Ignorant Political Pickle

I tried to research on my own instead of just listening to what everyone else has to say about about the candidates since everyone seems to just talk crap about candidates rather than give opinions on how each party will actually help us (or myself as a small business owner) or most importantly to me (fix our I took some tests and decided I’m libertarian… did more reading on conservative vs liberal etc and almost seem in the middle but slightly towards conservative overall as far as morals but there’s def some mixture in there that I don’t agree with 100%…

So now I’m going to vote for the first time in my life (ashamed to admit, but it’s true…. I used to just “not care” mainly because I didn’t understand politics… now I care because I’m trying to learn and realize I was young dumb and well… still am)

But I feel like I’m just a sheep doing what others have told me to do rather than voting for what I actually believe in.

Interesting process this political stuff is…

After doing minimal research I’ve discovered I’m libertarian. I had to google what that even meant but now I know it to be true for the time being. So today was VOTE DAY I was ready to roll and vote straight libertarian. But BOOM the counsel (friends, family, social media) convinced me I should vote republican because it’s closer to libertarian and voting democratic would just take away votes from what I stand for. Wow mass confusion.

My response to that was this.. so I’m voting for what I don’t truly believe in just because I know we won’t win?

Whatever… here was my thought process…

“Whatever. I’m voting for Tom cruise but I want you all to know I feel like I’m about to eat the birthday cake to make everyone happy and to avoid awkwardness at the party even though I don’t really want to eat the damn cake cause I don’t even like cake and it doesn’t make me feel good.

I feel better about this than voting Beto which I would consider eating the entire cake then going to McDonalds afterwards but I know I would feel best by not eating the cake at all… which would be libertarian.

Whatever X2…. I voted republican. Some say never talk politics or religion cause you could lose friends, family, or business… that’s ridiculous. If I lose friends, family, or business over political or religious beliefs then I feel like I just killed cancer cells & I’m sure I’ll be better off without the overly thenthitive in my life either way…

Walking out of the vote:

Can I be honest?

I almost feel guilt in my heart right now… not sure I’ll ever be able to do that again.

I’m really a stand up for what you believe in no matter what ends up happening kind of person & I don’t feel like I did that… I’m actually deeply pissed down in the cellular level. But my EXCUSE FOR WEAKNESS was that I am so ignorant to politics that I had no ground to stand on.

Last note on what “could happen” if I steal votes from republicans for voting for what I believe in:

I also feel if “bad” comes out of me voting libertarian then more people will start standing up for what they really believe in instead of dilly dallying in between. Based on my limited short term research I have the “pre conceived” opinion that the majority (over 51%) don’t know what the heck they are voting for or why & that’s why people get so nutted up nervous & uncomfortable “debating” topics.

Debating should be a mostly peaceful, informative, fun, and mind challenging experience but people are so sensitive and full of anger it just turns in riots, fights, and nonsense… people watching live debates feel uncomfortable and so it has all turned to social media where people can hide behind their computer screen. (JUST MY OPINION & EXPERIENCES)

This was tough guys….

What’s my personal solution?

I’m going to do my own research like I’ve done for fitness, health, nutrition, food, supplements, and God to form my own opinion.

I don’t believe that behind the scenes these guys and girls talk to each other and debate like they do on TV. Fox News, CNN, & all social media platforms create mass confusion in politics just like I have seen in the health & fitness world. I could be wrong… but let’s keep it real (if I were a gambling man I would bet my stack on it).

& don’t worry I’m not going to start posting political rants it’s hard enough for me to convince people of my health beliefs much less stuff I am completely ignorant to

But y’all have a good day 🙂

Have a great day!

Kick tomorrow’s arse!

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