at least 1 “rich person”, at least 1 “poor person”, and at least 1 person or people “in between”. In more politically correct grammar… I know some financially successful people, a few that get by pay check to paycheck, and I know a few middle class citizens as well… ? It’s really difficult to word things in a way that don’t offend at least 30% of the readers… with that being said, lets continue at our own risk…


Oh also, this post was not “re-read”, I am out of time, I’m on vacation until next week and realize I got so side-tracked that I never even talked about dairy… so I’ll start back fresh with that next week when I return to the real world. Enjoy.


Groupie “Tiers”

I wanted to have a tiered post for every aisle in the grocery store… like 1st tier being the bottom shelf and the top tier being “top shelf” but really there is only so much time in the day and I’m on a 3 week binder some folks call “Vacation” so the only allotted time I give to social media is when Lennon is taking a nap… I decided to start with DAIRY…  My initial thought is to tell everyone that they are “most likely but not scientifically proven” to be healthier without dairy… but let’s be real, people are going to consume dairy (and tons of it). I love dairy (the way it tastes) I always have, but I’ve learned over the years that I need to consume the HIGHEST quality dairy possible or it really messes me up (even the best of the best doesn’t allow me to feel my best) so I make the most of it…

My definition of being “messed up”= nostrils clogged, headache or *brain fog*, inflammation- achy joints, mucus build up- throat, chest, and nose, tummy issues AKA G.I. funk… these are to name a few of the THINGS that I do not enjoy feeling.

Anyways… let’s make a few things clear…

I love dairy… but I know it messes ME up and I’ve noticed that it causes MY daughter to have mucus and inflammation related issues… so I try to avoid giving her dairy (as realistically as possible) or I try to make it a SPECIAL TREAT as well as for myself.

There were times in my younger life where I would drink ½ gallon per day of 2% milk or more…

There were times in my life where I would eat cheese with just about every meal…

The darkest time in my life (health wise) I would have asthma attacks periodically, could never breath through my nose, wake up with a headache every morning that would not go away until I cleared my sinuses (or whatever) with exercise… I was drinking milk with my morning cereal (probably Wheaties since they are proven to build champions and I wanted to be a champion like all the super stars on the Wheaties box), followed by 50 grams of poorly processed whey protein (which is dairy), followed by a lunch with cheese and possibly sour cream, followed by another 50 gram whey protein shake post workout with 16oz of cheap milk (cause I was broke in college, then broke in the military, and I’m still broke but that’s because I spend all my money on healthy things I guess…?) then I would usually have more cheese with dinner and of course before bed I would have to take 50 grams of casein protein (another form of dairy)… I had JUST ABOUT every stomach issue known to man, food intolerances, acne, ingrown hairs on the back of my neck every time I got a hair -cut…. I mean I felt healthy, I could run fast, I was stronger than most, I usually had a “6 pack” but looking back I was so unhealthy. I had to take allergy medicine daily, carry around an inhaler (just in case), I couldn’t walk around barefoot without an athlete’s foot breakout. I mean I’m telling you don’t judge a book by its cover… I was so far (and still am) miles away from being perfectly healthy. But I’ll keep climbing towards my peak!

NO I AM NOT CLAIMING DAIRY CAUSED ALL OF THESE ISSUES but YES I AM TELLING YOU THAT I KNOW DAIRY CONTRIBUTED TO THESE ISSUES. It has taken years and years of trial and error to figure this out on my own. I could have googled why dairy is not ideal for me but then I would have read 20,000 contradicting claims and honestly I thought for 25 years that I needed a glass of milk every day to make my bones healthy… YOU DO NOT NEED MILK TO HAVE HEALTHY BONES… the science on that one is very clear. The dairy industry is very rich, they can afford to convince us otherwise. If you still believe we need dairy for healthy bones (or at all) that’s okay, your beliefs are incorrect, there are people living over 100 years of age osteoporosis free with ZERO dairy in their lives… but I have no clinical data to prove this “theory” correct so I’m living off of faith here (laughing out lough)… just kidding I didn’t laugh, I giggled in my head.

Whatever, I got off track…

So I have a system in place for myself…

Tier 1: “Below the 1st Shelf” AKA: trash/garbage/legal poison

“The bottom level -or- the bottom of the barrel” :  This is your “basic $2 milk” … I’m not going to throw any brands “under the bus” cause the last thing I want to do is piss off someone in charge of a multimillion dollar business so they can send hitmen after me… (or do I ? )… I’ll debate this one for a while…  IN MY IGNORANT-STUPID- COMPLETELY HEALTH BIASED OPINION – this bottom of the barrel diary should NEVER be consumed. Ever…. Traditionally I would say this would be my “birthday party” dairy or “cheat night diary” something to be consumed when I went out to celebrate something  BUT I WOULD NEVER BUY THIS DAIRY AT THE STORES TO POISON MYSELF AT HOME and that would be the last day on earth (Armageddon) if you ever saw me buy and deliver this BS to my daughter. I would compare this to buying my 3 year old her first pack of cigarettes. Oh, you think I’m joking? I’m not… tier 1 foods are worse than cigarettes… don’t believe me? Check the leading causes of death in the US of A. Then we can discuss further if you still disagree.

Hypothetical study (pardon me if I misused hypothetical… this is just pretend)…

Step 1: Grab a handful of people and have them eat poorly processed foods every day until death.

Step 2: Grab another handful of people and have them eat REAL food every day and smoke a pack of cigarettes every day until death.

Step 3: Let’s place wagers (bets-put money on the line) of which group lives longer…

Yeah, there would be like 10 billion other factors involved in this study… so we would need to research hundreds of thousands if not millions of people living these lifestyles above to really have “proof” oh wait… if you look at the culture map worldwide we have plenty of “proof” … potty break…

Lets see here…. I would compare this dairy to bottom of the barrel whiskey… Yes, if I’m out celebrating with friends at a local restaurant I may buy the $4 house whiskey drink over the top shelf $12 Woodford Reserve… but NO, if I am going to buy whiskey for my house I’m not going to buy $10 Whiskey in a plastic bottle because I have “discovered” over the last 15 years of MY life (I did not read this in a book, or learn this in school) that the CHEAP SHTUFF CAUSES ME ADVERSE REACTIONS aka “messes me up” the top shelf stuff will last me a very long time at home and I like to feel rich while I eat macadamia nuts and sip on top shelf whiskey, the added bonus is I don’t feel like a bag of wet doritos when I wake up. So wait… am I really telling you that we can discover things on our own? Without a professor? And without doctors orders? Based on real life experiences? Wow… that’s amazing.


Tier 1 is the group that HAS to do a ton of TV marketing and public advertising. This is because 99.9% of this tier is NOT REAL FOOD and the .1% of this tier that is real food is so heavily loaded with TOXIC POISION that it should be illegal, so of course they have to market and SELL this to us because if you just saw a fluffy orange powder coated piece of corn that left orange residue piled on your fingers puffed up in the wild I’m pretty sure WE WOULD NOT EAT IT! (Yeah, I am referencing if we were walking in a field and came across an organic Cheeto in the wild… maybe in heaven… on this earth we have consequences for man-making products (yes even “hybrids”)  and throwing chemicals on them to make our brains enjoy and PHENE for them! This is like cocaine, us wild humans took a natural occurring plant, altered it somehow and added chemicals & processing (I don’t know how it works, I’m not a chemist, but I saw Blow and Scarface so I pretty much know how I make cocaine) but yeah… us wild humans took the ole corn naturally occurring on earth chemically enhanced it to grow mass amounts, took that chemically enhanced corn, puffed it up somehow (I’m not a chef so I don’t know how they do it) they then added a bunch of colored stuff, tasty chemicals they created, and figured a way to make them stay fresh & crispy in a bag for an extended period of time…

Well this got way off track we are supposed to be talking about dairy. Coffee enhances my self-diagnosed ADHD so I get WAAAY OFFFF TOPIC SOMETIMESSSS. Maybe I should take pharmaceutical meds, that will fix my issues.

Tier 1 is what I consider GARBAGE.. TRASH…  IF I cannot afford tier 2 or higher then I don’t deserve to eat. I need to work harder or spend wiser so that I can afford to give myself real foods.  If I’m starving and shaking “hangry” and all that is around me is tier 1 products then I need to tap into what we call in the USMC as DISCIPLINE and be PATIENT and wait for REAL FOOD.

**Note to self: don’t be a weak ass. If I’m weak with food discipline I’m weak in the head, I’m weak in the gym, I’m weak at work, and just overall a weak ass. It starts with proper fueling. I don’t have to give my busted ole Saturn Vue premium gas cause it does its job just fine with the cheap stuff… I don’t want to be like my Saturn Vue, I want to be like the cars that make my eyes open wide and require TOP SHELF fuel. The Eagles are not flying around looking for poorly processed cow’s milk I promise you that…

Back to cocaine: Why did I bring cocaine into this???… its provocative duh… no here is why

Tier 1 is available ANYWHERE. Just about every imaginable business has these “foods” readily available for you to purchase to poison yourself. They are DELICIOUS because they were chemically enhanced to be this way, they are CHEAP because that’s what they are, and they KILL you over time: the speed at which they do so directly depends on the volume they were consumed, other lifestyle choices (cellular health), and many other factors…

So basically my tier 1 (bottom shelf…)  in the drug world is meth, crack, the black magic… the stuff that should never be touched, or the stuff that you know you don’t want to consume… yeah it MIGHT NOT KILL YOU THE FIRST TIME but over time… those addicted to these may think they are DELICIOUS, but they are CHEAP, and they KILL you over time… well it might not be scientifically proven in a laboratory what will happen if you overly consume tier 1 drugs so I cannot confirm that these are actually even dangerous…? (I’m not a drug enforcement agent so I’m not even sure if these are drugs… I was in the DARE program though)

In a nut shell, my tier 1 in the food world is the cheap processed poison that we do know is terrible for us but it’s still legal somehow, highly addictive, should be illegal, but it is not… somehow?



–          Chronic disease- eventually it will happen unless you are EXTREMELY LUCKY. When I say lucky I mean you have better odds of winning the lottery than living a life “chronic disease free” living off bottom shelf products.  Diabetes, obesity, auto immune, hormone imbalances, and cancer to name just a few…  if you are over the age of 40 with “normal cholesterol”, blood pressure, within healthy weight range, great hormone levels (naturally), full of daily energy, and never get sick but you eat bottom shelf products regularly then I want to meet for coffee sometime because you are a rare human specimen to this earth and I am very interested in your life story. I’m not joking, If you know someone like this tell them I will treat them to their next donut and ill even drink the donut shop coffee to see how this works out for them. Because wow.



Traditionally, up until I was 1/6th through my life at 25 years old I would use food products in this tier as a daily treat or “cheat” some call it. Oh yeah, I am extremely lucky that I have been overly active physically since birth and so I could eat daily cheat meals, feel like crap and not realize it, and still “look healthy”… anyways, once I hit 25 (give or take a few months) I cut the 2-3 daily cheat meals ( I was convinced were necessary to perform & put on muscle) and I switched to 2-3 cheat meals per week.

***Before I continue I must tell you… you absolutely do not need NASTY cheat meals to lose weight or gain muscle. People who say you need them are ignorant… I’m not calling them stupid… they just don’t know or choose to ignore the truth. I was one of them, so I’m allowed to call them out and not get shot, that’s how things work in the 21st century United States duh… I’m just a dumb millennial entitled to calling people out for being liars, that’s all…***

Anyways…  products in the Tier 2 “COULD BE” acceptable IF they are used as the first step in recovering from the bottom shelf, or possibly as a rare cheat meal once someone has reached the 3rd or 4th step. (I’m a low-mid incomer myself and I still do not purchase these foods for home… but then again I drive a paid off Saturn Vue with paint peeling off the sides instead of having a car payment because this is a sacrifice I have to make to provide a healthier lifestyle to myself and loved ones… YOU can make your own priorities but don’t come to me bitching and moaning about healthy food being too expensive if you are driving around a car that costs 2x as much as my monthly food allowance… yeah, I went there.)

When money allows for me to eat only top shelf foods and upgrade my car then the car will be upgraded, my car is not a priority over how I feel 24 hours per day 7 days per week, or over my quality of life. If yours is, I’m not judging or bashing you, that’s not the point of this but just don’t be the one who complains about the price tag of real food cause that’s just silliness if you are willing to spend $100 on a dinner out or $75 on drinks at the club. I’m not a financial expert, I’m fairly awful with finances but I can spot people’s priorities fairly quickly into a conversation about nutrition and lifestyle.

Cheers to the next step!

Large families, or those who are just ready to take a baby step in the right direction, eliminate ALL tier 1 products from your household ( do not eat them, they are garbage, so just put them where they belong, throw them in an ant pile they could quite possibly kill the queen…)

Step 1: throw away ALL tier 1 food products in your house. Do as you know is right then pay the consequences later (in this case you know that “food” is really “garbage” so throw it away, replace with real food, and the consequences should be POSITIVE).

Step 2: replace ALL tier 1 food products in your house with tier 2 or higher foods!  If you have an addiction to flaming hot Cheetos covered in monosodium glutamate (MSG) and you throw them away you should replace your addiction with a better addiction otherwise you’re going to have withdrawals. That’s how addiction works (but I’m not a therapist) I have been addicted to gambling, alcohol, exercise, and a million other personal issues and so I know from MY life experiences that if I remove a “bad addiction” then there better be a “better substitute” in place or it will not be successful long term! Thankfully I’ve never suffered from an abusive sugar addiction. People think sugar addiction is a joke… clinical studies on the brain’s response to sugar is comparable to cocaine… wow…  I have never let sugar get the best of me long term but I don’t let that fool me into believing I am not addicted to sugar…. Here’s the deal with sugar…. I rarely eat sweets, but when I do I instantly eat more, and more, and usually some more until I feel so horrible that I wait a long time to consume heavy amounts of sugar. If I wasn’t more addicted to feeling great than the sugar then I would probably wake up the next day and eat a massive bowl of Captain Crunch with whole milk followed by waffles covered in high fructose corn syrup, because HELL YEAH THAT WOULD BE DELICIOUS, but HELL NO I DON’T WANT TO SUFFER THE LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES OF THESE DAILY ACTIONS, and HELL NO I DON’T WANT TO GO INTO A MORNING BRAIN FOG FOOD COMA CAUSE I HAVE LIFE TO LIVE.


–           You probably feel much better than when you were all about the bottom shelf! A journal will remind you of how you used to feel and how far you have come, I have a bad memory so it’s important that I keep a log of things, some people remember everything it seems they will not need to keep a log.


***Key notes of EVERY paragraph you will ever read that I have written: THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS… I’m probably way wrong.


Tier 3 & 4: “Within Site: Mostly Acceptable”

Tier 3 & 4 are where I can usually find common ground with people. It’s like this… “yeah, I want to be healthier, but I’m not willing to give up drinking on the weekends…” okay, cool instead of me being unrealistic and being like “yeah well, it’s hard to be healthy and drink on the weekends” I will instead provide REAL LIFE advice such as but not limited to… “okay, knowing that you are not going to give up drinking on the weekends, lets figure out the HEALTHIEST way for you to drink on the weekends, what foods to eat while drinking and which alcohol could potentially be the healthiest…”  AKA: in some military circles this is known as “damage control.” The argument that alcohol is healthy for us can get silly very quickly… ill entertain all the BS while I’m drinking a No Label Beer but we all know the truth…  so if you’re going to drink, why not make it the healthiest drink possible? If you’re going to eat meat, why not make it the healthiest meat option possible cooked the healthiest way possible? If you’re going to eat dairy, why not choose the best kind?

Some of these products are readily available just like the bottom shelf items. They just cost slightly more… for good reason (they are higher quality…)

Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen and experienced in the real world, it is unrealistic to believe ANY low income families can afford to live on tier 3 &4 foods only. It could be possible for a low income individual to provide for his or herself but providing for 1 dependent would make this very difficult and adding in additional children, pets, or family to this equation basically makes this (not impossible, just very unrealistic)

This becomes more realistic if there are two sources of income for the family…

This becomes very realistic for a household of 4 or less with “mid income” who budget based on a “healthy lifestyle priority.” My definition of HLP= Prioritizing your life based on healthy living.

A lot can be learned from Dave Ramsey’s financial freedom talk… the same concepts can be applied to your health and wellbeing. If it’s a priority to get out of debt in the financial world, then it’s a priority to remove “unhealthy habits” in the health world.  Unhealthy habits are like bad debts. I am not rich enough to just remove 200K worth of debt from my name so if I had 200K worth of debt it would be foolish of me to believe I would be debt free in 1 year since I make no where near 200K per year… BABY steps!!! If you are on tier 1, try to make it to tier 2 by next year…  after 5 years of steady progress (paying off the debt or removing bad lifestyle choices) you will be much closer to paying off the 200k or much closer to standing on top of tier 4 ready to be top shelf only!  You can’t expect to be living off of bottom shelf foods and reach your TRUE health & wellness peak in one year. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. It’s a LIFESTYLE that will take years and years to create, one tiny step at a time. The further in debt you are, the longer or harder you will have to work to get out of debt. The unhealthier you are, it is most likely going to take LONGER AND MORE PERSISTENT work than someone who has already taken the steps. This is the viscous life circle and applies to just about every aspect of life not just debt or health.

Unfortunately times 2… most schools, cooperate offices (including hospitals- which are supposed to HEAL, yet sling bottom shelf products like they are on the mean streets $$$) and JUST ABOUT every “affordable” restaurant are no where near these tiers. It’s sad that (IN MY IGNORANT OPINION) from what I’ve seen with my eyes and heard with my listening ears that most companies (which are businesses) tend to look at what will create the most $$$ and well if you can buy beef for $1 per pound and 100 cheese slices for $3 and us fools will buy the products this garbage produces then WHY would these ass holes buy real grass fed beef for $6 per pound and grass fed cheese that costs 10x as much?

It only makes sense that if I owned a massive corporate business, I would want all of my employees to 1.) be healthy-  both mentally and physically

2.) be productive- no brain fog

3.) be timely- sleep well at night so they show up on time and ready to work every morning.

But I don’t own a large corporate business so I have no idea how much work providing healthy food options would be. I mean switching deep fried chicken smothered in gravy with grilled chicken and avocado sounds like it could get crazy expensive, but I’m sure by downgrading the boss man’s Maserati and his sidekick’s “Lambo” that would be one step in providing the 99% of others with healthier food options. Obviously, this would require people to actually give a F*#* which can actually be difficult to find these days…

I mean let’s be real… for a restaurant to be able to remain in business and provide tier 4 foods (all organic, sustainably sourced, fresh, high quality foods) you will be looking at a $15-$20 lunch. With our current food system, this is the way “things seem to be.”

Tier 3 lunch could be served around $10-$15.

Tier 2 $7-$12

Bottom shelf- $1-$7 (fat food products) oops fast* food products. I struggle to say just fast food because it’s not food, it is a food like substance or product.

These are just estimated costs based on observing food costs while traveling around. I have a lot of free time since all I am is a crossfit coach, I don’t have a real job, so I have a lot of free time to just study menus and ingredient labels.

If you were to create your own lunches at home & store them in a nice pyrex dish you could cut down these costs quite a bit…

I create TOP shelf lunches for around $8-$10

Tier 4 for around $5

Tier 3 “cheat meals”- Dirt cheap… “literally” dirt at Home Depot is more expensive.

I don’t buy tier 2 or 1 but if I did I could create a full year supply of lunch for like a Benjamin (that’s $100) (referring the $100 bill to the man that’s on front of the bill…) I have to remain as detailed as possible on all aspects so nobody gets mad at me…  you can rest assured that the lunches will last the entire year with or without the fridge because they are so heavily preserved and have no living nutrients to spoil…


Top Shelf: “Crème de la Crem, The Bees Knees, or Soaring with Eagles”

This is the best of the best in each category, genre, food group, grocery store aisle, restaurant menu.. these are the items that will allow you to keep climbing towards your peak!

Examples in the automotive world: Bugatti with candy paint

Examples in the drug world: organic coffee… yep, at the end of the day coffee is a stimulant so I classify it as a top shelf drug, bottom shelf of this category would include using crack as a stimulant, tier 2 could be cocaine- still nasty and dangerous but better than crack, tier 3- Adderall- still an amphetamine but arguably cleaner than cocaine since it’s made here in American (in a lab) and “controlled” by doctors and Big Pharma so it’s gotta be healthier than cocaine so we will place it one tier higher, tier 4 could be Starbucks grade coffee- you know, dirty ass coffee sourced from all over the world all mixed up yada yada, this is arguably a healthier alternative to prescription stimulants so we will call this tier 4 drug or possibly an energy drink… I would rank a few energy drinks as tier 2 similar to cocaine, a few tier 3 similar to Adderall, and a few could possibly be tier 4 alongside our bro Star-buckaroo, I could not classify any energy drinks as being on the top shelf with a high antioxidant, sustainably sourced, organic robusta (bitter) coffee freshly brewed with a French press and filtered water. This top shelf product is still not perfect because the acidity and a few other factors HOWEVER it COULD BE healthier than drinking chemicals from cheap coffee, which seems to be healthier than taking controlled pharmaceutical stimulants, which Is arguably healthier than hitting the white slopes in the bathroom stall at the night club, and most definitely a better stimulant option than crack.




Top Shelf:

By living up here, one may possibly NEVER get sick… that may seem “crazy” to some, but never having a stuffy nose, never having a cold, sleeping deep, feeling all day energy, clear headedness, not worrying about being surrounded by “sick” individuals because you know your immune system will easily fight off “the sickness.” You may accidently forget what it feels like to feel pain or sluggishness so when some “thing” causes you to feel OFF then you may immediately start discovering the small things that make a huge difference … like “why does my stomach hurt for a few minutes after I drink a lot of tap water?”  Stupid little silly things like these may start popping into your head because you are used to feeling amazing, so you may or may not question when you don’t feel great…?

The only “thing” I buy for daily use at home. Top shelf is the real deal of each food group. Not the best of the best in all categories of life, just the best of the best in class or in it’s specific genre. Genre=class= category=food group.



Top shelf: raw fermented cheese from grass fed cows.

Yeah, it is debatable whether or not this is actually a top shelf food for humans. But it remains on top shelf because it is arguably the BEST OF ITS CLASS.. the class it is in is DAIRY.

It is important to have a tiered list for myself so that I can come as close to my peak as possible… if I do not categorize each product life provides then I’m basically trying to climb Mt. Everest with zero climbing experience, in my underwear, barefoot, with no sunscreen, and by myself… just lost in life like  chicken with its head cut off.. or like a sheep aimlessly wondering around ready to be eaten by a pack of wolves. Big money marketing campaigns are the wolves, don’t be a sheep.


Tier 3-4:

Tier 4 is the most practical for single individuals or middle class families with one or two kids.

Tier 3 is the most practical for “middle class” with multiple children. Based on my non-professional make believe theories.


Tier 2:

Tier 2 is acceptable in home when removing a bottom shelf item or a very rare treat once you are standing on tier 3 or higher. For me, this is now a once per 3-4 months kind of product. Last year this would have been once or twice per week. Two years ago I would have convinced myself a daily cheat meal with this tier was acceptable.

Bottom of the barrel is for the occasion of NEVER, or maybe for rock bottom experiences to remind me why I stay away. I also have to say this… if you think every couple of days is a rare treat or special occasion then we are not on the same page. Rare to me is once per month, special occasion to me is every quarter or so… (3-4 months)… once weekly is not rare or special, that’s just a thing… bottom of the barrel is for special or rare occasions… for what to do on a weekly basis please read on to the second shelf.


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