No see ums Rant

Oh no, here I go again… the relapse. Started talking about bug reactions then all hell broke lose. This is what happens when I have an hour to kill sitting in a parking lot. Don’t worry, I wasn’t mugged. I know everyone is scared to sit in a parking lot these days and the only people who sit in their cars in parking lots are crazy guys waiting to attack (that was sarcasm).

So it all started with…

The great bug outbreak “no see ums” of 2019 is leaving people feeling miserable and scared of bugs. Let me first ruffle some feathers by saying this is going to be more and more common due to the auto immune epidemic we are facing that we all seem to be ignoring.

Trust me, I get it… without anyone trying to throw the race card at me please just understand growing up I was often told I had “that white boy skin.” I would react to EVERYTHING under the sun (literally the sun too). The further removed from real food and natural healing we become as a culture the more prevalent these systematic reactions are going to be.

Listen… I didn’t have white boy skin I had poor gut health, my body was inflamed, and I didn’t have the nutrients I needed to heal because I was living the traditional western modernized “dream.”

Wake up: eat sugary stuff covered with cows mucus.

Take allergy medications so I could breath followed by anti biotic to “cure” my acne & be on my way to school…

oh wait I skipped a step… I had to brush my teeth with the leading brand of artificially sweetened fluoride toothpaste and lathered my armpits with chemically infused aluminum deodorant because heaven forbid I sweat. Oh and then I had to squirt aqua di gio Armani right on my neck so It could absorb into my pours & the ladies would think I smelt like a true flower 🌸 not like a Kyle flower.

Then I would sit in classroom ready to eat my heavily processed “excellent school district food choices.” More concerned about the headache I had and the anxiety from my acne than what the teacher was saying. Kinda hard to process all that info with the brain fog I was experiencing anyways.

Then I would make sure I had my 50grams of sugar sports drink with extra yellow 5 since that’s what Micheal Jordan drank & I wanted to be the best. I would make sure I had extra fresh hose water at practice so I didn’t get cramps.

When I got home I was careful that I had at least a quarter gallon (32+ ounces) of cows milk with dinner since I would choke if I didn’t drink when I ate and I needed to have strong bones.

I want everyone to know it doesn’t have to be like that. These dramatic reactions seem “NORMAL” now since so many people have them.

I believe these reactions, although each unique, prove weakness in different systematic processes.

Here me out….

Histamine reactions, food sensitivities, allergic reactions, inability to handle the sun, auto immune symptoms, acne (just to name a few) all tie into the SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth, a distinctional gut lacking the bacteria and enzymes it needs (dysbiosis).

These dramatic skin reactions directly tie into our full systematic healing.




Same words all day long…

The last week I just handled a poison ivy reaction the best I ever have in my life. Traditionally speaking that stuff would last me around 3 weeks spreading around my entire body and nether regions. This time however, the reaction was controlled for about a week, no creams or crazy chemical baths involved like I tried in the past.. my immune system is almost to where it should be.

Mosquito and bug bites used to tear me up also. I would get huge red swelling and if I itched them the red scratch marks would show and would swell also. During this same time frame I would need regular doses of the trending allergy medications as well.

The signs of poor health were all so obvious looking back:







Athletes foot

Extreme food intolerances

Skin reactions to you name it

Sunburn easily

I’m still healing… it’s a long process and lifestyle shift.

You can do it. Your family can do it.

But…. good luck doing it alone. It requires understanding, patience, persistence ( all the Ps), and lots and lots of practice.

People are going to call you crazy. Those are lies.

There will be times when you want to say EFFF this because it’s so much more convenient to go back to your old habits. Reach for people stronger than you in different areas that will push you to grow.

Continue to learn and grow together.

People will act like you aren’t the same anymore… well… if you are growing then you aren’t the same.

Changing your lifestyle is hard because ITS YOUR LIFE.

Changing an entire families’ lifestyle is impossible if you haven’t changed your own.

Katy Texas needs help. We do not have the quality restaurants, fresh foods required, clean water sources, and enough TRUE health practitioners readily available to handle a QUARTER MILLION PEOPLE.

I’m sick of preaching like a clown because the misinformation out there is what the 99% believe in the Katy area. But it is what it is. I’m sick of it but I won’t stop so “whatever.”

I love Katy. I was born and raised here. The “Health Revolution” Dr. in Katy “dr. Hotze” is not affordable to anyone under the top 15-20% financially in Katy particularly the middle class who have 3+ kids.

If you want to start a health revolution how about you offer services to middle and lower class as well as train up a network of local physicians who can practice what you preach. Trust me, I get it, it’s not that easy. I am trying to do the same in Katy except I’m not even a doctor and I don’t have even close to the amount of money as this dude so I’m just whining cause I’m surrounded by this stuff 24/7. Ooops “shots fired.”

Well we all are surrounded by this stuff just open your eyes and look around.

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