Attention to detail is not OCD. Having systems in your life that you are strict and DISCIPLINED about are not part of a disorder. When people try to make you feel crazy for sticking to a vision you have in your head that’s not “right” in my book.

I’ve had difficulty concentrating in classroom settings my entire life cause it’s hard for me to focus on something I AM NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT. It was challenging to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day when I wanted to be outside in the sun running around and foraging the dewberry fields, catching crawfish with my friends or shooting them with Roman candles. Sitting in a classroom isn’t for EVERYONE. It’s not natural. What’s natural about it? Especially for a male designed to hunt, gather, and kill… not everyone is designed for the same tasks… or are they? I wouldn’t know I don’t have any certificates.

Hyperactivity is a disorder ? Then I’m disorderly. I’ve been hyper as EFFF my entire life. The difference between now at 32 and then at 12 when I was throwing pencils at substitute teachers that pissed me off was that I didn’t know how to channel that energy… well I did know how to channel it (sports) but I was FORCED to sit in a classroom all day with raging hormones and “hyperactive disorderness” when I should have been hands on learning how to build houses and develop a farm to live on. Wow imagine how nice that house and land would look now 20

years later if my TRUE POTENTIAL was tapped into….?

Oh wait the 3rd “diagnosis” of ADHD is impulsiveness. I’ve been impulsive or “compulsive” or whatever you want to label it or me my entire life as well… so I’m 3 for 3 on ADHD and more than zero times I’ve been called “OCD” but really I’m just not normal or what people want to consider normal because my brain moves faster than I can keep up with at some times (which is when I need to write stuff down- on paper- not in my phone) and then it moves slower than I want it to process “randomly” sometimes (aka: brain fog).

What I’ve learned over the years is that self evaluation, learning the root cause to my WEAKNESSES, and PURPOSELY putting OCD SYSTEMS IN PLACE IN MY LIFE that REQUIRE DISCIPLINE help me utilize my GOD GIVEN STRENGTHS that society tries to make me feel are weaknesses.

Lack of focus on BS that you do not find relatable to YOUR life is not a weakness. Your time is valuable don’t waste it on garbage that won’t help you grow or enjoy life or help others enjoy theirs.

Hyperactivity to me means energetic and full of life. Find something you are passionate about and drive that hyperactivety to it. Just do it with a purpose.

Being passionate about your daily systems is NOT “Obsessive compulsive behavior.”

When you have systems in place and hold others accountable to those systems you are not “OCD.” Those are lies fed to you 👿 to hold you back. If you believe them you may fall away from your systems.

“ADHD” according to “online resources” is A chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.”

They claim:

Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured.

Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong

Requires a medical diagnosis

Approximately 6.1 million children between the ages of two and 17 were diagnosed with ADHD in 2016, according to a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

I’ would like to those 6 million kids and put them in educational programs focused towards ANCESTRAL activities that can help them flourish. Not force them to sit inside and take drugs to be “normal.”


Ummmmm. The reason for this rant… is the link at the bottom. This stuff is a joke. The FDA approving this is a joke. By joke I mean I’m “laughing my struggles off.” To accept that this is the “future.” When it shouldn’t even be a “thing.”

I was “diagnosed” as a child and my mom didn’t allow me to get on medications. It has been a battle (and always is… that’s life… life is a battle worth fighting for in my opinion).


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    Kim Willey


    Amen! I hate that so many parents are so quick to put kids on medicine cause they are too active for the parents or teachers to deal with. Hate hate hate every aspect of that medicine and the harm it could be doing. Brandon has always been called OCD cause he is just like me. Meticulous and orderly and we are neat freaks. The girls not so much….but Brandon is just like me! My kids never had behavior issues in school cause we kept them busy/active. None of this come home and sit on gaming devices-go outside and play!

    Love you Kyle and all that you do for us.

    Thanks, Kim Willey



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