Should you take melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Keep in mind exogenous hormones (of any kind) are not TYPICALLY the best choice for optimizing your health.

200-300mcg per day is an approximate amount the body would produce in a day. So when you supplement 5mg per day that is is 5,000 mcg. This means the 5mg dosage commonly found in sleep supplements provides you 2-3 weeks worth of melatonin in one night.

There are certainly more practical ways to improve sleep however if melatonin production is your focus then try to increase the amount of tryptophan in your diet.

The primary focus at KTX Nutrition with melatonin will stert wirh increasing seratonin and dopamine through diet and “happy thoughts.” Decreasing stress with (breathwork, mediation,prayer, and showing gratitude are great tools).

The power of the GUT cannot be underestimated. If you have a “leaky gut” the brain will not get the optimal level of nutrients like amino acids (tryptophan as mentioned), magnesium (promotes nervous system relaxation), and will most likely end up with DECREASED MELATONIN.

When are we fans of melatonin???

Time zones and travel etc. could prove melatonin to be beneficial as “cheat meal.” The body’s circadian rhythm can get all out of whack when traveling. 5-10mg melatonin taken to “trick” or “bio-hack” your body into falling asleep at an hour necessary due to work, sports, or times where cognitive and physical energy are important could be very effective. This is much different than taking daily doses of a hormone (in our opinion).

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