Momma didn’t raise no Psychologist

Days shouldn’t suck

They really shouldn’t be alright either

Having a good day is really okay

But I want every day of my life to be freakin awesome!

Is this “impossible” ?… I mean you’ll never know until you try.

What I can guarantee is if you try for at least 1 year 100% effort to make every day as badass as possible in every single way that your “sucky” days will be very limited and you’ll probably have one of the best years of your life.

But I’m not a psychologist, or a doctor, or a nutritionist, or a physical therapist… I’m basically nothing? Oh I’m a CrossFit Level 2 certificate holder! Some call me “coach” even though I’m undereducated. It’s crazy. I should sue them for trying to build up my self esteem.

Be healthy today! Drink water. Stretch while you are on the computer… back to the basics.

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