My Perfect Day… but I didn’t even make it to lunch…

Visualizations and such…

I’m not a psychologist… but I want to share something I’ve found to be extremely beneficial to me… I’m going to use myself as the example rather than telling you what to do I’m just sharing what I’m going to do… if that makes sense?

When I lay in bed tonight I am going to put my phone away at least 30 minutes prior and put on my blue light blocking sun glasses (they are like $5 on amazon), I’ll make sure all lights are off and block the green light my fan puts off (even though it’s tiny), I’ll put the A/C at my ideal sleep temp (68 degrees because this is not too cold to sleep and not too warm which would wake me up) and some noise will be happening from my fan because I do not love the sleep app sounds, nothing from my phone sounds “natural” (but maybe that’s just me) I do not have a ton of time to sleep each day so I want to make sure every second of sleep is as deep and wonderful as possible. I know I will not wake up in the middle of the night to pee because my electrolytes will be on POINT and I will be well hydrated so I will not wake up thirsty. I will eat healthy fats like an avocado, a few macadamia nuts, and raw grass fed cheese with some natural olives flushed down with grass fed bone broth for protein and collagen plus some colostrum powder to assist in gut health. I will wear my special glasses because I know if I end up browsing my computer or watching an extremely biased  “health documentary” on Netflix then I will not get perfect sleep patterns (which are measured by my Whoop) and I will not fall asleep as quickly because of the electronic lights. I have studied how I sleep best and monitored how fast I’ve fallen asleep, how awake I feel when I wake up, and how I feel throughout the day. If I go to bed dehydrated I wake up thirsty. If I go to bed hungry I wake up starving (that doesn’t mean I stuff my face with garbage before bed, everything is as precise as I can control). If my electrolytes are out of balance I could possibly wake up with a cramp or feel more anxious, the right forms of magnesium and CBD oil (THC free since I live in Texas, just CBD oil, very different) really help me calm the nerves and relax into my visualization (for ME that visualization involves a lot of prayer, for you it could be whatever works for YOU).

I will then imagine Friday (the next day) being is as perfect as possible. If it’s Monday I’ll imagine the perfect Tuesday . From the time you wake up until it is bedtime I’ll try to imagine the most perfect day ever. I’ll get as detailed as possible. For instance when I wake up, I don’t just wake up and eat breakfast, I wake up and walk to the toilet, then I start my fresh brewed organic robusta coffee loaded with antioxidants brewed without a paper filter to ensure I’m getting all the wonderful guilt free pleasures that were “magically” put on this earth for us to enjoy. I will then go to my shower and jump in the absolute coldest water I can to jump start my nervous system. After I get my vital areas as cold as possible I will turn the water as hot as I can handle to “contrast” the cold with the heat, I will stretch for a few minutes (calves, hamstrings, arms) with all the most basic movements to “warm my body up for the day.” (Later in the day people will wonder how I jumped into a 90% deadlift with no warm up and do not break my back… well it’s not rocket science, I stay warm and ready 24/7. If I am not warm and ready all day, full of life… then you can guarantee I’m pissed off about a bad decision I made that led to me feeling not 100% or at “my peak.”)  I will then end my contrast shower with the water as cold as possible and ready to take on the best day of my life. I do not use soap because I no longer need soap. I used to be a soap-aholic. A “germaphobe”… the cleaner I learned to eat, the less body odor I emitted. I realized that my favorite colognes should only be a “cheat meal” like used sparingly for celebrations… so maybe at a wedding I’ll have my cheat meal AND wear cologne because I’ve learned over the 20 years of wearing chemical fragrances that…

1.)    When they are under my arms my glands get swollen occasionally

2.)    When I spray them on my chest I breath them in all day which typically causes an allergy or some sort of histamine release from what I’ve self-diagnosed myself with having (since I’m not a doctor)

3.)    I shouldn’t have to cover up my natural scent with fragrance… if I stink then there is a reason I stink (the root). I discover what is causing me to stink and I fix the issue. (It typically involves the day after a “cheat” meal that included high amounts of sugar or wheat… or when I eat cheap meat)… not I’m not joking. It took me like 10 years to figure these little “things” out. A healthy lifestyle does not happen overnight unless you are fortunate enough to be born right into it. That’s what I’m trying to create for my daughter’s future… healthy lifestyle habits formed from birth that allow her the best possible hope for a healthy future. I will fail at times to give her the “perfect” opportunities and habits but you can bet your last dollar that I will do everything I can imagine to set her up for success (yes, success in my eyes- I realize her version of success may be night and day different than my version of success… I’m not trying to control her, I’m trying to help her, in the end I realize she will be making her own decisions and creating her own path, I hope I explained this “the proper way.”

I walk out of the shower, dry off, and proceed to put on deodorant (all natural and not anti-perspirant) I believe I am made to sweat and I do not want to block that from happening… just seems like common sense… but I am not a scientist… yes, above I said I did not want to cover up my natural scent, but sometimes I mess up and if I’m stuck coaching in the gym all day smelling like body odor that’s not a good thing. But I use the most minimal amount I have to that day (1 swipe up and 1 swipe down) and re-apply ONLY if I need to (my end goal is to never “need to wear deodorant” but without smelling bad…

My coffee is magically brewed for me and ready to go. I pour 16oz of the coffee into the blender and add 1 tablespoon of Vital Farms Grass Fed Butter, 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil, 1 tablespoon Onnit MCT oil, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon, and ¼ tsp Himalayan sea salt always brewed with love by my $20 Mr. Coffee brewer that never fails me. I laugh in my head remembering the days I used a Keurig device, got zero health benefits from old coffee that sat in plastic for months possibly years, and had to replace every year because something went wrong….

So I blend up the coffee with all fats and make my morning “bulletproof”… my mind is working on all cylinders because I got my blood flowing in the shower, focused on breathing techniques to get over the “cold factor” in the shower, and my mind is FUELED for all the craziness that is going to happen today! (Because every day is crazy! I am crazy, my family and friends are crazy and social media is nuts…. If I’m not ready to attack today full throttle then I’m setting myself up for failure. I expect to work myself at 10x speeds at all time (Great book recommended to me by the champ himself, Paintrain McKain.) If I am not functioning at 10x speed I know I need to step my game up. I have already stepped up today.

As I’m sipping my coffee I make my bed then shave my face because both of those require thought, discipline, and patience that allow me to ease into the morning and feel accomplished without even stepping foot out the door.

After my mini tasks are complete I turn the A/C back up to 75 degrees to cut down on energy costs while I am away from home, if the sun is out I will open up the windows to get the most natural light I can…..

This process continues in the greatest detail possible for a full day until my visualization for the perfect next day is complete… (sometimes I’m dead asleep before I even finish imagining the next day…)

When I physically wake up in the morning, I visualize again, except this time I ensure I do not remove ANY of the “must do’s” for the day. For example, if Thursday night I imagined my Friday at the Frio River with family and friends and then I wake up Friday knowing I have to train an athlete at 6:00AM then it would be unwise of me to visualize myself at the Frio River because then that is day dreaming (which I create before I fall asleep as a long term vision) and wasting valuable morning time rather than morning visualization setting my day up for success and asking my God for help in accomplishing my tasks today. I then focus on what would make my day the best day possible.

By focusing and visualizing and by really thinking about my days like this, I have made a positive growth towards reaching my peak.

Try it out! Let me know what you think.

If you would like more info on visualizing success check out “With Winning in Mind” it is written for Olympic shooters but was highly effective at developing my winning mindset during the 2014 CrossFit Open, back in my prime. An eagle gave me that book, and I like to soar with the eagles.  

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