Medicinal Vent

It’s a huge problem that modern medicine prescribes drugs to suppress symptoms without a prescription to healing what causes the symptoms.

Sure, short term medicine allowing someone to feel better and relieving symptoms can be a great thing. Controlling high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cholesterol, inflammation, etc. is outstanding if there is a plan in place to get rid of the medicine once the actual problem is fixed.

Which brings me to my next point… if your doctor of medicine has you on medication with no plan for you to heal then I’m encouraging you to move on to a functional doctor who cares about you and who is linked to a functional dietician with a broader understanding of what true health and well being is.

Remember, we have symptoms for good reason! They protect us from ourselves! If your body is talking to you, don’t brush it off. Figure out WHY.

The mechanism (root) needs to be identified and fixed, not MASKED!

Yes, once “things” hit rock bottom someone may need to use medicine to survive. BUT without targeting the root or mechanism of the “thing” there will never be HEALING and there will mostly likely become more and more “things” resulting in more and more medicine, which is not actually healing, rather patching up a wound, and then another wound and another one until finally we are unable to patch the deepest wound that occurs resulting in the end.

Seem dramatic ? Chronic disease and the effects they have on people and their families is dramatic, emotional, and expensive.

Pay the extra money for real food.

Spend the extra time preparing real food and avoiding microwaves.

Discover tasty recipes made with real foods and quit relying on restaurants.

By preaching these three “things” we are 3 steps in the right direction to doing more than slapping a bandaid on the massive number of growing wounds we have.

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