Ironic— not Alanis… kyle

I’m texting and driving while I send this public service announcement…

Texting and driving CAN in fact be dangerous… studies have shown that since the evolution of cell phone use while driving accident death has increased…. so duh, you’re putting yourself as risk and others if you suck at texting a driving, I believe I’m still equally as good as the average driver not on their cell phones while I’m on my cell phone but that’s besides the point… my point is that there are laws in place such as no texting and drive that protect others as well as potentially protecting ourselves.

With MORE scientific proof available HUNDREDS of years of proof backing up how terrible many of our foods readily available at any convenience store, grocery store, you name it… with all the evidence in the world leading these “foods” or garbage I call them which CAN POSSIBLY cause pre mature death (just like texting and driving, just like wearing a seatbelt) if the government is truly concerned about our well being when creating laws then don’t beat around the bush and lie to our faces claiming we must wear our seatbelts to save our lives… I mean… how many more people die from FULLY PREVENTABLE AND MANAGEABLE DISEASE compared to driving accidents? I mean… stupid. freakin stupid.

I’m sure I’ll be arrested for texting and driving with no seatbelt on now that I have put a target in my head.. I wonder if I would die in an auto accident first or if a hit man from the FDA would take me out first?…. what if the FDA has me killed in an auto accident while I’m texting and driving and not wearing a seatbelt? Now that would be ironic. Don’t you think?

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