HIGH performance waffles

WARNING, this was designed for an elite level crossfit female doing 3-5 high intensity workouts daily… not for a sedentary human being or once daily work-outter-er. Proceed at your own risk.

If someone tells you eating healthy-ish (mostly healthy, with some flaws) for athletes is too expensive, I am not calling them stupid, I am saying they are either ignorant or lazy.

Sorry, ‘literally’ the only thing I learned in school was that you need an attention getter so no better way than to piss people off….

Now on to more important things…

Performance Waffles for Athletes (not interested in being an athlete ? Stay tuned for future post on “health and longevity waffles and the differences between health and performance nutrition- but I’m not a dietician, nutritionist, or doctor so please eat these waffles at YOUR OWN RISK and read all presented information before jumping in the river!

Please note these waffles were designed for an elite level athlete who completes 3 or more high intensity workouts 5-6 days per week and has under 10% bodyfat. This is also for a person aiming to weigh 120lbs- you will need to adjust macros (amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins) based on YOUR bodyweight (or your athletes) your bodyfat or lean muscle weight, and activity level (and the energy systems used in your activity- some require more glycogen while others require more fats for fuel- keep that in mind).

This is designed for a mid morning breakfast meal- “brunch” POST WORKOUT. I repeat POST WORKOUT after hard training with an afternoon session planned! If there was no afternoon session planned we would not go for the simple carbs, rather allow her glycogen to restore throughout the day in a more timely manner. Since there is a 2nd and 3rd workout coming, these carbs are vital to her success! Keto would not be her friend, prob her worst enemy at this part of the season. I have never in my life met a high performing athlete on “Keto” (high performing meaning collegiate level or higher- in crossfit world that’s regional level or higher) higher being Olympic, professional, or games athletes on a Keto, low carb, or Atkins style diet…. I’ve searched high and low. Yes, they can be great for health and fat loss if done properly, but PLEASE get with a knowledgeable dietician or nutritionist if you think that’s a good route to go. I have a few in mind but they don’t pay me or hook me up so I won’t mention their names. Anyways…jk…here’s the recipe.

1 tablespoon coconut oil, grass fed butter, or avocado oil. I used coconut. (Always buy cold pressed, high oleoic AND expellar pressed, expellar pressed vegetable oil is not the same as high oleoic and expellar pressed, companies will try to trick you! High oleoic is a more delicate and expensive process, companies will brag on their label when they use this process (like lundberg farms rice chips, which are an amazing alternative to traditional chips, stack some raw cheese and olives on them for a super “cheat snack.” Got sidetracked… make sure you use high quality fats and oils. High quality fats=amazing. Low quality fats = worse than processed sugar to our cells. (If you are confused about what cooking fats to use… message me or google it.

(14g fat)

(130 calories)

(.20 cents per serving)

All additional notes will now be at the bottom since I like to ramble…

1 cup kodiak cake gluten free flapjack mix (oats rather than wheat flour)

(64g carbs)

(14g protein)

(10g fiber)

(400 calories)

($1 per cup/ 4 waffles)

***10 grams collagen peptides***

(Grass-fed and pasture raised only!)

(10 grams protein)

(40 calories)

($1-$2 per 10 grams, depending on brand)

****2 whole eggs****

(5g fat)

(12g protein)

(140 calories)

(And yes, 124% of the RDV of cholesterol from our amazing FDA) all of which will assist in the full list of amazing benefits of healthy cholesterol consumption. Most importantly as an athlete, the hormonal benefits! Wow, stunning.

($.50 per egg= $1 from a $6 dozen local farm raised etc Katerra Market)

*****1 cup UNSWEETENED organic almond milk with no carrageenan, no added sugars, and no preservatives*****

(35 calories)

(1g carb)

(3g fat)

(1g protein)

(.50 cents per cup)



If you are going to make elite high performance waffles…. don’t be a fool and smother them with aunt jimammas special artificial sugar juice.

Either use moderate amounts of 100% pure maple syrup or preferably LOCAL raw honey or most elitist( and expensive) Manuka honey. The bees knees I tell ya.

You could also mash up banana and all natural peanut butter (peanuts ONLY, no oil, sugar, or salt added) mash them up and use as a waffle spread!

ALSO PLEASE READ: if you add these simpler carb options such as the maple syrup, honey, and banana to your waffle you should 1.) have just completed a workout with intention of completing another one or focusing on muscle or weight gain.

These are HIGH PERFORMANCE WAFFLES, not health and longevity weight loss waffles. Please be aware of the differences in nutrition a high performing athlete requires compared to your average American adult. I could go on for hours about this but at the end of the day it comes down to finding a dietician or coach who know the difference between health, wellness, performance, and how to combine them.

If you are trying to lose bodyfat and slamming simple carbs… it’s possible I guess… but prove it! – without anabolics (yes I went there). Don’t believe the Instagram models who say a carb is a carb ( a macro is a macro, that’s whacko- and fake news).


“Macro totals”

79g carbs

22g fat

37g protein

Cost per 4 waffles ($4.20) and you will be stuffed!

Good luck finding 4 waffles for $4.20 in the real world… besides LEGO my ego- those are not high performance waffles. They should be looked at no differently than a bag full of maggots)

With the addition of banana and peanut butter these macronutrient numbers increase quite a bit. With pure maple syrup, peanut butter, and banana you have MY macros on a 2 workout day (which is rare these days) I weigh 190 compared to her 120 goal and so I will eat the same amount of protein in my waffles, but add more fats and carbs to the mix.

When the macro nutrients increase ALWAYS be sure to increase the number of micronutrients. This is where a high quality juice, greens powder, or raw food multivitamin could come in handy. It’s hard to consume the right macros for high performance exercise when you eat a butt load of vegetables. That’s when you need some help. Don’t believe me?… that’s cool here’s your example… try to eat all 4 of these waffles, smothered with pure maple syrup and smooshed banana/peanut butter (eating healthy for an athlete sounds terrible doesn’t it? NOT) well try eating all of that AND eating 200grams of broccoli, spinach, and kale… good luck, I’ve tried it. It’s cool once, and then very impractical advice to give. Post workout focus on quality macros and then upon wake up and before bed Insure you have your macro nutrients book ended with high quality micro nutrients from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Not junk.


After show notes: the nerdy stuff.


I have never seen the gluten free version in stores, just the wheat versions… so I order 12 boxes at a time on Amazon. I’ll be waiting for the word on where to find these just let me know!


I’m a huge advocate of collagen. I prefer to get my collagen naturally from liquid grass fed bone broth but I absolutely cannot afford to drink 16oz or more bone broth*** daily. I can afford 2-3 days per week of bone broth and collagen powder that I can take 4-5 days per week on the days I’m not drinking the broth or cooking it into my rice.** I cook my rice in the AM with the bone broth, then let it cool (like sushi rice) in the fridge all day so by dinner time it has gained “resistant starch” which has been show to be beneficial to our gut biome, permeability, and does not spike blood glucose at the same rate as before the rice has cooled.

**Also buy a higher quality white rice, not a heavily processed-toxin loaded bleached rice. Basmati and white jasmine are typically safe and my goto.

*** I have tested both ….

Liquid bone broth vs powdered varieties.

I don’t know the science behind the bone broth powder… all I know is I have tried two different jugs of bone broth powders totally over $100 and I did not feel any noticeable positive effects. Spend $100 on grass fed bone broth and drink 8-16oz per day and tell me you do not see your fingernails growing stronger and “prettier” lower inflammation (assuming you don’t eat a ton of grains, sugar, and processed dairy) and feel better overall. If you don’t notice, there is probably an issue with the diet, or an underlying factor that could require a Dr. and some blood work.

All I know is.. I will never purchase or recommend someone take bone broth powder, (everyone is different, it may work for you even though it didn’t work for me) however I will back up high quality bone broth and collagen powder with my wonderful reputation (that’s a joke)…cause it’s worked for me and for many that I know in real life… not from the social world or textbooks.



(free range, local, pasture raised- not pasteurized egg whites-real eggs loaded with nutrients with a dark yolk, not a dull looking sickly yolk from a cooped up animal) You can either fork up the $5-6 per dozen for high quality amazing eggs or you can minimize your performance with inferior $2 per dozen eggs. At the end of the day, nobody can hold your hand in the grocery store, high quality choices with high quality of life require high quality decisions.


Almond milk: be careful when purchasing almond milk. Make sure the ingredients are crystal clear. Crappy almond milk is garbage. Good almond milk is bueno.

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