Life after Keto?

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What I’ve seen with males is a 30-45 day plateau on keto which can be GOOD because that means you most likely have adapted to higher fats assuming they are high quality. It can also be BAD because many people give up on their healthy lifestyle journey because the goal was all about weight loss.


An immediate recommendation would be to start time restricted eating if you haven’t already. That’s just start basic with choosing an 7-8 hour window to eat in every day and try to keep it consistent and the same every day for 8-12 weeks. In this time your hormones should balance out and that should increase testosterone. If you already do this then move on to the next recommendation.

If not, black coffee, unsweetened green tea, and water are allowed in the “fasted window.” I usually stick to noon-8 Window. I also use different varieties of salts and minerals while “fasting” with no noticeable effects of the fast or the results.

Usually the second step after the 30-45 day keto period would be to do a 14-21 period where you try to create more efficient bile production through the organs. I’ve found this is basically taking keto and enhancing it with non-human growth hormone.

I like taking GLA in the form of borage oil. Hemp oil is also great and is not THC or even CBD it’s just hemp seed oil. Both of these contain high amounts of GLA so you will take those for 14-21 days in addition to


3oz extra virgin olive oil (this goes well with keto)

4oz lemon or lime juice


Either 1/2 grapefruit to break fast with the oils and lemon/lime.


Bitter melon extract instead of the grapefruit.

I prefer grapefruit because it’s a real food not supplement AND they are local (and cheap) but some people can’t stand grapefruit so the bitter melon works.


I’ve found that doing this right after a keto cycle will yield amazing results.

I also find it easiest to pour the olive oil, citrus juice, and grapefruit on top of a leafy green salad with lots of Celtic Sea salt and of you need vinegar during the 14-21 days on the salad use 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. It’s still not perfect but it’s the best choice that I know of for now.

Throw whatever superfoods on top of the salad as you want as long as it has those ingredients.


If people try this protocol without doing keto or high fat low carb for awhile before hand they may get an “upset tummy” this is nothing to freak out about but you shouldn’t have these issues if you have done 30+ days of successful keto.

Easter is coming up so Monday is probably a great day to start this.

I do this the 21 days leading up to Thanksgiving it’s called our “pre Thanksgiving challenge.”


I never like to run out of things to try or add to ENHANCE my life. This is part of living and continually growing. After the 14-21 day period have a plan or idea to continue.

For 99% of the people out there (those not using keto to HEAL FROM DISEASE) I believe the next step will be to reintroduce carbohydrates in a fiber filled nurturing way (aka: fruits and more vegetables, nuts, and seeds) added to what was learned in the “keto cycle.” Then use keto as a way to “reset” every so often.

GET OUT THERE AND CRUSH LIFE. Do a grueling workout for Jesus this weekend. When you think you’re about to die just visualize being nailed to a cross, thirsty, and starving & remember how great life is.

Yours truly,

KTX Tree Hugger man

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