Quit Being Weak

First off, the cold doesn’t hold our hand into sickness like we are led to believe. That’s like still believing the sun CAUSES cancer or not washing your hands will MAKE you sick.

Second, I’m not “SHAMING” anyone… that’s a common buzzword going around that people use anytime someone calls something fake food when it is -or- when people suggest we need to make changes when it’s obvious we (as Society) do need to make changes… Im just shaming everyone. No. If you feel shamed then that’s guilt built in your own heart don’t blame me. I just believe we are weak and getting even weaker. Or you can blame me, I don’t care.

COLD does not MAKE you sick. Weak immune function, lack of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, locking ourselves inside (sedentary), eating too many processed sugars, oils, and “foods” during this “cold/flu” season is what ALLOWS us to get sick. Nothing environmentally is forcing this upon us. God didn’t create a season for sickness where we should all hibernate like a bunch of bears.

You see… HUMANS : BEARS… not the same. It’s science.

A runny nose is not a bad thing, it’s a blessing. Trust me, we want the jelly mucus product coming out not fermenting on the inside.

Get outside and get the juices flowing.

(Bro-science) of the above: fermented jelly mucus= infection. You started with a cucumber in your head then it fermented now you’re in a pickle).

What everyone considers the cancer causing devil in the summer (the sun) that we hide from with sunscreen is what everyone should be embracing in the fall/winter. WE NEED THOSE NUTRIENTS (vitamin D cough cough) but instead we are so weak and afraid to go outside that we cover all our skin again except not with sunscreen this season we cover with jackets, beanies, and gloves then hibernate (like the bears) not allowing any absorption of vitamin D… then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) happen (sugar, carbs, sugar, sweets) and BAM 💥 we have a magical “Season of sickness.”

If you want to prevent the flu… the flu shot will not help you… eating real food and getting outside will. If you refuse to get outside because it’s just too uncomfortable… then practice a few minutes a day being uncomfortable… start with one minute…. then two… then 3… then before you know it you’ll be able to spend the necessary 15-20 minutes in the sun UNBUNDLED. It’s okay to be cold. It’s okay to be hot.

I’m not saying I know it all… I know very little… and yeah I’ll admit I’m crazy, my screws are loose… but I will say this… I do not get sick. If you have the flu, I will shake your hand, If you come to the gym and sneeze on your hand I will still shake it & I won’t wash them either (I might wipe the wetness on my shirt).

It’s cold. Embrace it not just for the physical benefits but for the mental strength you can gain from the environment. Instead of finding ways to make ourselves more comfortable all the time take a few minutes a day finding ways to make yourself stronger with little challenges. Walk around with your shirt off when it’s 29 degrees until you give up…

And I realize it’s not always easy to get sun in the winter… so I take vitamin D occasionally… but always with Vitamin K… never take the D without the K.

vote D&K over PB&J … that was cheesy I know. But hopefully that helps people remember.

Also… elderberry syrup seems to be the popular goto for winter season immune help. I agree, elderberry is awesome but watch out for elderberry with tons of added sugars. And why wait until you are sick to take elderberry? It’s food… use it a few times per week year round. And don’t just stick to elderberry, that’s like only eating lettuce when there are endless other vegetables…



-olive leaf extract

-pau darco






-beef liver

-colostrum powder

-oregano oil

-colloidal silver




Fruits & Vegetables

Cut the sugar & dairy…. exercise, and get deep sleep daily…

Or… eat a bunch of crap, get the flu shot, get sick anyways, be scared to go outside, & make fun of me for my silly natural approach… whichever works for you 😉

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