I’ve gone Nuts

So this is what $200 in nuts looks like…

Lenny’s books staged for your viewing pleasure.

It’s official! I’ve gone nuts.

Sometimes I make excuses for healthier lifestyle choices I know I could make. I will say I can not afford this or that when deep down I know I probably could afford the food I really want if I made some sacrifices.

The best way I can describe day 5 of a fast is crystal clear mental focus. I’m really glad this led into a weekend that’s usually full of poor lifestyle choices.

For as many birthday weekends (or weeks) in December that I can remember I would spend an embarrassing amount of money “celebrating.” I would justify spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol because “it’s my birthday weekend.”

The problem with this is that the binge would begin over Thanksgiving, then I would justify the lifestyle choices by saying I would go until my birthday deep down knowing that’s right in between Christmas and New Year so I would just push off the amount spent on crappy food, drinks, and just going out in general rather than having a nice bday weekend with close friends and family…

Anyways… that was then & this is now…that was going to be my plan again this weekend but then my mom told me Sprouts had nuts 25% off.

So I took the estimated amount I would spend at a bar in Houston and invested it on a gift to myself that will not only allow me to continue this path of healing but pay me back over time.


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