Gut recharge:

DAY 3 GUT RECHARGE: Every 6 months or so for the last 3 years now I’ve done different variation of this gut stack that I’ve seen help a large group of people. (Always on New Years and usually after summer vacations have ended).

Initially, I started taking each product separately for different reasons. Once I narrowed down the trial and error list to my favorites I combined them in a stack.

COLOSTRUM POWDER- I first used this for athletic performance reasons. It’s works great for recovery and strength gains at VERY EXPENSIVE doses. So I would usually only use it around competition season and I would take 10-15 grams per day. That’s back when I was rich. Now I’m too poor for that because I buy real food. It took a long while (maybe 2 years give or take) to realize that every time I used the colostrum powder for an extended period of time my allergies,sinuses, and inflammation went down quite a bit. So then I decided to keep it on hand in my cabinets as an immune booster for when I felt like I was going to get a sinus infection or for a few weeks leading up to a competition. I could continue with my experiences with colostrum and how much I love it (its expensive as they come, I’m a cheap ass, there’s no way I would pay top dollar over and over- time & time again if it wasn’t awesome to me). But if you can’t afford the “good stuff” don’t use it at all. The cheap stuff won’t work and it will probably cause more harm than good.

Oh, I almost forgot…. I later discovered the colostrum was proven to help leaky gut… which then flipped the switch in my head… oh wow maybe the colostrum was fixing my “leaky gut” and in turn was boosting my immune system…. badaBOOM the reason colostrum is my goto in the gut recharge.

Year round I take colostrum for a few weeks at a time every couple of months- this is not clockwork, it’s just my estimated time ranges. I’m not a robot.

For gut recharge I take 10g per day.

For year round use I take 5g daily for 2-3 weeks at a time- every couple months or I’ll try like M/W/F 10grams for a couple weeks, just to see which I like more… I like them both.


I gave collagen a try to help with inflammation. I was eating about 3x too much daily protein, “low fat”, and an extremely high carbohydrate diet which basically kept me in an acidic state for 15 years of my life…. so going from school sports, to running my legs into ash in college, to military thug life, and then failing to be Rich Froning all while eating highly acidic foods, way too much protein, not enough healthy fats, way too many poor carb choices, plus the poor lifestyle choices MY BODY FELT LIKE DOG POOP! I was getting 2 massages a week,having chiropractor appointments 2-3 times per week, and taking 800mg ibuprofen pre workout to move, post workout so I could eat, and before bed so I could sleep….

Anyways, I could write a book on that nonsense BUT my momma was like “Hey boy this collagen stuff helps with my inflammation so I don’t hurt as bad when I massage people.” (She’s an RMT) – prob the best of all time if I must keep it real…:)

But… she got me on collagen peptides. And long before I realized it was helping my inflammation I realized WOW my fingernails are thick and they grow extra fast. So, I continued to take collagen almost year round (4-5x per week with 10-20grams per day) and honestly at first it was because I trusted it solely because my fingernails were like little wolverines.

That later let me discover that after a long course of this stuff and cleaning up the inflammation in my diet, your joints don’t have to be puffy and you don’t have to warm up 30 minutes for a workout everyday IF YOUR BODY ISNT PISSED OFF!

But I love collagen. I believe it’s better to get from grass fed bone broth but I can’t afford grass fed bone broth 5 days per week. But I can take the collagen on days I don’t consume bone broth and skip it on the days I do… if that makes sense?

Which leads into the next ingredient in the gut recharge…

Grass fed bone broth.

I love this stuff. It works. Year round I drink 8oz or cook my wild rice in this 2x per week cause it’s expensive. When I’m rich I will drink 4-5 days per week without a doubt, but it will come from a cow I raised and slaughtered myself. During the gut recharge I like to do 8oz everyday, but financially this run through I will be able to do 3x per week. So I’ll increase my collagen powder this go round.

L-GLUTAMINE – I used to take it for muscle recovery and immune system… then found out it works magic in the gut.. which is why it helps muscle and immune response. Fancy that. Year round I take 5g 4-5x weekly. For the gut recharge I take 20g per day for 21 days.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- 1 tablespoon once or twice daily. Dilute with high quality water or turn it into a super morning elixir…

1 tablespoon ACV

1/2 TSP pink Himalayan salt

1 full lemon

Some Manuka honey (optional)

6oz top notch water

Apple cider vinegar acts a prebiotic… it’s cleansing can be intense. It serves about 10,532 different purposes on earth for us… I used ACV and Oregano oil everyday for a few weeks to burn off a skin tag on my neck like 4 years ago when I thought I was healthy but I wasn’t. The same time range I grew the skin tag I had regular athletes foot, allergies, and had to use AFRIN before my workouts to breath out of my nostrils… and sometimes before bed so I could sleep. Wow, that was only a few years ago??? Feels like a whole lifetime ago.


Throughout the year I like to change up the probiotics I use. Or buy 3-4 different ones and take a few every couple days to keep a wide range of healthy bacteria’s working in my gut. I believe an overload of even a beneficial bacteria in the body can be bad… this could be BRO-science or actual science I’m not sure but to me it just makes sense…

I don’t use antibiotics unless I feel I’m about to lose a limb and I forgot what it feels like to be “sick” other than what a hangover feels like… BUT if I had to take an antibiotic I would begin an intense gut recharge full of probiotics and bacteria loaded foods. I would also eat some locally grown organic fruits veggies that have some dirt on them, I would leave the dirt on. If the soils clean and mean it will help you. Unfortunately, if you get dirty fruits and veggies from the store you need to soak them as long as you can.

Hmmmm where were we…

Oh I like Garden of Life Fitbiotics because it includes a probiotic fiber, comes in convenient packets, has a wide variety of bacteria’s, and I’ve used this brand for a while with no issues… I also like the Onnit Total Gut health system… honestly though, if I see a reputable brand on super sale at Sprouts I tend to just grab it, cause that’s just my compulsive nature and I like trying new healthy “things.”


When it’s all said and done.. if I make poor lifestyle choices over and over it doesn’t matter how many supplements I take… well it does, I still feel better than when I don’t take them BUT it works magic when SUPPLEMENTING YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

My 21 rules:







NO MILK- I would allow a nice fermented grass fed cheese. But not even grass fed milk for the 21 days. Grass fed KEFIR OR zero added sugar SKYR possibly yes…

And Lennon’s mini gut recharge. Not perfect, but I love introducing her to the process. She has fun with it also.

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