KISS is an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid” as a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.- Google. I don’t share my food because I think it’s “cool” I just want to continue to post real food on a regular basis so people don’t forget what real food is… But I’ve also noticed I only post recipes that 99% of people will not purchase or put together so I figured posting daily staples that are quick, real, and nutrient dense would be more practical… this is a full organic cucumber, 50grams of pecans, 4 Brazil nuts for testosterone boosting effects and my daily dose of selenium, organic cacao powder for the magnesium and fiber, mushroom powder for the iron, and unsweetened almond milk for the extra calories. Believe it or not this is roughly 700 calories and it’s extremely satisfying because it’s loaded with FUNCTIONAL FIBER (a fiber 1 bar for example is non-functional) and also because the large amount of HEALTHY FATS.

Where’s the protein bro?? many will ask… Well I’m glad they did because I believe our OBSESSION with protein is one of the contributing factors of this chronic illness era. We are so set on large quantities of protein rather than high quality and we are basically poisoning ourselves. When I say WE I mean the mass majority.

If I had to guess I would say 82% ( ballpark of course) of people who talk to me in the shop or gym about nutrition say they are eating a healthy lunch… what’s a healthy lunch? Well they usually say lean chicken breast and rice or vegetables. Or a sandwich. What I want everyone to realize is that chicken (especially grain fed chicken) and LEAN chicken breast is one of the most “dead” protein sources commercially available. Not only is chicken basically NOT full of nutrients but the chicken available to us for $1.99/Lb is trash. Even “organic chicken breast” is trash if it was fed organic grains. They are supposed to eat bugs & such not refined grains full of herbicides.

Then we TORCH our meats with high heat which destroys the amino complex anyways…. morale of the story is… try ADDING HIGH FIBER, NUTRIENT DENSE, REAL FOODs to your meals and quit obsessing over high amounts of protein. Focus on quality.

Final notes: this meal cost about $3.50. By removing the almond milk you can knock that down another $1.

I will have energy until around 5 or 6pm from this meal and if I were to eat chicken, rice, or a sandwich right now I would probably want to take a nap since I woke up at 5am…and I’m not even intolerant to chicken, it just doesn’t give me energy so if I was going to eat cheekin’ it would be at dinner so I could go into a bed coma after.

Its not shocking to me anymore when people show up to the gym in the afternoon sweating profusely red faced during the warm up and I ask what they had for lunch & they say “chicken”… or Subway… yeah the bodies’ system is cleansing itself from the sins of our food chain.

What are the sins I’m referring to you may ask?

-fertilizers in our foods

-chemical preservation methods



If you eat a meal… you should feel ENERGY. If you want to take a nap after or go plummet on the couch and watch TV then something in there isn’t working for you. Oh I worded this all wrong what I meant to say is that those “foods” don’t work for me.

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