Pre workout, amphetamines, and Jesus…

Superpump 250

No-I don’t want my heart to Explode


Jacked- the original. And the inferior sloppy seconds.


Ok, so I took these pre workouts as well as just about every other commercially marketed one sold at every “nutrition shop” from 2007 until 2016, from the age of 20 until I was 30 (almost two years sober from high stim pre workouts, praise the Lord) I mean how the “in this perfect America, with our perfect FDA and perfect education systems” was this stuff ever legal to sell ?

If I would still take these, knowing I was having heart palpitations because of them, knowing that I’ve always wanted to be the best version of myself, then obviously I had a deep dark problem. I was addicted to stimulants. It was and still is 100% legal for me to buy stimulants that hit me harder than amphetamines… no I don’t mean cocaine or illegal ones I’m referring to the amphetamines I could get prescribed by some knucklehead by telling them I can’t focus. I have attention disorders… I mean yeah I have HUGE attention disorders and I can’t remember a damn thing I do each day that’s what I have to blog all my thoughts so I’m glued to my phone all day… so let me just take some amphetamines so I can stay focused and literally make every compulsive behavior in my cells come to light. I mean, if you want to know how I really feel about that and get deep we can meet for coffee. I’ll even meet at one of the local garbage coffee shops that will gladly poison us for $5 non organic, moldy, and brewed with tap water from our amazing water supply. Man it’s so hard not to cuss. I don’t want to get explicit cause then people will be upset that I cuss when I’m a Christian cause I mean you can’t cuss and love Jesus that’s impossible they can not go-exist.

So, show the psychologist my intro about pre workouts… followed by the unplanned rant I just went on and maybe they will tell you I have ADHD and need “the cure” then grab your pastor and show him my thoughts on cussing maybe they will tell you “Kyle is not a Christian” or maybe they will both agree that maybe amphetamines aren’t the answer for Kyle’s Brain Train and hey he’s actually daily seeking the lord for advice… mmmmmmbop beduuubeedop suckuzzzz.

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