KTX Fit Quickfit Program
KTX QuickFit

KTX QuickFit

You will never have the same workout.

KTX QuickFit is a program made for everyone at any skill level. It is a high-intensity work out that helps burn calories, tones muscle, maximizes fat loss, and increase your metabolism, so you burn calories even after class is over. Our instructors will push you, guide and help you through the whole class! Loud music, inspirational instructors and the energy of working out in a group will leave you feeling like you just had the best workout of your life!

Each class is different. You will never have the same workout. QuickFit is a mix of cardio, core and weights (dumbbells & kettlebells). We have top of the line cardio machines that will be used in the majority of the workouts! We are excited to see you!

  • Any skill Level.
  • High Intensity for Maxium Results.
  • Each Class is Different!

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