Life is More than Just Flesh Meat

Most of our culture today views “protein” as animal meat. This protein obsession at overly high levels is not only toxic to us but the meat we consume is lacking the structure and nutrients that they once contained.

“Flesh meat” makes up the mass majority of the animal consumed today. Although this flesh meat contains large amounts of essential amino acids, the majority of the micronutrients and healing components come from areas of the animal we need to re-familiarize ourselves with. Our ancestors consumed the vital organs, connective tissues, bone marrow, and used every bit of the animal. Today we end up with all sorts of different “meat products” loaded with chemical flavorings and preservatives as well as MSG and many “others.”

One way to alleviate health issues we are experiencing today we need to take steps BACK to how our earth and foods were designed. This is much more complex than just eating clean animal sources and more varieties of organ meats…

Animals originated on earth eating luscious clean grass high in omega 3s & “CLA” as well as fruits and vegetables. Not grain pellets. Chickens were small and ate bugs… not genetically modified corn.

Herbicides and pesticides came in the form of herbs, spices, and he right balance of “bugs” which allowed for a healthy environment. We are a long, long, way from the way things were designed but we can use these ancestrial principles and COMMON SENSE applications to begin the “reversing process” or at the very least try our best to avoid these damaging chemicals and replace them with healthier options.


Carnivors should eat more than just flesh meat. Bone broths, organ meats, or supplemental liver, kidney, heart, & collagen products should be used in addition to consuming meat products. ESPECIALLY for those who do not get these vital enzymes and vitamins through vegetables and fruit consumption.

Organ Meats

We like local, grass fed and free range organ meats from places like Katerra Market in Katy i.t found at your local farmers market.

Bone Broth

We make our own bone broths but we also support Kettle & Fire Bone broths found commonly at local grocers.

Collagen & Supplemental

This is the most practical starting point for most people in this process. They are easy, convenient, and when purchased from reliable sources you know they are high quality. We like Ancestral Supplements and Vital Proteins.

Many of the nutrient deficiencies commonly seen today can be fixed with adding in a wide variety of these vital animal organs and tissues. We believe they are better options than traditional synthetic vitamins and this is a step in the healthier direction!


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