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Dream Big
Visualize YOUR Success
Get to Work on YOUR Goals (Plan)

I wouldn’t want to tell anyone how to live their life so I’ll just share a note that I wrote to myself and you can pretend I wrote it to you if you trust the process that’s helped me quite a bit 😉

Note to self:

Living your life to prove to someone else you can do “IT” or to prove others wrong is no way to live. Living this way and not for the God you believe in distracts you from what YOU want to accomplish. This type of seeking approval from others will never fullfil your heart.

Only YOU know YOUR vision so share it with others you trust & make it happen. What you may start to see is the vision that was only a dream years before is reality and the goals are changing each season.

Dream Big

I think this term gets abused and thrown aside because more often than not “dreamers” fail to turn those thoughts or ideas into an actionable “vision.” If you have an idea 💡 of how you want your life to be ask the right questions and you might find the right directions. If the people you’re surrounded by can’t seem to get you where you want to be then PERHAPS it’s time to look elsewhere? But it’s just a suggestion.

Visualize YOUR Success

The dream or idea will be possible only if you spend time visualizing that dream coming to life. The best place for this personal reflection time is ALONE and away from work. This doesn’t have to be a vacation but some of my most memorable visions occurred once everyone fell asleep and I was able to listen to music and create the “plan.” ….Or in a tube floating the Frio River. Either one works for seeing the vision.

Get to Work on YOUR Goals (Plan)

The dream or idea was then thought out in PRECISE DETAILED FASHION. AKA: “Attention to Detail.” AT THIS TIME AND AT THIS TIME ONLY should you share the dream and vision with those who you visualized or “carefully thought out” being with you in the end (once you’ve achieved success).

IF YOUR DREAM OR VISION IS SHARED WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT FIT YOUR VISION THEY WILL TRY TO CUT IT OUT BENEATH YOUR FEET! Make sure you share your ideas and plan with the ones you know will help you get where you want to be.

Final Notes:

Personally, I’ve made these mistakes enough times to understand the consequences of each. Pretty much comparable to a hangover or black jack relapse. I know what I need to do so just get it done. “Get it done son.” -thanks Dad

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