My Goto Health Influencers

My goto list of health influencers… there are many others I’m forgetting, these were the first ones that come to mind. Honestly, there are so many intelligent people out there with vastly different viewpoints it’s important to keep an open mind, implement and experiment with yourself, and pay attention to what your body tells you. Not your mind, your body.

Our minds will generally trick us into believing nonsense because of “things” like addiction, convenience, and marketing. We will generally believe research and studies done by those who favor what we WANT to believe rather than what is actually true in many cases.

For example: I love milk. Honestly, I do. I could find endless studies funded by the dairy industry that support cow milk being beneficial and I could decide that I believe them OR I could drink cow milk everyday, have all my mucus and inflammation come back bringing back my allergies and sinus issues then read about how pasteurized milk is awful for me & listen to how I feel to form my own conclusion that cows milk sucks for me… I could watch hundreds of people I’ve worked with remove cow mucus from their diets and lose bodyfat & feel better as well to help form my own opinions… the point is… don’t believe everything you read/see/hear.

Also, we should all rank ourselves over any influencers. Sure, there are always people more knowledgeable than I am, but nobody can feel what I feel inside my own body. If a food doesn’t work for me, then it doesn’t work. If high fat lifestyle makes me feel weak, then it’s not for me. But if I feel amazing, then I know I feel amazing… nobody else can feel what you feel… catch my drift?

A few questions I ask myself to “test” how I really feel…

1.) How is my inflammation?

– If I do a squat do my knees ache.

⁃ if I make a fist are my fingers inflamed ?

⁃ Does my stomach feel bloated or “puffy”

⁃ If I wanted to workout right now, how much would I need to warm up? When my inflammation is low I don’t need to warm up at all, after a cheat meal I have to move and stretch quite a bit to get going.

2.) How are my allergies ?

⁃ can I breath out of both nostrils with ease?

⁃ Do I have mucus in my nose, throat, or chest? -usually dairy and eggs cause this for me. Or cheap grain fed meats.

⁃ Bags under my eyes? -refined grains, sugar, and sodium all give me “bags”

3.) how is my sleep?

⁃ I should fall asleep quick and stay asleep

⁃ I should wake up full of energy not “dragging my butt”

4.) how is my energy throughout the day?

⁃ I should have energy and mental clarity all day, if I don’t… food is the reason.

By doing this simple checklist on myself I can keep myself in check and I don’t lie to myself… that doesn’t mean I never have cheat foods etc but it gives me an understanding of what foods do to me and how my body is reacting so I can make them rare treats rather than daily toxic staples.

But anyways, when I have questions (which is every single day) I usually find one of these folks for knowledge…

Dr. Peter Attia

This guy right here… I like his instagram page and his podcast has some wild knowledge for FREE.

Dr. Josh Axe

Real food promoter. I like his site and Instagram. They both keep me on track and help fill my curiosity tank.

Dominic D’Agostino

-if you’re going to go keto you better know what in tarnation you are doing. He will help get your there.

Dave Feldman

All things related to cholesterol.

Ben Greenfield

He’s a goober butt. He doesn’t beat around the bush, has great podcast guests, and if you like “hacks” and such you’ll never run out of fun ideas with this guy.

Dr. Mark Hyman

I started liking him because his book FOOD: What the Heck Should I Eat ? For those who eat meat, eggs, dairy etc. his insights are spot on and he has been around medicine for a long time. I believe he’s one of the leaders in some of the recent changes being made by the FDA.

Dr. Mercola

About as “extremist” as they come. I like extreme because his site tells us what many manipulated sites won’t tell you. For example if you search something like how bad are artificial sweeteners you’ll find some BS links claiming that they aren’t that bad and those are the links people will chose to believe because that’s what THEY WANT TO BELIEVE when we all know they are awful for us Dr. Mercola’s site will provide you with info on WHY and HOW they are so damaging. I love this.

If I have a question like…. “What is a banana?” Then I’ll Google What is a banana Dr. Mercola & BAM there is usually an interesting read about what I am looking for.

Dr. Robert Morse

I like watching his YouTube videos. He’s a healer. Promotes real food for healing. This might seem crazy to some people. Like how can real food God put on Earth heal us? I mean I think it’s crazy we believe chemicals can heal us but to each their own I guess.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Nutrition, brain, & cancer. If she’s on a podcast, I’ll listen and I always learn more than one thing. She has some great wild super smoothie recipes and insightful info on FASTING.

Dr. Dan Pompa

Cellular healing. I got into his Podcast because of the info on fasting. The first time I heard him was on Ben Greenfield’s podcast and I thought to myself…”This is a smart man right here who actually wants to heal people.”

Dr. Michael Ruscio

One of the leading resources on GUT HEALTH. His Instagram keeps me going.

Dr. Richard Shultz

Natural doctor with a HUGE PROVEN track record of healing people with herbs and real food… not treating symptoms with medication. He’s newer to me so I’m still learning as much as I can from him but he has some great lectures on YouTube about healing auto immune, heart disease, and fixing our insides.

I feel like Drs like him get pushed to the side because it’s unbelievable to many people that we can reverse, cure, and treat diseases with REAL FOOD. Also, herbs are extremely powerful and they’ve been used forever… we should be using them more.


Dr. Sebi


Dr. Robert Young

I put these two at the end because there is so much controversy regarding both of them. Both considered “quacks” and promoting an alkaline lifestyle. Whether you believe in the lifestyle or not, you can learn from them. Most of what we eat is highly acidic, if you introduce these alkalizing foods, herbs, and minerals into your life you should notice a huge impact on your health.

I’ve listened to their advice and experimented with the foods they recommend and when I’m strict with it I feel great… I feel like it’s such a huge change for most people they instantly discredit these men because it’s not comfortable and doesn’t seem logical based on the western diet principals.

Final notes:

I believe there are no experts. Someone may know more than anyone else does today but by tomorrow someone will know more than them.

We are always learning but what you’ll find as the common denominator to health is that REAL FOOD is at the forefront, always. Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, and Spices will heal. Whether you eat meat or not is not nearly as important in my opinion compared to ensuring all the above bases are loaded.

Good luck!

P.s.- please share YOUR goto health influencers if you have them!

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