It’s Not THAT Bad…

Society teaches us from a young age what behaviors and attitudes are acceptable. The messages we receive from parents, teacher, and other caregivers help create the expectations you have of yourself and others.

I commonly find myself in conversations that end include comments such as “not THAT bad”, “I ate that growing up and I’m fine”, “we cant live paranoid”….

The behaviors and attitudes taught rarely involve the issues leading to long term health. Most adults I deal with have no problem adjusting their words/actions towards myself or my daughter based on our moral beliefs for example. If someone doesn’t want their child to watch movies with negative language that’s common ground and people tend to respect that. When it comes to healthy habits like fake food and sugary drinks on the other hand, nobody seems to give two poops that I actually care what my daughter eats and many people even laugh at it… no, I don’t freak out and say anything, I just smile and nod. I know she’s not going to get instantly sick from the butter nutter but where’s the respect? There does not seem to be a common ground when it comes to health.

While I completely agree we shouldn’t live overly stressed, overwhelmed, and paranoid I also believe stopping to take a few minutes a day to THINK about what we put inside our bodies and THINK about chemicals we use on our bodies to make the BEST choices possible in each situation is worth the “short term stress” that will lead to a huge increase in well being. Sure, learning anything new can be a challenge and frustrating at times but after you make the changes ONE AT A TIME (baby steps) to improve quality of life, I’m positive most people will look back on older lifestyle choices and say “yes, this was all worth it.”

How bad could IT be?

Added sugars aren’t THAT bad.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t THAT bad.

Preservatives aren’t THAT bad.

Synthetic “vitamins” aren’t THAT bad.

Artificial colors aren’t THAT bad.

Toxic sunscreens… not THAT bad they protect us from the “dangerous” sun.

Plastics aren’t THAT bad.

Cheap cooking pots/pans aren’t THAT bad.

Chemical fragrance deodorants aren’t THAT bad.

Cheap meat & dairy aren’t THAT bad.

Alcohol isn’t THAT bad.

Prescription pills aren’t THAT bad.

Tylenol & NSAIDs… nope they ain’t bad.

Tap water can’t be THAT bad…

WiFi isn’t bad… everyone uses it…

Microwaves have been around forever they aren’t THAT bad…

Herbicides & pesticides can’t be THAT bad…

Chemicals in our mattresses that we sleep on nearly 1/4 of our lives couldn’t be THAT bad.

Breathing in and consuming mildews & molds… def not THAT bad.

Refined sugars… not bad & they taste great.

Overuse of electronic devices… yeah not THAT bad either.


This was a list of 21 simple examples of what people convince themselves and others daily… every decision has a consequence, some show their faces immediately and others might not happen for 30+ years down the road.

Pretending we are only faced with 21 “good or poor” lifestyle choices daily (but understanding it’s more like hundreds or thousands of mini- decisions) lets take the 21 for simplicity:

21 daily lifestyle choices for a week is 147 choices per week.

That is 7,644 choices per year.

I’m 31 so with this example I’ve been faced with 236,964 lifestyle choices to date… but we know this is only using 21 choices per day and that’s less than 1 choice per daily hour (we are faced with many many many more choices than this).

You see… yeah some of these might not be THAT bad once, twice, or three times a month or year, but when you COMPOUND POOR CHOICE AFTER POOR CHOICE day in and day out and continue to brush them off because “we don’t care” or it’s “not that serious” or “it’s too much to think about”… whatever the excuse may be I understand them all. Because we are all faced with them daily.

I’m not living in fear… I’m living and feeling great and I’m sick of seeing people I love and care about dealing with health issues that shouldn’t be issues. It shouldn’t be a battle convincing people spending 2 to 4 hundred dollars a month on health insurance plus another couple hundred on prescription pills that the TRUE COST OF FAKE FOOD ends up costing way more in the long run plus the effects on quality of life.

I still used plastic bottles until recently. I’m not living in fear over plastics. But it’s not that much effort to use glass bottles and refill glass mason jars instead of buying plastic. It took a few months to spend the money on Pyrex dishes instead of Tupperware and make small plastic switches. I’m not scared to eat out of a plastic container but I’m not going to willingly torch my food in a plastic container in a microwave knowing that it’s a poor choice.

Many people think this is “coockoo” or “cuckoo” whatever….

I haven’t used a microwave all of 2018. Sure, at first I thought how in the world can I do this? After a month, it was simple… 1.) don’t be so damn impatient. 2.) don’t eat foods that need to be microwaved because most of them are garbage.

And anyone who thinks that’s “ridiculous” I have this to say… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the negative effects of radiation on our bodies and food… there is no argument. So similar to plastics, IM NOT ORTHOREXIC, I’ll eat foods I know aren’t the best, I’ll drink a beer, if someone cooked me a meal in a MICROWAVE I would eat the meal stress free, but will I will not do is willingly cook my own food in a microwave, because the stove/oven tastes better and it’s healthier… duh? If I’m in a rush then I’ll grab some healthy nuts, a cucumber, and some fruit..?

I’m not scared of sugar. But if I have any added sugars they are a special treat. By saying “it’s only 8 grams, it’s only 12 grams, it’s only one cookie” throughout the day that could end up being HUNDREDS of grams of processed sugar plus whatever other chemicals are in the food….

I don’t purchase them from the store to sit around my house. Sugar is highly addictive (and that is scientifically proven) so yeah if I have a box of Oreos sitting in my pantry of course I’m going to foam at the mouth for them when I have a late night craving. If I surround myself with quality food choices I’ll be forced to eat something that will allow me to live the next day full of energy and feeling great. By making these choices on a regular basis I know I can eat all the cake, cookies, brownies, beer, wine etc. at a wedding or occasional party, sports game, or event because it’s a special treat and my body will tell me it’s pissed the next day (or a few minutes later) but because it’s not a daily habit it’s not likely going to cause me a chronic illness.

Whatever… I’m “extra and obsessed”… but I also feel closer to amazing than I’ve ever felt in my life (but you’re supposed to feel like crap as you get older?…) Every choice matters, all I want is to spread awareness and understanding of that and rather than overwhelming people by it all, pick ONE thing at a time to overcome and change. I’ve tried to stick to one thing per week this year, and it’s made a massive impact in my life. I’m loving the journey.

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