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My last hot dog… (for awhile?) or forever ? I don’t always eat hot dogs, but when I do they are grass fed beef, and preserved with natural greatness. Cheap hot dogs are certainly not the answer.

Alkaline Diet

1 month ago I was presented info on an alkaline lifestyle. I was told by removing acidic foods and drinks from our diets I could come closer to “reaching my peak.”

There are three crazy obstacles in my eyes…

1.) I LOVE meat and eggs. (Not allowed)

2.) I LOVE coffee. (Not allowed)

3.) I LOVE raw grass-fed cheese with my olives. (No dairy, but I can still eat the olives).

Initially I was thinking this is very interesting information. Almost information overload. But the good sir who met with me to talk about this lifestyle force fed me ENDLESS information, videos, and documents about this lifestyle so I agreed to give this alkaline lifestyle a try rather than “being stuck in my old ways.” How could I be presented all this new information (to me) and not see if it takes my sense of well being to the next level?

Yes, I love meat, coffee, eggs, butter, and whey protein shakes mixed in my chocolate milk post workout.

NO, I do not love food and drinks more than the love I have for feeling amazing. Maybe I fall more and more in love with feeling amazing because each step of the way I realize deeper and deeper how TRULY AWFUL I felt both physically and mentally for 30 years of my life.

Like I’ve said before, I love when people say “wait until you get older” cause when I get older I’m going to know more and feel better then I do today and I’ll pass as much information on to my family and friends about the “things that have helped me” along the way.

If all fails, the irony of some of my main life goals could include dropping dead from skin cancer, a chronic disease, or the flu since I do not believe in the flu shot 🤠 (wouldn’t the haters just love that…)

So cheers to my next step… 🍻

NO meat, eggs, or dairy the rest of 2018. Wish me luck… oh wait… I’m also stopping caffeine next week 😂

Coffee was the hardest part… I switched from coffee to high octane Yerba mate tea to get my adrenal fix… I quickly realized the mate tea made me feel 420% better than the acidic coffee I was used to…

Blending Yerba mate with coconut oil, matcha tea, and almond milk has been SO MUCH BETTER than my bulletproof coffee cocktail. And I used to think bulletproof coffee was the answer to life’s hardest problems… that was only a month ago (now that’s evolution) or maybe a revolution ? Epiphany ? It’s something…

Now that I’m in love with tea I’m going to quit caffeine altogether next week and sub breaking my intermittent fast with my healthy fats and caffeine with healthy fats and herbal caffeine free tea! I have my eyes on Anise and Ginger to start! I plan to juice fresh ginger and add it to my tea. Yesssssss.

As far as meat and eggs… a month ago I would have told you it was impossible for me to hit my nutrition goals and sense of well being without them… one baby step at a time this is my first week MEAT, EGG, and DAIRY free.

I know what a lot of you thinking… this hippy tree huggin SOB don’t know nothin’!

Well… I’m from Katy, Texas… and I guess I’m a hippy who joined the Marine Corps… and well no, I’m not doing this for the animal’s feelings or any religious point of views other than the 1 Corinthians verse mentioning my body is a temple so that encourages me to “reach toward my peak.” It’s my God given right as an ‘Merican to do so 🤪. Right on cowgirls.

Two week’s ago I allowed these once per day…

Last week I made meat, eggs, and dairy a “cheat meal” so I consumed them mid week one meal and at the beach I completely over indulged on them to “get my final fix..”

I’m primed and ready. #babysteps

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    Betty Pedlar


    With no meat, dairy or eggs, where will you get your protein?


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      Hey Betty!
      I spent a good two months slowly eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs and replacing them with garbanzo beans, quinoa, hemp seeds for the larger amounts and filling in the rest with protein rich vegetables and sea algae.

      I was having some serious cravings for all three initially but now that I have learned new recipes it has been great!


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