JOJO siwa Has a New Hit!!!

Jojo siwa

PARENTS LOOK OUT she’s coming your way! So thankful to the Lord that Jojo has a new song to get my mind off the same 3 songs I’ve heard 27,304 times.

Here’s my proof.. since everyone needs “proof” of everything… I mean… here’s a text messaging proving how I feel about the new song. If it’s on text it has to be true and taken at face value.. no exceptions. (If you aren’t giggling right now, I am not the right friend for you…sorry.. find another friend)

My daughter looks up to her so much. So much so that she didn’t want to wear a pink clip by as soon as I told her it was a Jojo clip she instantly fell in love with the plane pink clip…

I’m not going to stop her from watching Jojo, instead I’ll pray (if you don’t pray, then you can wish and hope instead… or just close your eyes and visualize what it will take to prevent a collapse… but praying is just what EYE DO…and I visualize success while I’m praying…) but I’m not a Pastor, or psychologist… so maybe you SHOULD NOT try that highly effective (for me) method.

I really “hope” the early life meltdown of a child star does not happen to Jojo as it has documented-ly happened to so many…I know my daughter will be looking up to her from now (3 years old)… until she’s full grown. 99% of the girls my age (31) still love when Brittney Spears comes on at the gym! I mean.. I love when she comes on.

Growing up when I heard role models indirectly influenced our decisions I laughed and told myself we make our own decisions blah blah… the more I watch my 3 year old develop the more and more I realize just how ignorant I was (and still am). The more I look back at my childhood heros the more I realized how big of an impact they had on my life. From my dad being my first hero to my admittedly favorite cousin joining the Marine Corps because “it was the best and the hardest” so all of my influences were the best to me at what they did and I wanted to be “the best” I could be. I still do, but my biggest influences shift depending on the goals and the impact I believe they can make by me “following their lead.”

Let me just say one last thing about my faith… I have ALWAYS until recently tried to keep politics, religion, and personal beliefs deep inside me and only accessible to my closest friends and loved ones. But I no longer fall into the “social trap” and belief that we should not discuss politics, religious or spiritual beliefs, or personal life wisdom with EVERYONE WE MEET! Want to make America great again? Speak your mind dammit!

That’s all I have to say about that… I’m not telling you how to parent, I’m def not qualified to do that, I mess up every single day with my daughter, adapt and overcome, I am not the “perfect role model” for you or your children by ANY means, but you are and should be… just sharing how I plan to grow with my daughter and Jojo Siwa (new super girl song is legit) the longer the list gets of songs I have to listen to thousands of not millions of times each the better this world will be for me!

Be healthy friends! Share something motivational with a close friend today!

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