I’m on One Sorry




IM NOT A DOCTOR- we all know that.

BUT I am a coach- both fitness and lifestyle.

And well…”MY MOMMA DIDN’T RAISE NO FOOL.” -Tupac said that. In case you didn’t know.

I would be a fool to be in the health industry and not have some type of grasp on human psychology both for sport and for life, some form of nutrition background, and some sort of anatomical and metabolic understanding.

What do SOME people think a REAL coach does all day? I just open the doors smile and nod at people, collect my paycheck, wave and say thanks see you tomorrow? HELLLLLL NO. Do these “haters” realize coaching is an everyday-all day job? If someone needs breakfast advice what do I do? Send a picture of my freakin breakfast that day and explain to them WHY I’m eating each “thing” on my plate and WHAT is in each “thing” and where they can get it and how they can cook it and what they MIGHT change based on their own PERSONAL needs because yes, everyone is different.

Age, gender, hormones, occupation, sleep, LIFESTYLE choices ALL effect how I COACH my athletes and preach to my coaches that they should be doing the exact same thing but better than me.

Oooooookay so why am I pissed off again? I mean it’s pretty easy to set me off I guess… I’m like a ticking time bomb…. not really…. I’m joking.

Well let’s just say now THREE different nutrition “experts” ( I put expert in quotes because well for 1 NOBODY is an expert, if they claim to be, they are lying… and our CURRENT food & nutritional knowledge backed by scientific evidence is mountains and unicorns ahead of our current FDA and US food guidelines and pyramids. I mean when I say mountains and unicorns 🦄 ahead I mean our schools are like 20+ years behind the curve. It’s really bad. Ok… before I say any more, since I’ve already accomplished pissing off many doctors, nurses, nutrition experts, macro coaches, mothers, and probably many others I have to say I’m not bashing ALL nutrition “experts” I’m simply saying that science is ALWAYS changing and we are learning more and more so if you are still recommending poorly processed foods in someone’s meal plan then you are no expert or coach.

So what started another stupid rant of mine?

I’m not sure if they are dietitians, weekend certified nutrition warriors, or someone in between but now 3 different experts have bad mouthed me to their clients (their clients are my athletes) which then leads my athlete questioning my knowledge… which… hmmm NO I’m not a nutritionist but sit me at a round table with 50 nutrition “experts” maybe have some whiskey on the rocks, discuss health, nutrition, and how they effect exercise and let’s see how many outdated and ignorant comments are made. If you’re a nutrition expert and you don’t know how to lower systematic inflammation to help clients with auto immune “diseases” then I am breaking it to you now.. YOU ARE FAR FROM AN EXPERT. Sorry I just had a vision of this actually happening like a presidential debate on YouTube and got really excited.

I mean if one of my athletes has hormonal imbalances and the topics of “poorly” PROCESSED FOODS hasn’t been discussed by their doctor or nutritionist then what the hell is happening here? You think it’s uncommon knowledge to realize processed foods have a HUGE impact on our hormones ? I don’t care if I’m an expert or not I’m telling you right now evidence is very clear that poorly processed food has damaging effects on hormones, inflammation relating to auto immune and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Do nutrition “experts” talk to “literally” hundreds of people every single day 365 days per year about their health nutrition and lifestyle habits and how all three effect eachother ? I doubt it because that is impractical when they schedule 30 min to 1 hour consults for $75-$500 per session (depending on who you see). Don’t get this twisted.. I’m not bashing ALL nutritionists, there are some AMAZING ones and I recommend athletes TO THE GOOD ONES and I would never bad mouth their advice or go against what they say. I will however, recommend they make specific HEALTH related changes in their plans especially if they have hormonal or inflammatory issues from blood panels that I recommend EVERY person has done at least once per year (but obviously ask your doctor) or just go online and order your own test and research your results on your own to study how YOU truly feel and what works for YOU instead of relying on someone else to tell you how you really feel.

You see what I realized is by opening up publicly about doing your own research and finding GOOD passionate doctors it exposed the “poopy” lazy doctors because they went into defense mode and bashed my advice to athletes which led to the person or persons doing their own research and finding out wow my doctor WAS ignorant and BOOM found a new doctor who actually gave a “poop”.

Finally, what I hope at least one person takes from this is… if you’re going to pay for a nutrition expert do your research and make sure they are WITH THE CURRENT TIMES and have a full understanding of YOUR lifestyle.

And no, the current food pyramid is not with the current times, I could have told you that in high school when the “sports nutrition expert” came in and said a great way to gain muscle was to put Oreo cookies and JIF peanut butter in ice cream before bed. Yeah I took her word like I heard it from the Bible itself. Lord please help our countries’ food chain , Amen.

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