Recover Like a Liopleurodon

Please note (in your head, there is no need to write this down) that I am not a physical therapist or anything of the sort, these are just some of my recovery techniques… so if you think ice is bad for you or whatever then don’t do it.. plain and simple.. ice works for me so I use it when I need to.


Immediately post workout:

Cool down with 10 minutes of walking with a weight vest on, riding a bike, rowing, or swimming at an easy-moderate pace.

After cool down:

Hold at least 5 stretches for 2:00 each for a total of 10:00 MINIMUM 30-45 minutes is preferred if the time is available. If the time is not available please know that you can stretch while watching tv, you can stretch while your baby girl plays at the park on all the cool kids playground adult stretching devices (like the steps of the slide with the handles on the side…. I do this all the time), and you can stretch while you’re on the computer (I’m practicing my standing straddle and breathing techniques as I type this!)


After cool down and stretch :

Eat a high quality protein source like free range pasture raised chicken egg or a scoop of high quality whey protein.

Drink some high quality electrolytes and carbohydrates like “THE REAL DEAL” not like “HATERADE”.  Mix 3-5g of creatine monohydrate with 5-10g L-glutamine in there for additional support.

Contrast bath/shower:

My typical contrast shower just begins cold for 2:00 , then goes to hot for 2:00, then finishes with cold for another 2:00.  The water does not get as cold as I would like in Texas so my “elite contrast bath” is here…

Fill 1 bathtub with ice water… yes like an ice bath.

Fill bathtub #2 with hot water filled with Epsom salt (load it up, not 1 cup use like ½ a normal sized bag) to restore magnesium and relax the nervous system. Add peppermint oil and other 100% natural essential oils for added benefit. I use lavender as well… there are rumors that lavender raises men’s estrogen bahahah. I am still laughing… this kind of information is the kind that cracks me up… we can discuss at a later date maybe over some coffee… like when I made my pistachio post and multiple people sent me rumors about pistachios lowering testosterone (I eat them like 5 days per week and my testosterone is above “normal” range…. How do I know? Because it’s a very cheap blood test to have done with no appt. required and EVERYONE should know their hormone ranges because it’s very important data.

Well good luck… take 2:00 ice bath, 5-10:00 hot Epsom salt bath and then finish with 2:00 ice bath to end the session! You are going to feel like a champ… well I do anyways.

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