One of my Role Models (Rik Lasida)

I’m hurdling over rainbows with joy for oh Captain Rikk 🌈 🏃🏼

I’ve know Rikk since I was a teenage human American #2 pencil. He was the first human other than my momma llama who told me the importance of specific nutrients (so basically the first person since you can’t take your parents advice as a teenager). He also told me that I needed to fix the way my body moved while running/walking/sitting or I would get injured (he said I needed to quit walking like a duck) and because I was a teenage boy I convinced myself it’s impossible to fix the way I walked I was “BORN THAT WAY.” Many tough years later I discovered HEY, HUMANS CAN FIX THE WAY THEY MOVE and wow Ole Captain Rikk was right after all. And sure enough, I had multiple stress fractures down my tibia my freshman year in college that landed me in a walking boot…. hmmmm hows that for young dumb and broke (literally).

Because I was blessed into this lifestyle surrounding me I learned how to manipulate muscles to recover and the basics of how they work together so when learning kinesiology I had a solid base of understanding, I

learned the value of GOOD Chiropractic work so when I visited a FRAUD Chiro I had a 6th sense for their boooolpooop, basic nutrition maters- although I was manipulated by fake news nutrition through the 90s and 2000s like everyone else I always had the foundations of nutrition in the back of my mind, and being a veteran himself Rikk was never shy to tell me his military stories and motivate me to serve OUR COUNTRY and reminded me daily to not be a little piece of poop that I thought I wasn’t and later in life discovered I was.

In other words, Rikk is basically another one of my uncles. Through my entire life he stayed in touch. Immediately out of the military the gym was opened.

Rikk taught me everything he knew and opened up all of his resources to expand my knowledge of movement, physical therapy, and fixing the root of the problem when it comes to the human body.

Final words on our life story together… I love Rikk… now let me tell you about why I’m hurdling over rainbows…

During the time he was treating myself and so many others he had the most brutal Achilles tear I’ve ever seen. The surgery photos looked like something off of x-files. His passion outside of helping others has always been fitness related. From the military, to bodybuilder, to masters crossfitter his health journey is inspiring.

I watched the pain and suffering he had missing so many months of training and then injuring himself AGAIN. Now we must take a pause in the action to address some key points before people start FREAKING OUT and starting rumors about the dangers of crossfit.

Rikk was the first one to tell me that although he did get injured while doing crossfit or “functional training” that was not the ROOT CAUSE of the injuries. He always preached to me that non functional movements were “not ideal” and that if I wanted to feel better and stay healthy I needed to cut out the “bodybuilding” movements I refused to take out of my training. I refused to give up the “slow and controlled” hypertrophy bicep/tricep/chest/ab exercises because I had self image issues for over 25 years of my life. I’m glad I battled through them because it shaped me into who I am today- but that’s an entirely different discussion ☕️.

Got off topic… like always… but Rikk is right. I’ve seen many injuries over the years and looking back at the pec tears, and bicep tears they ALMOST ALWAYS occur on athletes who train BOTH bodybuilding style and crossfit style. But this is an entirely deeper topic as well.

Rikk is a fighter. He “gave up” on masters competition to focus on FAMILY and HEALTH but decided to sign up for the open just for fun…

What had happened was… HE ACCIDENTALLY QUALIFIED reaching the next round of workouts in the Crossfitgames Open! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Let’s gooooooo!!!

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